Brian Hoyer willing to help Mac Jones but doesn’t see himself as de facto coach


The Patriots may have signed Brian Hoyer to help Mac Jones‘ development, but that’s not how he sees his role. The veteran quarterback made clear Monday that he is in New England to compete for a job, not to serve as a quarterbacks coach for the first-round draft choice.

Hoyer is willing to be an open book for Jones, but Jones first will have to ask.

“I mean, I’m not the quarterback coach, so that’s not really my responsibility,” Hoyer said, via Zack Cox of NESN. “I think if anything, I notice him coming and asking me a lot of questions for me to give my feedback. I remember doing the same thing with [Jarrett] Stidham, what was that, three years ago now. Or Danny Etling the year before that.

“I mean, for me, whether it’s Mac, Jarrett, Cam [Newton] — Cam asked me a question today about something — that’s my responsibility, being the most experienced quarterback in that room, is to kind of share that wealth of knowledge and then go from there.”

The Patriots re-signed Hoyer after drafting Jones. Hoyer, 35, has spent all or parts of six of his 12 seasons in New England, so he has more knowledge of the offense than the other quarterbacks combined.

Still, Hoyer doesn’t view himself as a de facto coach.

“Obviously, I’m the most experienced of the group in this offense and on this team, so to impart that knowledge is obviously a big part of my role here, but also to go out and compete and push those guys every day,” Hoyer said. “So it’s been fun, obviously, to get back with Cam and Stid and then bring Mac along and get to know him. He’s a great kid, and he’s working really hard.”

14 responses to “Brian Hoyer willing to help Mac Jones but doesn’t see himself as de facto coach

  1. Ummm…don’t check down, game manager type quarterbacks like Hoyer typically end up making a roster to serve as a de facto coach ? Gotta earn that check doing something to help the team, Brian.

  2. I mean what else should he say?
    Like yeah Man I hope I’m the starter so I’m going to derail the team. I’m not sharing knowledge of the offense. Or yeah man screw my job I hope I’m 4th on depth chart. I’m going to prepare cam and Mack and not focus on my job.

  3. He should talk to his agent and the Players Association about getting an additional paycheck as an assistant coach.

  4. If anything, Mac Jones is going to lock himself in the film room and study tape of Tom Brady. After that, he just needs game experience. He can’t rely too heavily on Hoyer because there’s no guarantee he’s even going to make the team.

  5. What is it with these backup QBs on the Patriots not thinking they’re backups?

  6. Brian Hoyer is NOT a key player on any NFL team. Good man, and could possibly be a decent to good coach, but other than this year’s version of clip board holder, he won’t be on a roster.

  7. Its smart of Mac Jones to seek any information he can. Hoyer has been around BB’s system longer than anyone else in that room. Hoyer has also been around Brady longer than others in that roon.
    Hoyer has ben a decent scout team QB too earning praise from BB and his teammates.
    Now if Jones wants to know how to miss open recievers and throwing two hoppers like a bad third baseman then he should talk to Cam.

  8. Hoyer has been around BB’s system longer than anyone else in that room.


    and BB doesn’t know what makes HIS system work.

  9. charger383 says:
    June 14, 2021 at 10:38 pm
    Be cool to see Hoyer start a game for Pats

    Why? He started last year – didn’t make it through the game.

  10. Brilliant move by Belichick to bring in Hoyer. Mac now can learn from Cam how to lead men and learn from Hoyer how to play QB in the Patriots system.

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