Derek Carr: I want to do it here, I’d probably quit if I had to go somewhere else

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When Russell Wilson‘s agent announced the short list of teams that the quarterback would agree to play for in a trade earlier this year, the Raiders were on it.

That led some from outside the organization to call for the Raiders to make a move for Wilson and led the team’s actual decision-makers to say they’ll pound the table for Derek Carr. No Wilson trade ever came to pass for any team and Carr remains set to start at quarterback in Las Vegas this year.

On Tuesday, he did his best to ensure that remains the case by suggesting he’d walk away rather than wear another uniform.

“I want to do it here,” Carr said, via Paul Gutierrez of “I probably would quit football if I had to play anywhere else. . . . I’d rather go down with the ship, if I had to.”

All seems well between Carr and the Raiders right now, but the future may bring a change in tune. Carr turned 30 earlier this year, which leaves a lot of years for him to play and a lot of time for feelings to change about the relationship between player and team in a league that’s seen most of its best quarterbacks change uniforms at some point.

18 responses to “Derek Carr: I want to do it here, I’d probably quit if I had to go somewhere else

  1. You can do a lot worse. If you can keep him under team friendly deals you can build around him but I don’t think the Raiders have the front office to build a winning roster. Carr should probably look to land on a ready made winner. He could make WFT a contender.

  2. Well Derek that is what everyone is hoping for. You are a lower-tier QB at best. You should actually be a back-up since you can’t win anything. Remind me again how many playoff appearances have the Raiders had with you at the helm?

  3. Until some other team offers you more money and surround you with weapons and a defense. C’mon Derek just say what you really mean.

  4. No he wouldn’t. He’d go wherever he could get a chance to start. Carr’s one of the middle of the pack QBs who can win if he’s surrounded by a lot of talent. He’s not bad, but also not close to top 10.

  5. @ Kohima Anyone who thinks Carr is a lower tier QB doesn’t have a clue about football. Ergo, you are clueless.

  6. What exactly have the Raiders got for the $10M per year they are paying Gruden?

  7. John Gruden and Mike Mayock after 3 years running the Raiders – Zero winning seasons

    Derek Carr is definitely not the problem in the Death Star

  8. When a player makes those kinds of statements and similar comments are floating around by the front office, get ready for personnel action to occur.

  9. You ar eall ignorant. Only 3 QB’s threw for over 4,000 yards and less than 10 INTs, Rodgers and Carr and one other.

    If we had a half way decent defense, we’d have swept the Chiefs last year and easily beat teams like th eDolphins and made rthe playoffs.

    Carr is ranked 9th – 12th best QB in the league, depending on the source.

    Haters gonna hate. You probably never even watched a Raider game much less palyed a down of football yourself.

  10. I don’t think Carr is the type of player to spend his whole career with one team. At some point, the Raiders will be ready to try someone different and Carr will play for whoever will give him the opportunity.

  11. this year will be KEY, if the defense improves and Carr flatlines it will be time to move on from him.

  12. You ar eall ignorant. Only 3 QB’s threw for over 4,000 yards and less than 10 INTs, Rodgers and Carr and one other.


    Rodgers +44 TD to turnover ratio. Derek Carr +10 TD to turnover ratio. Never mention Carr with Rodgers

  13. It is so funny all of you here bashing Carr for the Raiders lack of success. Do you not realize that the defense is the issue? Pay attention before you start mocking things, folks!

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