Travis Kelce: Browns are contenders, neck and neck with Chiefs in the AFC

Divisional Round - Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chiefs have been the class of the AFC the last couple years, but now Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce thinks the Browns are right there with the Chiefs in 2021.

Kelce, who was born and raised in Cleveland, attended Browns receiver Jarvis Landry‘s charity softball game and said the Browns are playoff contenders.

They’re definitely a contender, without a doubt,” Kelce said of the Browns, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “It’s definitely there. Baker [Mayfield] and the gang have upped the ante, made this team an unbelievable team and a team you have to prepare for and take serious. I think that moving forward without a doubt, I can see a lot more playoff games between us, and I’ll just take it one day at a time and hope for it. I think the Browns and Chiefs are definitely neck and neck.”

After many years of being laughingstocks of the league, the Browns are now making other teams take notice.

“It’s impressive to see where they’ve come from and where they are now because it’s a legit contender,” Kelce said, “and every team’s going to have to bring it.”

The Browns’ 2020 season ended with a loss at Kansas City in the divisional round of the playoffs, and the Browns’ 2021 season opens at Kansas City in Week One.

37 responses to “Travis Kelce: Browns are contenders, neck and neck with Chiefs in the AFC

  1. Kelce’s comments seem to imply teams didn’t even have to prepare for the Browns in the past ha ha. That’s hilarious in itself. I remember Aaron Rodgers saying one time. Browns stadium was so empty you could hear everything like a H.S. game. Are the Browns better? Absolutely. Are they a team that is going to make the Playoffs every year like the current version of the Chiefs? no. I dont think they will make the Playoffs this year. They have a tough schedule, plus the questionable play calling by Stefanski. 2 mind boggling questionable to bad 1st 2 picks in the Draft. I got the Browns going 8-9 this year.

  2. To be clear, Travis is from the Cleveland area and no reason to give them any extra motivation. And if KC doesn’t have Patrick, then the Browns definitely are “neck and neck”. But after football, Travis has the potential to be a politician. Chiefs by 14 if Patrick plays. Chiefs by 3 if their backup is in there.

  3. On paper, the Browns roster is as good as any team in the NFL. But, that’s why they play the games.

  4. The Steelers have owned that division since the 70s. The Browns are still the Browns. Nothing has changed. Kelce was just being polite and gracious. Watch out for those Bengals!

  5. Tennessee is the team that has been pushing the Chiefs, not the Browns. Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham, assuming Beckham comes back to form, are formidable matchup problems, but they have yet to live up to the hype. The Chiefs win with speed. Tennessee wins with power. Teams struggle to match the explosiveness and offensive creativity of the Chiefs. The size is the problem for defenses looking to stop Tennessee. Derick Henry, AJ Brown, and Julio Jones are freakishly big and fast, and that is a difficult matchup for any defense. Going into 2021-2022, I think those are your two front runners with Buffalo and Cleveland a half-step behind, and Baltimore rounding out the top-5. That’s not a slight on Buffalo and Cleveland, that’s just reality. That won’t hold for the season because of injuries and other variables, but seems fair going into training camp.

  6. For years the Browns’ front office was the laughingstock of the league, and the team on the field reflected that. But Jimmy Haslam, after many attempts, finally put together perhaps the best front office in the league, and they have quietly been building a monster of a roster. It’s been happening under the radar, but the talent they’ve assembled is awesome. Baker Mayfield is continuing to grow, but he won’t have to carry the entire team on his shoulders. Kelce doesn’t even realize how good they are. He’s just trying to be a good sport at the local charity event. They’re actually much better than the Chiefs if you remove Mahomes. I think they have the best roster in the league, top to bottom.

  7. The Kelce’s are just good people. You rarely see anything negative from them

  8. Probably the best Browns team since the 80s and Mayfield the best QB since Bernie Kosar. That’s great but the problem is Mahomes is John Elway. Just as in the 80s if you swapped QBs, that’s the team that wins. Mayfield can’t elevate a team and win it on his own.Mahomes can.

  9. With the 2 lone exceptions of the LeBron Cavs and the Indians from 1995-2000, Cleveland teams only do well when there are no expectations. Now expectations are high for the Browns, I have a feeling they will fall flat on their faces. Mayfield is erratic, and like a yo yo, and he’s basically a mediocre to lower level NFL QB taken at #1 overall. He cant carry a team on his own like the great QBs. And no beating the hapless Bengals doesnt mean he can, or a bad Tennessee defense last year. 2 games out of 50 doesnt mean he can. If the Browns were smart, which you would think a head coach that went to Penn, an IVY League school would be smart, would give the ball to Chubb and Hunt 2 out of every 3 plays, and not have Mayfield throw the ball 53x with 4 WRs off the street and lose to the Jets, and also couldn’t figure out, like Bruce Arians did, that the way to beat the Chiefs was to run the ball, not throw scrub Mayfield 37x.

  10. Titans will be the titans of the last few years, almost there but not enough at the end , get figured out when the bigger boys come calling

  11. oscarxray says:
    June 13, 2021 at 10:07 am
    Mayfield can’t elevate a team and win it on his own. Mahomes can.
    Except in the Super Bowl.

  12. Worry about the Browns and Bills and be totally suprised when your overtaken by the Titans. Browns loaded up on Hollywood. Titans loaded up on offensive weapons

  13. The Browns defense is vastly improved from top to bottom – but it will take a while to jell with all the new faces. Speed has been upgraded at all positions. They are built to stop a wide open offense like Kansas City, Buffalo, (not much of a running game) and Baltimore.

    Honestly don’t see the Titans as much of a factor. Not much defense and an offensive line still in transition. It’s a four horse race with Miami and New England as outside contenders.

  14. The Browns aren’t good. They’ll have a losing record again this year. Dudes just a homer.

  15. You mean the team who has been picking in the top 15 in the NFl draft for the past 20 plus years is finally a good team.

    Talk to me about the browns been good when they are relegated to picking in the back 15 of the NFL draft for the next 10 years and let’s see how they do.

  16. That’s like saying the Steelers are contenders. You can’t contend until you win the division. The Steelers have done that many of times. Don’t believe anything Kelce says.

  17. The Browns have a good team, but they aren’t going anywhere with Baker Mayfield at QB, just like the Titans have a great team, but they aren’t going anywhere with Tannehill at QB, just like the Vikings can have a good team, but aren’t going anywhere with Kurt Cousins or Case Keenum at quarterback. Similar to how the Ravens have a great team, but they only ever have an outside chance of going deep in the playoffs with Lamar at QB.

    The Chiefs are the only proven contenders in the AFC right now. If they take most of the other teams seriously, they win the game.

    Possible, but unproven exceptions:

    Buffallo – still nagging questions about Josh Allen
    Indianapolis – Big gamble on Carson Wentz being good again
    San Diego – probably a year or two away
    Cincinatti – probably a year or two away.
    Pittsburgh – probably a year or two too late but the nails aren’t quite in their coffin yet.
    Miami – Is Tua a slow developer? Miami fans hope so, but there is no reason yet to bet on this team.

  18. Kelce is correct to recognize the parity in the NFL these days. Don’t sleep on past results. Stefanski is a very good coach and the Browns’ have a lot of talented players on both sides of the ball. Bills, Titans, Colts, are coming up too. The Chiefs are the team to beat in the AFC, but….

  19. Your not, but it is okay for you to believe it. The big difference in the two teams is at QB. Until Mayfield reaches Mahomes level Cleveland will not be at KC level.

  20. High-level sports being one of the only meritocracies we have, it’ll get sorted out when they play the games. But I for one am rooting for the Browns. One of the fun things about the NFL is how quickly a team can go “zero to hero”….. granted, the Browns haven’t done this quickly, haha, but if they’ve succeeded in turning this thing around then good for them. Shake things up!

  21. The Browns should be good almost by default with all the high draft picks in recent years.

  22. 1. Chiefs
    1a. Buffalo


    LOL! Bills weren’t competitive in either game against KC last year. Bills fans are ridiculous

  23. I’m happy for Cleveland. They’re a solid sports town that hasn’t had much success as far as the Browns go. Being from KC, we’re not far removed from that stigma, either. I wish the Browns success (just not against the Chiefs).

  24. howboutthemcowboys2020 says:
    June 13, 2021 at 10:14 am
    and also couldn’t figure out, like Bruce Arians did, that the way to beat the Chiefs was to run the ball, not throw scrub Mayfield 37x.

    I see you didn’t watch the game, Tampa’s running game didn’t win that game, the Bucs D won that game by being in Mahomes grill on every pass play!

    Offense sells tickets, defenses win Championships!

  25. cancerman2020 says:
    June 13, 2021 at 7:55 pm
    1. Chiefs
    1a. Buffalo


    LOL! Bills weren’t competitive in either game against KC last year. Bills fans are ridiculous

    7 5 Rate This


    They kind of remind me of Philly fans until recently when they won their 1st sb, but that insuffferable aspect is certainly there.

    They have no idea what a sb winner looks like and how much it takes and just assume their time has come. I kinda feel sorry for them in terms of the pain that will come season after season thinking it’s a slam dunk they’ve arrived.

    The truth is, there are about 7 teams in the AFC capable of getting to a Super Bowl, including the team in their division they think they’ve leapfrogged.

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