Jets, Jamison Crowder renegotiate contract

New York Jets v Washington Redskins
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The Jets wanted receiver Jamison Crowder to take less. And he has.

The two sides have agreed to a renegotiated contract, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

Details have not yet been revealed, which suggests that Crowder did indeed take a steep pay cut.

Rapoport notes that Crowder will be a free agent next year. But that was going to the be situation anyway; Crowder was entering the final year of his contract. Indeed, if he’d refused to take a pay cut, Crowder could have been a free agent even sooner.

The Jets reportedly wanted Crowder to reduce his $10 million salary by more than 50 percent. He had been absent from offseason workouts.

12 responses to “Jets, Jamison Crowder renegotiate contract

  1. Pretty tough considering the Jets have 27 million in effective cap space before doing this. I hope at least some portion of the salary is guaranteed so he can take plays off and watch out for his health, and not get injured, so he can get a decent contract with a decent team next season. He’s only 27 years old and should be able to get a decent 3 year deal signed next year with the expanded salary cap.

  2. Why not just refuse the pay cut and get released and sign a new deal somewhere else? It’s not like the Jets are going to be contending for anything this year.

  3. That doesn’t sit right with me. Tom Brady had to win 6 championships before we could begin thinking of him as the greatest of all time. Mahomes won once and stunk it up on the big stage last year. He has a long long way to go before we can start considering him for goat status

  4. canetic says:
    June 14, 2021 at 12:36 pm
    Why not just refuse the pay cut and get released and sign a new deal somewhere else? It’s not like the Jets are going to be contending for anything this year.

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    2 Things. The free agent money has dried up. Most teams have spent already and there is not much left at this stage. So, it a bad timing for a player to be released. The jests are probably not happy with him skipping OTA’s and wanted to make him a sacrificial lamb.
    Second, the cap is low this year, teams are reluctant to sign free agents, because really, there is no money to do so. The Jets know that. They have the leverage and are able to get a discount on a player that has to perform to prove his worth. H is basically auditioning for his next team.
    Next year, the cap will double and Crowder will get a contract with another team. He must have gotten sound advice from his agent.

  5. I don’t get it. Isn’t he one of their like, five good players? Why did they need spare cash suddenly?

  6. Well, that’s one way to assure a talented player doesn’t resign with you next year….I bet Zach Wilson is thrilled with this.

  7. ANOTHER great move by JD. You have to keep good players and we had the leverage on Crowder the way Moore is coming on. That should also free up some money for Morgan Moses, Nick Foles and Stephen Nelson.

  8. Pretty simple. Crowder has no leverage and the Jets do. He’s gone next year anyway. And the Jets went from no one who could catch the ball to looking like they might be a little top heavy. No way they give this guy $10 million when they have to find and pay an experienced QB to back up Wilson. That will cost them. It just business.

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