Report: Stephon Gilmore not at Patriots minicamp

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The Patriots are holding their mandatory minicamp this week and a big question heading into it was whether cornerback Stephon Gilmore will be in attendance.

Gilmore has not been at voluntary phases of the offseason program and Jim McBride of the Boston Globe reports that he is not there on Monday. Head coach Bill Belichick said in a Monday morning press conference that he expects to see some players who have not been at voluntary phases of the offseason program, but did not say whether Gilmore is one of them.

Belichick said that the team was “scrambling to get things going” on Monday and that some players had their travel plans impacted by bad weather, so he was “not sure exactly how all of it worked out.”

“We’ll find out who’s here and who isn’t soon enough,” Belichick said.

It’s unclear if Gilmore has plans to be there for the rest of the week. He would be subject to $93,085 in fines if he misses all three days.

That may be a price Gilmore is willing to pay as part of a push for a new contract. His minicamp plans have been a question because he’s heading into the final year of his contract with a salary of $7 million after the team moved $4.5 million of his base salary into his 2020 compensation and missing all of this week’s work would signal he wants a new deal in New England.

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  1. he had a season ending injury last year to his quad – I have seen no reports that he is fully recovered and has been working out. therefore the speculation that this is somehow contract related is unfounded. Maybe he’s just not healthy enough to be on the field? you think Belichick would disclose either case? LOL

  2. You are playing chicken with the wrong man. Either that or it’s part of a trade to come so this is to prevent him of a possible injury.

  3. Gilmore is a Hall of Famer but next season he will be 31.Not sure what contract is he looking for but the Max I would give him is a 2 year extension and that’s stretching it. Most CB start Declining at 32 so Belichick is better off getting a 3rd round pick and call it a Day .Let another team deal with his Demands.

  4. Here’s a guy who signed a $65 million dollar contract and was actually paid a $5mil bonus last year and is posible holding out? Greed is an Ugly trait.

  5. Over 30 – coming off an injury – thinks he deserves more money – DELUSIONAL

  6. “ You are playing chicken with the wrong man. ”

    Boy did you get that right! I would show up, work hard and let my agent do his job before I would get on BB’s bad side. Anyone remember Malcom Butler? BB would rather lose the Super Bowl than tolerate some behaviors.

  7. IMHO, Gilmore isn’t worth any headaches at this point in his career.
    I like him, solid player; I’d be happy if he stuck around, but after lowly Miami made him look like a fool last year, AND THEN his yapping about deserving to be the Defensive Player of the Year. . . Stephon, shhhhhhhh. It’s time to play football.
    If he whines about his contract I hope Bill trades him.

  8. Stephon will wake up when he finds himself boarding a flight for Jacksonville.

  9. It will be interesting to see if the Pats can keep successfully playing hardball with players now that the dynasty is over. Not specifically Gilmore, but players in general may not be willing to give a discount in order to become/stay a Patriot anymore.

  10. I’m not a fan of the Pats so I’m not that close to this Gilmore situation. I’m only going by some of the things I’ve heard and read. But I do know if he’s holding out from his contract to get a big payday from BB, well then, good luck with that. Wrong man to squeeze.

    Also feel from observation over the years that it’s rare for BB to hand out big contracts on players that are on the north side of 30 years old. And I’m pretty sure I’ve read where the Pats are pretty high on a couple of young guys they have in the defensive backfield so I’m just figuring that they are going to move on from Gilmore. I could see a modest increase perhaps but if he thinks he’s going to get a huge contract from the Pats that is going to put him up in the top tier salaries for DBs then that’s not going to happen and it’s certainly not if he’s just trying to get it from holding out.

    BB will let him sit out the season.

  11. tb4prez says:
    June 14, 2021 at 11:20 am
    Here’s a guy who signed a $65 million dollar contract and was actually paid a $5mil bonus last year and is posible holding out? Greed is an Ugly trait.


    That was not a bonus. All they did was take money he was already entitled to in 2021 and give it to him in 2020. Just a fancy cash advance

  12. Was really expecting a Gilmore for Julio trade. Not everybody bats 1000 I guess.

  13. Assuming Gilmore is holding out for more money expect silence from the Patriots. Bill is very much aware of the message that he would be sending if he were to cave in to Gilmore’s demands. I could see a contract extension as a possibility, but only if team friendly.

  14. A few examples of players who have had salary squabbles with BB over the years. Randy Moss. Wes Welker. Logan Mankins. Richard Seymour. Vince Wilfork. Anyone notice how their career’s ended? All of them fizzled out, wearing another teams uniform, after Belichick fleeced another teams GM.

  15. Gilmore is just not has fast as he used to be. That was a big part of his game given his size and his physicality. There were not a lot of corners 6’0 with 4.4 speed. Speed dies with age and injury and while he can shut down a top WR, he can also give you a WTF highlight of him lost and beaten in coverage.

    More $$ might not be an option at this point

  16. Gilmore is really good and has lots of years left. My first thought was all the trade talk in the offseason. If that’s the case the Patriots showed willingness to trade him and didn’t get it done. And I don’t blame Gilmore, the Patriot way doesn’t seem that great without Brady there.

  17. start holding these workout paydays accountable to the contact. none of this back ended paid regardless b.s. 7 mil this year is cheap and a new contract is totally workable but coming off an injury, show us what you’ve got.

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