Tua Tagovailoa on practice interceptions: Now is the time to make mistakes

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp
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When we last checked in on Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa on Tuesday, he had thrown three interceptions early in the team’s minicamp practice.

Tagovailoa would add to that total before the day was out. He ended the session with five interceptions and said afterward that they were a byproduct of trying to be as aggressive as possible through the air. He also noted that June practices are the best time to make mistakes.

“We wanted to be aggressive today in the passing game . . . You want to be smart, if there’s a time to make mistakes now is the time,” Tagovailoa said, via Cameron Wolfe of ESPN.com.

Tagovailoa’s right about the best time to make mistakes and he’ll have plenty of time to work on all aspects of the offense before the Dolphins are in a position to really feel the pain of turnovers.

16 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa on practice interceptions: Now is the time to make mistakes

  1. Normally I would laugh at that comment, but Tua needs to pull the trigger more. You aren’t going to have your Alabama receivers separating with ease on every play. Sling it , let the picks happen and review the tape.

  2. Exactly. Thats what practice is for. To Learn. And Miami has a good defense to teach him!

  3. Nothing personal, but, as an Eagles fan I want Tua to throw as many picks as he can during the season. I want a high first round pick from the Dolphins.

  4. Says the guy who admitted to not knowing the play book? Okay man. Good luck.

  5. Over/under how many different excuses Dolphins fans make for Tua this year.

    They’ll have to reuse some in a 17 week season. I’ll go with 10.

  6. Maybe be aggressive and accurate. Has had accuracy issues and will continue to. He does not have the arm strength to be accurate on intermediate throws. That is why he is not aggressive to start with. He knows he can’t hit them. At Bama it did not matter. In the NFL with the tight windows it does matter.

  7. Tua Tagovailoa on practice interceptions: Now is the time to make mistakes

    I always questioned the term “practice interceptions” as it sounds like you’re practicing to throw interceptions. LOL

    But on the serious side I wonder about any QB that thinks practice is the place to throw INT’s because your own defense isn’t putting in a full all out rush and those defensive players have to hold up on their own QB so they don’t rush them like a opponent will, sounds to me like the Dolphins will still have some holes in their OL when the regular season starts, those guys won’t be holding back any……. not a bit!

    Usually INT’s in training camp = even more INTs during the regular season.

  8. Lol. Dudes dont take as much issue with Tua not knowing the playbook well as much as they take aim at the fact he admitted it. People dont value the truth or candid personalities, they just look to shoot arrows because their own life sucks and they are unhappy. I am rooting for Tua, I love this young man no matter what!

  9. Ironically I was listening to the Dolphins local radio station this morning and a former NFL player literally predicted this happening lol. He said “watch, today Tua’s gonna throw some picks and everyone is gonna go nuts for no reason… this is the point of camps, to test the throws you can and can’t make.. I mean would you rather him do that in a game or practice? This is how you get better”…. 4-5 hours later it’s like he was Nostradamus.

  10. This is definitely not a way for Tua to start out. If he can’t handle the pressure and perform well, I can see Flores pulling him again, but this time there will be no excuses. Flores wants to win now. The team has enough draft capital to hit the reset button and go after another highly rated, young quarterback in the 2023 draft, but GM Chris Grier will be on the hot seat if Tua was “his guy”. You can’t screw up the quarterback selection. Tua doesn’t even have to be elite for them to win games.
    It’s still way too early, but the optimism has begun to wane.

  11. If you throw a lot interceptions during 7 on 7 drills then why would you think you’d throw less of them when the players are playing for real ?

  12. The Dolphins still don’t have a QB, just think about all the draft blunders they have made in the past 2 drafts with 5 first round picks!

  13. If we look back a few years, I recall reading about Mahomes throwing tons of interceptions in offseason practices leading up to his first season as the starter. He basically said the same thing, now’s the time to see what you can get away with.

    It’s probably not a big deal – yet.

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