Nick Caserio addresses Deshaun Watson situation says a “decision” is coming before camp


The Texans haven’t said much about quarterback Deshaun Watson in recent weeks. On Monday, G.M. Nick Caserio said more than anyone from the team has said, in a while

“We’re taking it one day at a time and really control the things we can control,” Caserio said in an appearance on Sports Radio 610, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, when asked whether the organization has addressed the Watson situation with the other players on the team. “The players have been focused on their attitude and their approach in the building, and they’ve handled everything very well.”

Caserio tried to repeat the team’s non-talking talking points about Watson, but Caserio made a potentially telling remark.

“I don’t have any additional comments about anything,” Caserio said. “I think we’re respectful of what’s happening, respectful of the process and everybody that’s involved. The most important thing is for all of us, the coaches and players and myself included, is to focus on the things we can control. As we get more information, as we get closer to training camp, we’ll try to make the best decision for the Houston Texans, whatever that entails.”

The only decision the Texans could make is to trade Watson or to not trade him. If the 22 lawsuits pending against him are resolved, that’s an easy question. If they’re not resolved, it becomes considerably more complicated.

At that point, the Texans have to choose between taking whatever they can get given the possibility that Watson will be placed on paid leave and risking that he’ll show up, be placed on paid leave, and they’ll have to pay him more than $10 million to not play for the team in 2021.

Caserio’s comments suggest that they’ll make a decision based on whatever information they have in July, and that it remains possible he’ll be traded even if the litigation has not been settled.

16 responses to “Nick Caserio addresses Deshaun Watson situation says a “decision” is coming before camp

  1. If my quarterback ever told me he didn’t want to play for me anymore, he’d be moved within 48 hours. When Watson first said he wasn’t going to play for the Texans, they could have gotten two first round picks for him, at least. Maybe three. Now they’d be lucky to get a fourth round pick. It’s no wonder Watson wanted out. This team is poorly managed. Looking back, they were winning big time with Bill O’Brien, and everyone bought in that he was the problem. He’s looking more like a savior every day. He was the one who kept the ship afloat. Teams don’t just need a GM. Teams need a good GM.

  2. The Falcons failed to find any trade partners for Vick, and cut him outright. Like with Vick, the teams willing to take the heat for signing Watson may not be willing to give up any draft picks in addition to his salary obligation while he’s smothered with legal problems. Watson is talented… but so was Vick. It wouldn’t be a surprise for this to follow the Vick blueprint.

  3. Dude is a turd and has ruined any good will to be a face of the franchise. His career may not be over but he really ranked his long term matektablility. Move him and get whatever you can for him. And whoever said O’Brien wasn’t the reason this team yanked is just idiotic. That man will never have another position in the nfl after the job he did as gm of the Texans.

  4. I wonder if his contract, or the standard contract, has a for-cause release option. So they could just cut him if they decide this is too much.

    Seems like the best-case scenario for Watson is settling all cases with a non-disclosure agreement.

    Is that really what someone would want for the face of their franchise?

  5. One last time, hopefully, the Texans would not have gotten anything for Watson. They could have traded him, yes; however it was before the new NFL season. Any team would have rescinded the trade, since all of the allegations came out before the new year.

  6. Don’t trade him. Don’t cut him. Make him be in the place where he doesn’t want to be. That’s what he deserves.

  7. You heard it hear first because I love breaking news for free on chat boards:

    A settlement will be announced right around Thurs July 1st, or Friday July 2nd.

    It will barely make a ripple in the July 4th news cycle.

    Watson will be suspended between 0-8 games (zero if they put off the suspension till 2022, which I believe is possible, in order to make it shorter & more convenient for the team/league/player).

    He will then shut up and play for Houston this season.

    Mark it down…

  8. They can trade him now to the Dolphins or the Eagles, but both may want to wait until he deals with his mess and has a reentry plan.

    Otherwise they’ll likely pay him the $10M to stay away, and wait to maximize his trade value.

    In 2017 a 2nd round pick was valued at $17M — Texans dumped Brock Osweiler and his $17M remaining guaranteed on the Browns, with Cleveland receiving a 2nd rounder in the bargain. In 2021, $10M might be the equivalent of a 4th round pick.

  9. If he settles and no criminal charges are filed the Texans will get no less than two 1st round picks for Watson. People thinking otherwise are delusional.

  10. When they tried shopping him before all of this broke there was zero trade market. Teams didn’t have an interest in overpaying for a 4 win QB who was demanding a trade. Now that these issues came to light there is even less of a trade market.

    Fortunately for the Texans, they signed an 8 win on average QB in Taylor. They should suspend Watson and make him sit the season out.

  11. The Texans should wait for a settlement of all plaintiffs, as then teams will start to offer competing bids for a trade. My guess is that there will still be high demand for a young top 5 QB. Watson can lead his next team for 15 more years. If so, maybe they can still get 3 #1s for him. Has Watson hurt his own marketability? Sure. But teams will still drool over his rare talent at football’s most important position. This is an unpopular view, but…

  12. Should have traded him when they had the chance. His trade value now just keeps declining.

  13. Very mis-managed team. Nick Caserio has no idea what he got himself into.

    And, he doesn’t have BB therer to help him or deflect any criticism from him. Somehow, Jack Easterby has swindle the owner. Watson saw through that. I don’t blame him for wanting to leave, but this is the NFL. You don’t shoot your way out of town or choose wear you want to go… That’s the NBA, not the NFL.

    How does a guy with ZERO football experience rise to a level of V.P. in an NFL franchise. Why, because its Houston, its the Bible Belt, and Easterby used that to his advantage with the owner. I could be wrong here, but I doubt it.

    Jesus is a great guy, but not sure what he knows about football?? He’s got bigger items on his plate…. Watson is done.

    If the lawsuit doesn’t get him, the league will for violating the personal conduct policy.. And, we know how they like to enforce that rule….

    But, some desperate franchise will still go after him and/or overpay.. Just won’t be with No. 1 picks like Houston should have gotten much earlier if they had any direction…..

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