Jamison Crowder “ready to rock” for Jets after taking salary reduction

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Wide receiver Jamison Crowder says he was surprised by the New York Jets request to cut his salary this offseason. But after agreeing to a reworked deal on Monday, Crowder says there’s no hard feelings toward the Jets lingering in its aftermath.

I sat down and spoke with my agent about some things,” Crowder said, via Dennis Waszak Jr. of the Associated Press. “We got things worked out now. So, that’s kind of my mentality now — I really just want to get back out there on the field and start making plays. … I’m here now, so I’m just ready to rock and roll.”

Despite leading the Jets in receiving each of the last two years, the Jets reportedly wanted to cut his salary in half or he would have been a potential release instead. He had previously been scheduled to make $10 million in base salary this season.

In his last two seasons in New York, Crowder has combined for 137 receptions, 1,532 yards and 12 touchdowns.

“A little bit surprised,” Crowder said of the request/demand from the Jets. “It’s a business. It is what it is. I’m here now, so I’m just ready to rock out, man.”

8 responses to “Jamison Crowder “ready to rock” for Jets after taking salary reduction

  1. Didn’t deserve the reduction in salary and handled like a true professional. Rooting for you to have a big year and cash in next year Mr. Crowder.

  2. As a Bills fan, he was one of the only Jets that concerned me. Pulling this stunt on him is bush league. They squeezed him. If he’s released now, he can’t catch on anywhere for decent money. It’s all spent, and most teams are set at skill positions. I’d play it out and demand a release after this year. If I’m another player, I never give the Jets a whiff, or demand a guaranteed contract. Anything else, I try elsewhere. Low class move.

  3. He knows he won’t get anything close to that if released. Bad contract by the Jets originally, smart decision by Crowder now.

  4. And in no way does “ready to rock” mean “ready to fake a knee injury and sit out the season because I had to take a pay cut to stay on this sorry team.” In case anyone was going to accuse him of this.

  5. Stunning range of opinions especially from fans of other AFC East teams. How quickly they forget.

    This was smart business by the Jets. And Crowder is showing the kind of reaction and class that is so often missing from so many in sports and business. That will py dividends down the road whether it is in NY or elsewhere.

    The Jets wanted him, but not for $10 million. What is that low class about that? It’s Joe Douglas doing his job. At $10 million Crowder was overpaid and too expensive. With the draft and FA signings, Crowder lost leverage. He’s got an opportunity to earn a big payday and he knows that what he is playing for. If he has a good season and scores a three year $45 million deal with $30 guaranteed, he will need to send Douglas a thank you letter.

    It’s always entertaining when fans of direct opponents forget it is first and foremost a business where the GM is charged with deciding what is best for the team and executing that vision. Niceties and sentimentality have no place when you are charged with reversing years of losing and a negative culture. They are a luxury you can turn to when your pockets are full and you have a history of success.

    It is also convenient to forget the Jets must sign an experienced QB to back up Wilson and mentor him. That will likely cost significantly more than the $5 million they saved by reworked Crowder’s contract. And there are always a few good rescue stories from guys dropped the first few weeks of camp. The Jets have put themselves in a position to not lose out on the best that fit their needs.

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