Matt Judon: I want to continue to add to the Patriots legacy

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Matt Judon was a part of the Patriots’ spending spree early on in free agency, giving New England a dynamic edge rusher for its defense.

Judon, who finished the last two seasons leading the Ravens in sacks, recently said that he wanted to come to New England to learn and play under “one of the best to ever coach the game” in Bill Belichick.

“I’ll always want a chance to win,” Judon said, via Jim McBride of the Boston Globe. “Championships, divisional championships, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl. I just want to win. I want to continue to add to my legacy and also add to the legacy that the Patriots have. And I think if I continue to just have fun with the game and not make it more business, just continue to have fun, continue to be a little child playing like I was with my two older brothers, I think I can do that.”

Judon has 34.5 career sacks in 76 games with 49 starts. Last year he recorded 6.0 sacks, with nine tackles for loss, 21 quarterback hits, and a pair of passes defensed.

If Judon can be that strong edge presence for New England, then that could help the club improve on its sub-.500 record in 2020 and return to the playoffs in the upcoming year.

8 responses to “Matt Judon: I want to continue to add to the Patriots legacy

  1. This D is going to be nasty. QBs won’t know what hit em or where it’s coming from.

  2. I am not going to predict a win total – everyone is talking about Cam and Mac – you are all sleeping on the Patriots re-tooled defense. Good luck trying to score – the amoeba defense is back.

  3. I’m excited about the depth the Pats haven & to see how Bill uses the rotation to both stop the run & pressure the QB…. If they can keep Gilmore or even lock him up for 2-3 more years that would be awesome…A very strong D & great special teams unit….. WB is the biggest question mark right now, at least for THIS YEAR….

  4. If you want to ‘add’ to the Pats legacy, then you should go to the Bucks where their legacy now resides. Outside of that, their ‘legacy’ is no titles and a head coach with a losing record pre and post GOAT.

  5. Can’t wait to see all these Pats fans furious at the stupid penalties and the personal foul penalties like he’s had the last few years. Trust me, I watched the guy for the last few years and between his jumping offsides, hitting people out of bounds, and threatening reporters, its definitely addition by subtract in Ravenstown. The hoodie’s gonna love all the mental errors, because that’s Judon’s legacy. You thought you bought a Porsche…enjoy your Yugo with the leaky exhaust!

  6. His “big talent” atrophied when C.J. Mosely went to the Jets. His sack stats went down nearly 60%. He’s 2 years older than that now also. He is on his was to being JAG

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