Cam Newton: Mac Jones was right pick, best player available


The Patriots think Cam Newton is way ahead of where he was in his first year with the team, but they aren’t putting all of their quarterback eggs in one basket.

New England picked Mac Jones in the first round in April and they’ve been giving him first-team work this offseason along with Newton. On Tuesday, Newton was asked at a press conference how he felt about the team’s decision to take the former Alabama starter.

Newton responded that it “didn’t make me feel” anything because he thought Jones was the “right pick” and the “best player available” for the team at the time. Newton added that he supported the decision “110 percent” because of the need to do what’s right for the “long haul.”

The length of that haul will be a question around the Patriots until Jones is in the lineup and Newton’s ability to take the offense to a higher level than it reached last season will be crucial to the answer.

11 responses to “Cam Newton: Mac Jones was right pick, best player available

  1. That was the last answer I expected to hear from Cam … It’s exactly the right answer and I would think more QBs (Aaron) would answer the same way. Mature. Intelligent. Way to go Newton!!

  2. It’s exactly the right answer and I would think more QBs (Aaron) would answer the same way.
    Because the situations are so similar….

  3. Great attitude by Newton. So refreshing to hear amidst the constant hoopla over in entitlement town.

  4. Rogers is a completely different scenario. The Packers were a game away from the Superbowl and they traded up for a player who won’t contribute to the team for two or three years. They should have; taken somebody who would have made them more competitive. The Patriots on the other hand have no long term quarterback. New England also only won seven games last season so they need a lot of different players.

  5. Aaron Rodgers, take notes on how to be a professional QB in the twilight of your career.

  6. Cam knows that Mac is not talented enough to challenge him…which is pretty bad.

  7. If he has a great season then maybe he’ll go back. Worse case if he has a great season is another team signs him to start.

  8. That’s how you toe the company line. Brady used to do it and now Cam is doing it.

  9. The only way Rogers is in the twilight of his career is if he retires.

    Of course Rogers situation differs from Newton’s. That doesn’t take away anything from Newton saying the right thing.

    Contrary to inference, Rogers hasn’t done a lot of talking.

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