Baker Mayfield: Odell Beckham looks “really great”

Indianapolis Colts  v Cleveland Browns
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Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is making major strides in his recovery from last year’s torn ACL, according to quarterback Baker Mayfield.

He looks really great,” Mayfield said of Beckham. “After seeing him run and really just talking to him, as well, he feels comfortable. He is still getting used to some of these cuts and certain motions, but you are talking about seven months since the surgery so it is pretty impressive how quickly he has come back.”

Mayfield’s passing numbers actually got better after Beckham was lost for the season in 2020, but Mayfield insists Beckham is an important part of the offense.

“Obviously, his play speaks for itself,” Mayfield said. “He is an explosive player. I think when it comes to teams scheming up for our offense, he has the dynamic, the deep threat and teams have to roll a safety over the top, whether they want to play one-high or two-high and just all of the things that can exploit matchups and create better opportunities for everybody else and not only himself.”

So far in his tenure in Cleveland, Beckham hasn’t looked as great as the Browns were expecting him to when they traded for him. Mayfield sounds confident that big things are coming.

2 responses to “Baker Mayfield: Odell Beckham looks “really great”

  1. Is Beckham that guy who had that really good catch that one time? I didn’t realize he was still playing.

  2. As a Browns fan I get so much hate for pointing out that OBJ might be all decade on the overrated team. Guy is listed at 5,”11 , which means hes about5’9″. I’ve seen so many small WRs that have shorter primes. For 5 years weve been hearing that this is his hiunce back yr. He should’ve been cut or restructured at the least. 15 mil is way to much for what even in a good year he brings. He got paid, and has been even worse since. He plays timid and smaller than he even is. He drops 3rd down catches like it’s his job, if the ball is high and a hit is coming. He wont extend his arms, king of what Madden called “alligator arms”. Little known fact, he broke his back in high school, and his career has shown he just doesnt have the body to play in the NFL. No way he can play 17 and the playoffs. Also his catch % on catchable balls is awful, before the baker hate comes pouring in. Guy lives off his reputation and not his play. Over rated period. Hate on me all you want, but Peppera, dex lawerence and the 3rd rd pick, make a COMBINED 37% of objs salary. Half the reason dorsey was fired was this awful trade.

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