Jerry Jeudy lauds Alabama’s ability to produce NFL receiver talent

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Four receivers from the University of Alabama have been selected inside the Top 15 of the NFL Draft in the last two years. Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith were both off the board by the tenth overall selection in this year’s draft while Henry Ruggs III and Jerry Jeudy were the 12th and 15th overall picks in the 2020 class, respectively.

Go back another two years and Calvin Ridley was a late first-round pick by the Atlanta Falcons.

While Alabama has been sending numerous top-tier talents to the NFL for many years under head coach Nick Saban, the run of talent at the wide receiver spot specifically has been staggering in recent seasons.

Jeudy credits Saban for bringing in that level of talent to the program and believes the competition among the group pushes everyone to a higher level.

It’s just a great program,” Jeudy said on ESPN, via “They develop players to become NFL players. Coach Saban does a great job of organizing and bringing great talent. When you’re surrounded by great talent, there’s nothing but to become good.”

Beyond the most recent five, Amari Cooper, Julio Jones, Robert Foster and Cam Sims are also Alabama products that have been successful in the league. Jones is arguably the best receiver of the last decade.

John Metchie III could become the next first-round wide receiver from Alabama in next year’s draft.

“Being around those guys really motivates you to be the best player you can be,” Jeudy said of the environment at Alabama.

7 responses to “Jerry Jeudy lauds Alabama’s ability to produce NFL receiver talent

  1. Tua sure had some talent to throw to. And he had all day to throw it. You wonder why all those Alabama QB’s look good in college, but usually not so good at the next level.

  2. They also have access to the best talent available. Who wouldn’t want to go to a program where you have a great chance to get seen and drafted into the NFL. Love ‘bama or not, you’ve got to admit success breed success…..

  3. A WR is only as good as his QB and his OC. Sarkesian and Kiffin highlighted their WRs despite the talent of the WR with play calling and creativity.

    All top colleges recruit the best WRs in the country but, it dont mean a damn if the OC calls a run or the QB can’t complete the pass

  4. There’s always going to be a top program that attracts the best talent.
    It’s a nothing burger special.

  5. Jones has been great, but the others? Ridley and Cooper have been adequate based on their selection slot, neither are top 15 WRs. Smith and Waddle have done nothing and Jeudy and Ruggs have proven nothing yet.

  6. I imagine Oklahoma would be a strong comparison for recent (last 10 or so yrs?) WRs drafted. Mark Clayton, Ryan Broyles, Sterling Shepard, Dede Westbrook, Marquise Brown, & CeeDee Lamb.
    Getting away from the WR specific topic, OU ranks 4th all-time in NFL draft selections. 47 former Sooners have been drafted in the 1st round (regardless of position).

  7. Bama has a lot of young studs that flash potential but haven’t proven much of anything yet. I’m surprised they have less proven guys in the league; Julio, Calvin Ridley and Cooper are all studs. But that’s not a very deep list.

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