Le’Veon Bell: I have a right to how I feel about Andy Reid because of what he said to me

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Free agent running back Le'Veon Bell got plenty of attention, much of it negative, for saying he would never play for Andy Reid again. Now Bell is attempting to clarify that comment, although he hasn’t cleared much of anything up.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, a day after he posted his Instagram comment about never playing for Reid again, Bell said he stands by what he said about Reid but has nothing against Kansas City and probably wouldn’t make his beef with Reid public if he had it to do over again.

“I said what I said & I don’t regret at all what I said,” Bell wrote. “For those who have a PERSONAL PROBLEM with me because of what I SAID, that’s fine. you have your right! just understand I ALSO have MY RIGHT for how I feel about MY PERSONAL problem with dude because of what HE SAID to me.”

Bell did not explain what Reid said to him that Bell found objectionable, but he did say that other than Reid, he enjoyed his brief tenure with the Chiefs.

“Never did I say I didn’t enjoy my time in KC, because I loved my time there, and was probably the closest locker room full of players I ever been around,” Bell wrote. “I enjoyed my teammates, the city, food, the fans, just about everything in KC.”

Bell, who made his initial statement about Reid in the comments on an Instagram post, wishes he hadn’t done that.

“I’m not about to get all into depth on why I feel the way I do, but I have my right to feel the way I feel,” Bell wrote. “The ONLY thing I would change is commenting how i really felt on social media. I’ll admit that’s somethin I could’ve and should’ve kept to myself & I apologize about that and that only. but I don’t regret what I said, because that’s how I feel. so you can love me or hate me, I’m gonna be fine regardless. I’m just giving you a small version from my point of view on why I said what I said.”

Bell, who has been a free agent since his contract with the Chiefs officially expired in March, has said he still expects to play this season. So far there’s been little if any interest from NFL teams.

52 responses to “Le’Veon Bell: I have a right to how I feel about Andy Reid because of what he said to me

  1. So….nothing to see here. Washed up player doesn’t like the coach that gifted him a SB ring. Got it.

  2. Oh, c’mon Le’Veon… lets us know your every though & true feelings.
    Put them all on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snap Chat…That’s what they’re there for!
    Oh, and one more thing… was it you who spent all that money at McDonald’s?

  3. Sounds like Reid was honest w Bell about Bell no longer being in his prime or a starting RB. His comment about “I would retire first…” indicates that is the furthest thing from his mind. AP, Gore, now Bell. These once elite RBs have a very difficult time moving on and it’s not easy to watch sometimes.

  4. Doubt many coaches are eager to be the next one shaded by Bell. Enjoy retirement, Le’Veon.

  5. Keep digging the hole deep LB, maybe Miami can get a good deal on your next contract.

  6. This idiotic attempt to put the toothpaste back in the tube illustrates exactly why his career ended how it did. What he said was dumb. Once people close to him told him that, he thought he could clean it up. He did exactly the wrong things from a PR standpoint. Either apologize then clarify what you meant (“I meant I didn’t expect to play for him again” or “I just meant we weren’t a great fit”) or say “I don’t apologize and I don’t want to discuss it further.”

  7. Andy probably said “you’re a head case that still thinks he’s a NFL player.” Le’Veon then said “but coach I don’t like the truth. You’re a big meany.”

  8. Sounds like a teenaged girl seeking attention. I feel that I am entitled to my opinion. He should just stop. Go play in the CFL.

    Unless Seattle picks him up. Vomit 🤮

  9. This clown just trying to keep his name in the news with the “what he said to me” part of his story. What Andy probably “said” was an honest assessment of where Bell stands as an NFL back, & just like most immature 13 year olds he could not handle the truth.

  10. These divas like Bell need to see a shrink. They pour their sensitive hearts out all over social media about how they’re so disrespected any time anyone says anything to them they do not like. Bell has made10s of millions throughput his NFL career, no one wants to listen to him bellyache.

  11. Said you a lazy prima donna in practice and didn’t deserve more playing time. Yes I can believe that.

  12. My guess is that Reid looked him in the eye and told him the truth, something he hasn’t experienced a great deal in his life to this point. He had best get used to it. Now that his talents have eroded and his uselfullness ebbed, he is likely to be confronted by the truth on a regular basis.
    Good for Reid for telling him what he needs to know, even if he hates to hear it.

  13. ya wow we can omly guess what hortible things andy may yave said. like bell your third on the rb list and lucky i let you play at all. bell your no star on this team. dont let the door his you in the arse on the way out. that kind of stuff must hurt really bad.

  14. When people have been in the public spotlight for a decade or more, they’re not judged by one thing they do or say. It’s like anything else. Usually you’re judged by a body of work. Nobody’s going to change their opinions of Andy Reid or Le’Veon Bell based on a comment made by Bell. I don’t want to let my fan base down by not offering my opinion, so I’d say Andy Reid is a good dude, and Le’Veon Bell is a talented football player, but not a winner. He’s not going to do anything for his team. He’ll quit on you, and he really doesn’t give a hoot. Great players don’t bounce around from team to team to team, and make enemies at each stop. He’s like a boat. The two best days of a boat owners life are the day he bought the boat, and the day he sold the boat.

  15. Unfortunately his talent does not out weigh his issues. Be lucky to get a look. Most like if he does he will be playing for the veteran minimum as he has not shown anything since his last year in Pittsburg. Would be a nice story to see him come back, but do not think he can get out of his own way at this point as this latest story does not help him.

  16. I’ve been trying to figure out what Andy Reid could have said to set poor Le’Veon off like this….
    Seriously, that Andy really needs to stop sayin’ “Hello” to his players in the hallway….That makes what, two upset players in 22 years of coaching? (the other was T.O.).
    … yeah, I’m goin’ with Andy on this one.
    (P.S. Pittsburgh fans, I now understand.)

  17. Okay; now I want to know what Reid said. I’m betting Reid won’t tell us. In fact, it’s likely he doesn’t know.

  18. Somehow I don’t think that Andy Reid is crying himself to sleep because an overpaid has-been like Lev Bell doesn’t want to play on his team.

  19. He probably should have gone with “Oh snap! My ‘gram account was hacked but it’s all under control now!”

  20. Bell is right. He’s entitled to his feelings even if they’re not objectively correct. Andy Reid is a players coach and greatly loved and respected in the NFL. Reid remains so and Bell is looking for work while slamming his beloved coach. But Bell’s entitled to his feelings.
    My “feelings”: Bell played behind the best offensive line in the NFL while at Pittsburgh. Great running backs make something out of nothing (Barry Sanders, Jerome Bettis, Alvin Kamara, Curtis Martin, etc.) Bell made nothing out of nothing. The Jets’ and Chiefs’ lines were below average, so he was below average.

  21. I dont have anything personal about the guy, but man, what wasted potential. The guy was a fantasy stud for a bit in Steelers and then he decided to diva it up since then.

  22. This is a free country so we all have a right to think what we want about Andy Reid. Even if he never said anything to us at all.

  23. Some never get it and, over value their worth. Good luck with your next contract.

  24. It seems the player that talked his way out of Pittsburgh is now known more for his talk than his play.

  25. What crybaby. Who was this guy again? Everyone keeps saying he’s a good player. Just another player whose ego far outweighs his actual talent.

  26. Until Leveon looks within for the root of his problems, he will never realize his true potential. He is a lost soul, I am afraid.

  27. Amazing how easily some of these players like Rodgers and Bell get their feelings hurt, they are adults, not overly sensitive toddlers, they need to grow up

  28. Good for him for standing by his words. Most athletes fold up like a cheap lawn chair when they get challenge and existing narrative and get pushback. They wring their hands, apologize profusely, say they were mis-quoted. I respect Le’Veon for not doing that.

  29. It’s called free speech, the right to say what you want, but also the consequences and backlash from what you say come with it. Try being a responsible adult and think before you press send!

  30. We do not really care what you have to say, or really how you feel Mr. Bell.
    You didn’t perform well while on our team. The Chiefs are rock solid before you arrived, during your time ( on the bench) and will be rock solid for many years after you.
    Due to Andy’s respect around the NFL, his coaching tree, and players,, I doubt ANY team picks you up. So SHUT UP

  31. Always interesting when people who have no idea what someone said – in this case, Andy Reid – have a strong hunch or just plain know what he said. Then, to compound the probable mistaken assumption, they proceed to criticize and vilify the recipient of the words -in this case Le’Veon Bell. But it IS entertaining to speculate and judge, Which Bell, admittedly, encouraged. And regretted.

  32. I think Bell realizes he blew it when he left the Steelers and so he looks to blame everyone else now.

  33. Did Reid channel Vermeil and tell Bell to change his diaper? Whatever it was, it was likely something Bell needed to hear but his fragile ego took it as an insult. When they signed him, I thought there’d be a circus. Just didn’t figure it would be after he left. This will further hurt his chances of getting signed to anything decent.

  34. I would guess that it was something along the lines of, “You’re not the player that you once were and you need to focus on improving these things if you want to extend your career, but we’re not going to be bringing you back because you don’t fit what we do here and you have made no effort to change to be someone we can use.”

  35. Guys.. please hire someone for PR.. stop tweeting… and in the case, why can’t you just respond with “I want to set the record straight on the comments I made the other day. I loved being in Kansas City. I loved the fans and I loved the locker room. I had an issue with some things and Coach Reid and I see things differently. I appreciate every opportunity to play in this league even when we don’t all see eye to eye.”

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