Justin Herbert has been vaccinated, uses his biology background to advise teammates

Los Angeles Chargers Mandatory Minicamp
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At a time when some NFL quarterbacks are choosing not to talk about whether they’ve been vaccinated, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert had no qualms about getting the shot — and no qualms about saying so.

Via Joe Reedy of the Associated Press, Herbert told reporters on Wednesday that he’s been vaccinated against COVID. Herbert also said that he tells teammates he has been vaccinated when they ask him questions about it, given that Herbert majored in biology at Oregon.

It apparently hasn’t worked very well. Via Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times, Herbert said that he’s among a “small” group of Chargers players who have been vaccinated.

This meshes with a recent report that the Chargers, Colts, Jaguars, and Cardinals are lagging behind when it comes to getting players vaccinated.

It quite possibly will be a competitive issue this year, with teams that embrace the vaccine having greater flexibility and freedom (and fewer distractions and sudden unavailability of potentially key players) then those that don’t. The vaccination question also could spark locker-room rancor as those who have been vaccinated and those who haven’t been vaccinated allow the latest unnecessary political issue to divide them at a time when they should be fully united.