Jadeveon Clowney: Browns D reminds me of 49ers a couple of years ago


Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney did his first on-field work this week since signing with the Browns as a free agent and head coach Kevin Stefanski said he liked what he saw from one of this year’s biggest acquisitions.

Clowney likes what he’s seeing in Cleveland as well. Clowney held a press conference with reporters on Wednesday and said he was “very excited” about the players he’s joining on the defensive line.

The group, which includes Myles Garrett, Takk McKinley, Malik Jackson, Andrew Billings, and others, reminds Clowney of a defense that did a lot to propel the 49ers to Super Bowl LIV a couple of years ago.

“A rotational group that guys can get in, backups can come in and play just as good as the 1s, even better,” Clowney said. “Any time you’ve got that going on, it’s a good group. I’m looking forward to it. It reminds me of San Fran a couple years ago that went to the Super Bowl with that defense. I’m thinking we can do that up front.”

Clowney said his surgically-repaired knee feels good and that he feels he’s best in 4-3 schemes like the Browns utilize because he can go forward all of the time. The Browns are hoping those two things equal a big impact up front this fall.

13 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney: Browns D reminds me of 49ers a couple of years ago

  1. Lots of talk out of Cleveland…….as usual…Baltimore and Pittsburgh are listening…as well as Cincinnati.
    Clowney might want to concentrate on playing a little more than 4 quarters this season.

  2. Oh no. Lots of super bowl talk coming from the Browns players lately. Teams that do that do not generally end up with the Lombardi. In fact, most of them fall flat and are out of the running by week 8. I got a bad feeling about this…

  3. I do wish they’d stop talking so much. Leave it on the field please. Of course, the Cleveland press loves to ask leading questions for sound bites like this and of course, the national media just amplifies it.

  4. Would have much rather have kept Sheldon Richardson than pay this Clowney.

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