Dan Marino: Tua Tagovailoa has all the talent in the world


By all accounts, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is primed for a significant jump in his second season.

Now a legendary Dolphins QB has added his voice to the chorus of those setting higher expectations for the sixth pick in the 2020 draft.

Hall of Famer Dan Marino serves as a special advisor to the franchise and has gotten to see Tagovailoa’s development by attending practices and meetings. Marino recently told ESPN that he feels the young quarterback can come into his own.

“[Tagovailoa’s] been great. He’s been awesome. He has all the talent in the world. Now it’s just about him developing the relationship with the other players,” Marino said, via Cameron Wolfe. “It’s been tough because he didn’t have OTAs last year, a lot of the summer camp or the chance to play in exhibition games. All those things delay you somewhat. I’ll tell you, he works his butt off. I’m really excited about him, his future and our future as a team.”

Marino added that Tagovailoa’s first-year playing experience should help him for Year Two. The Dolphins were 6-3 in games that Tagovailoa started last year, though Ryan Fitzpatrick relieved the young quarterback in the second half of Miami’s victory over Las Vegas.

Tagovailoa recently admitted that he didn’t know the playbook well enough as a rookie, but things have changed entering 2021.

“As time goes on you, you get a better handle [of things]. You know your people. That’s what OTAs is about, getting your timing down,” Marino said. “He played a lot last year and when he played, we won games. We almost got in the playoffs. All that is a positive. You try to build from the positives.

“He wants to be really good. And in time, he’s going to get there because that’s what type of kid he is.”

The Dolphins narrowly missed the postseason last year, finishing at 10-6. The AFC East should again be competitive, with the Bills finishing on top in 2020 and the Patriots looking to rebound after a 7-9 season. Tagovailoa’s development will go a long way in determining whether Miami will reach the playoffs for just the third time since 2002.

8 responses to “Dan Marino: Tua Tagovailoa has all the talent in the world

  1. I don’t think this kid is every going to be a great one.
    I really don’t think he has such GREAT physical talent.
    But who knows what his work ethic and appropriate time spend “learning the playbook” might allow him to accomplish with that very good defense.
    6-3 ain’t bad. And extrapolated over 17 games, would be either 12-5, or 11-4. Either of which MIGHT be good enough for a Wildcard (assuming the Bills continue to be strong and command the AFC East.)

  2. Injury prone, incapable of making pre-snap reads, can’t read defenses, makes one quick read to his primary receiver then bolts if that single read isn’t wide open, low accuracy in the pocket and low upside. I wouldn’t call that “all the talent in the World”, sorry Dan.

  3. He may be better than last year, but he is still far behind Justin Herbert

  4. I hope Tua has a great year to silence all of the people writing him off after a rookie year with a shortened, bizarre offseason and some key injuries to his skill-position supporting cast (which wasn’t very deep to begin with).

    He looked OK to me as a rookie – not great, not terrible. He’s not the high-end physical specimen that some of the top-rated new quarterbacks are, but I think there’s still a place in the NFL for smart pocket passers with good touch and timing – which is what Tua appears to have the chance to be if he puts it all together.

  5. What was Dan supposed to say?! Ask Dan about Justin Herbert breaking rookie QB records coming out of the same shortened off-season that Tua had.

  6. I’m very exited about Tua this year. Our coaches brought in the right players for his talents. I see big things between him and Waddle coming fast. Tua is deadly throwing the ball over the middle to receivers running crossers and slants. His best games started with those 5-10 yard passes that players like Waddle turned into big gainers. Having Fuller on the other side will keep the safety back and open a lot of windows underneath. Tua puts the ball in front of his receivers,something Tannehill struggled with and still does. If our o-line gets a running game developed Tua will surprise a lot of people this season. I really like the Waddle pick because Chase isn’t that quick underneath so he’s a better fit. Those short passes will set up deep balls as games develop.

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