Carson Wentz sees “something special brewing” with Colts

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Quarterback Carson Wentz‘s attempt to rebound with the Colts will be one of this season’s leading storylines and there’s been nothing but confidence from head coach Frank Reich about Wentz’s ability to regain the form he lost with the Eagles last year.

One of the things that Reich has stressed is that Wentz does not shoulder all of the responsibility for the team’s success and a look at the roster helps explain that view. Players like Quenton Nelson, Darius Leonard, Jonathan Taylor, and DeForest Buckner will have a big hand on how things go for the Colts this season and set the foundation of a roster that could contend for years.

Wentz told Albert Breer of that he’s more focused on what’s right in front of him, but said he does see the makings of a big winner in Indy.

“You try to not think too much about that, you try to live in the moment, live in the present,” Wentz said. “But like you said, when you look around and see not just the talent, but the young talent. And then you combine that young talent with what we just talked about, a lot of good dudes, a lot of not just good players, but good people? It’s exciting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting. There’s something special brewing here.”

The right quarterback would be a big boost to what the Colts have built in other spots, which is why Wentz will be watched so closely this fall.

8 responses to “Carson Wentz sees “something special brewing” with Colts

  1. “I see something brewing” as said by a man who literally demanded to get out of the kitchen because competition was too hot. Never have teams given up so much to get so little QB leadership in return.

  2. Wentz doesn’t have to do it all, but there’s pressure on him to succeed because of all of that talent.

    If the Colts nosedive with essentially the same roster that was a contender with Rivers at the tail end of his career, it’ll be pretty obvious what the problem is.

    Wentz has been a real enigma, and everyone has made excuses for him since his big year in 2017. It’s 2021 now, and it’s getting to be time to put up or shut up.

  3. While I won’t disagree that the 2020 Colts were a better built team than the Eagles, the “good people” comment makes it sound like Wentz wasn’t around “good people” in Philly.

    It makes sense with the reported strong religious connection Carson had with Reich that scripture is as important to Carson as the playbook.

  4. That team is pretty good, all the bandwagon fans have returned to the seats and they’re looking around under the stadium for the noise machine.

  5. Eagles fan since 1972 here (and I say this to make my biases clear):

    Carson, as someone who has backed you, even while suffering through what you did to our team last year, I’m happy that you’re excited about your new team.

    But you were excited before last season, too. You added muscle and were “looking forward to going out and showing what you could do with your teammates.” Though I’m sure some will think I’m making this up, you also said you were “going to be there for [Hurts[ and show him the ins and outs of the game.” You also said you “don’t get wrapped up” in what people say.

    But we all know what happened not long after that.

    In other words, you *say* a lot of things. But after the way you *played* last year, I kinda feel like you don’t *get* to talk about how “special” your new team is until you go out onto the field and prove yourself. I hope you understand.

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