Report: No significant progress between Patriots, Stephon Gilmore on a new deal

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Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore has a 2021 base salary of $7 million. He wants more. He deserves more. He’s trying to get more, but Gilmore’s agents and the team have yet to strike a deal.

Via Jeff Howe of, Gilmore’s camp “seems to be eying Darius Slay’s three-year, $50 million extension.” That’s an annual average of $16.67 million.

Gilmore, the 2019 defensive player of the year, has superior skills to Slay. However, Gilmore turns 31 on September 19; he could be on the verge of seeing his abilities begin to diminish.

Last year, the Patriots moved $4.5 million of Gilmore’s 2021 salary to 2020. Typically, that results in the player getting a new deal in lieu of playing for a reduced salary in the following year. And the Patriots seem to be willing to do something with Gilmore’s contract; however, if it was enough from Gilmore’s perspective the deal would be done.

A trade presumably is on the table for Gilmore. A new team would have to be willing to pay Gilmore what he wants, too — and to satisfy the Patriots with an appropriate trade offer.

For now, the Patriots have both Gilmore and J.C. Jackson at a combined salary of $10.3 million in 2021, which is one hell of a bargain. Both become free agents after the season. If the Patriots had to choose one or the other, who would it be?

If the Patriots opt for the younger player, the question becomes whether to figure out how to keep Gilmore happy for a year or to trade him. Then there’s the question of the value the Patriots would get in trade versus the potential compensatory draft-pick consideration, if Gilmore leaves in 2022.

However it unfolds, it’s a delicate situation for the Patriots. They hold the contractual cards. None of that matters if Gilmore won’t show up. For now, during mandatory minicamp, he isn’t. The next step comes when it’s time to show up for training camp.

8 responses to “Report: No significant progress between Patriots, Stephon Gilmore on a new deal

  1. Deserves has nothing to do with it. All contract negotiations are about bargaining power.

  2. He wasn’t good last season when healthy. Best case for both is a bump for 1 year that gets him closer to market value, he proves he’s still a top 5 CB, and then he’ll get his multi-year contract elsewhere.

  3. Older CB who had a difficult year last year and a tough time staying on the field. He will not get a 3 year extension in NE. More likely, that Gilmore gets a 1-year salary bump before he becomes a FA next year at 32 (with compensatory pick). They will (should) try to sign the younger JC Jackson to an extension.

  4. His overall contract averages just under $13 mill per year. Nothing to sneeze at 5 years ago, and even now. Why don’t these guys honor their contracts?

  5. Guys don’t honestly their contracts when they ouplay them. Just like teams unceremoniously dump players when they underperformed. How people don’t get this never ceases to amaze me. If they dump an underperforming player without honoring the contract, the fans say good for them. Double standard much?

    Gilmour wasn’t good last year? Sorry, yes he was. He had a bad gm against Miami, which happens to all CBs. He just wasn’t as good as 2019.

    JC Jackson is not a #1 CB. Great Ball hawk. Not a good coverage guy, even with all the safety help he gets. They need Gilmour covering the #1 WR by himself.

  6. No, he really wasnt that good last year

    “After recording three straight coverage grades of at least 85.0 in New England’s defense, Gilmore put up just a 58.5 coverage grade in 2020. He recorded just one interception and two pass breakups on 42 targets, allowing a career-high 96.7 passer rating into his coverage. Whether it was injuries or age starting to show in one of the man-heaviest defenses in the NFL, he was not the same player in 2020.”

    Now Im not sure if that was due to injury or age, hopefully they get it figured out and he rebounds this season. But he wasnt that great. PFF obviously thinks he will improve this year as they have him as the #6 outside CB coming into the year

  7. Yeah; those Brits over at PFF really know their stuff. The consensus is Gilmore was still a good CB last yr. I already said he wasn’t as good as 2019. How could he be. 10th pk of the draft, 2x AllPro, 4 time ProBowler,DPOY. If the Pats trade/release him, the price is 15-17 mil/yr. And Gilmour knows it.

  8. I’d remind Stephan he has a contract. Honor it or suffer the consequences. If Gilmore wants another contract, he’d better play and play well. Pats can through him a bone for $1-2 mill.

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