Jarvis Landry: Why not talk about Browns as Super Bowl contenders?

Wild Card Round - Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was a guest at Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry‘s charity softball game last week and said that the two teams are “definitely neck and neck” when it comes to being contenders in the AFC.

The Chiefs have made the last two Super Bowls, so no one would think twice about putting them in that category. The Browns are coming off their most successful season in ages, but some might take a pause before anointing them with the same label.

Landry is not one of those people. He thinks it makes all the sense in the world to talk about the Browns as a Super Bowl contender because that’s exactly what the team is striving for this season.

“Why not?” Landry said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “It’s something that people always say you should not talk about, but nobody trains or nobody does what they do to not be a champion. So that’s the standard. So why not talk about it? It’s real. It’s sick to be humble about what everybody is actually chasing.”

It’s a similar answer to the one Patrick Mahomes gave when asked why he’s talking about his goal of going 20-0 and the Browns will get the first chance to spoil that this fall. If they do, thoughts of long playoff runs probably won’t be limited to Landry.

13 responses to “Jarvis Landry: Why not talk about Browns as Super Bowl contenders?

  1. The Cleveland Browns are Superbowl contenders, IF they take the next step forward this season. The trouble is they have history for finding a way to take a step back !!

    But they do look different nowadays

  2. This is a textbook case of unstoppable force that meets the immovable object. The Browns have a pretty good team. The front office and coaching staff seem to be the immovable object that gets in the team’s way year after year.

  3. maybe it would be better to focus on performance before talking about the rewards. I remember talk of championships did not work out well for the Browns just a few seasons ago.

  4. LOL one playoff win in 20+ years and the browns’ players and their fans are having delusions of grandeur.

  5. Mayfield?
    Against Mahomes, Allen, Herbert?
    Add in Lawrence eventhough he hasn’t played a down…

    Yeah, not seeing it..

  6. I’ll tell you why…

    Browns ‘were who we thought they were’ … Delanie Walker wasn’t buying the hype around the Cleveland Browns

    And neither am I

  7. Not surprising that all the haters are out in force because the Browns are thinking Super Bowl. Especially fans of the Squealers and Cowtoys. Sorry kids but those two ships have either sailed or are sinking. Don’t be so jealous. Makes you look bad. Why shouldn’t Cleveland set their sights on the SB? They made and won in the playoffs with a solid offense and went out and addressed their obvious defensive needs in free agency and the draft. Stop hating and start believing.

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