Restrictions remain in place for unvaccinated players, loosened for vaccinated players

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The NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed on the COVID-19 protocols for training camp and the preseason, and they should function as a strong incentive for players to get vaccinated.

A memo outlining the rules was distributed today, and it details much of what was previously revealed about this year’s COVID-19 protocols, as well as some new information that will make players want to get vaccinated.

A big one is that vaccinated players are allowed to go to high-risk places like bars and nightclubs, but unvaccinated players are not, and if they’re seen at one they can be fined up to $50,000.

Other items in the memo include:

    • Fully vaccinated players who have a close contact with someone who has COVID-19 will not have to quarantine, but unvaccinated players will continue to have to quarantine.
    • Unvaccinated players will be tested every day; vaccinated players will not.
    • Unvaccinated players must wear masks at the team facility and while traveling; vaccinated players do not need to wear masks.
    • Unvaccinated players must practice physical distancing in the team facility; fully vaccinated people do not have to practice distancing with each other.
    • Unlimited numbers of vaccinated players may be in the weight room, but only 15 unvaccinated players may be in the weight room.
    • Unvaccinated players may not eat meals with teammates; Vaccinated players may gather for meals.
    • Unvaccinated players may not participate in media or marketing activities while traveling; vaccinated players may.
    • Unvaccinated players may not use the sauna or steam room; vaccinated players may.
    • Unvaccinated players may not leave the team hotel or interact with people outside the team while traveling; vaccinated players may.

At this point it’s hard to imagine why any player won’t get vaccinated. Some players surely won’t, but those players are doing themselves and their teams a serious disservice.

35 responses to “Restrictions remain in place for unvaccinated players, loosened for vaccinated players

  1. The misinformation out there concerning the vaccine is astounding. These unvaccinated players need to get off of twitter and talk to a doctor

  2. Pathetic. First class discrimination against those who decide not to inject poisons into them. Sheeple gonna sheep.

  3. These “vaccines” are only effective for a few months, will the NFL be policing the booster shot status of all its players indefinitely?

  4. This is really going to upset some players, Montez Sweat, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Jordan Poyer etc

    BUT it’s the right thing to do, the reaction by the above will be worth monitoring ?? Social media and vaccine

  5. This is motivation to get vaccinated. Political views aside. If the NFL wants them to do it, then they will do it. As the owners- it’s their decision to make. If the players don’t like it, then opt out.

  6. I see lawsuits on the horizon. It’ll be good for these businesses who don’t respect peoples health choices to pay a price in the courts.

  7. The founding fathers valued the survival of the nation as a whole rather than the individual rights of a few. After over 600 thousand dead i this principal should be self evident .

  8. gokafilm says…lots of ridiculous things. The vaccine is approved which like yesterday demonstrates your complete ignorance when it comes to talking about the COVID vaccine. It is truly amazing so many people have lost their minds.

  9. the big piece regarding protocols I think are the team meals. Like any QB trying to build rapport would rather have a dinner Zoom sesh with his receivers.

  10. This is the NFL’s cash cow so the owners will do whatever is necessary to make sure the money stream continues to flow

  11. collectordude says:
    June 16, 2021 at 3:25 pm

    Players body.
    Players choice.


    And their employer’s choice as to the rules they choose to enforce.

  12. I don’t get it, baseball stadiums are opening at 100% capacity with no mask requirements and no proof of vaccination. Why is it so strict for NFL players?

  13. Just do what the rest of the United States is doing, if you didn’t get your shot by now best of luck because everythings opening up and your on your own.

  14. dont these guys have a union?
    those seem like some pretty harsh standards to just toss out there.

  15. This is going to become an issue in the locker rooms as training camps open. This isn’t a typical player versus team type of disagreement. It will pit player versus player. It could potentially tear a team apart.

  16. What are the Vegas odds that the first player who gets popped for steroids blames the vaccine in his defense?

  17. gokafilm says:
    June 16, 2021 at 3:29 pm
    injecting an unapproved drug that potentially causes heart issues? Pass!
    Sounds about right. Be worried about internet claims about the vaccine for which nobody has any documented evidence as opposed to the disease itself which has killed 600,000 Americans and those who’ve survived frequently have persistent health issues including chronic fatigue and breathing issues.

  18. collectordude says:
    June 16, 2021 at 3:25 pm
    Players body.
    Players choice.

    Absolutely correct.

    Also, regarding decisions on how the team operates….
    Owners team
    Owners choice

  19. Complications from vaccinations do not compare at all to the risks of covid. You take medicine, you have no idea what’s in there. You have no idea what’s in your hot dog but this is dangerous?

  20. Chiefs fan in LA says:
    June 16, 2021 at 7:43 pm
    dont these guys have a union?
    those seem like some pretty harsh standards to just toss out there.


    The union’s responsibility here is to work with the league to protect the rights and the health & well being of its members. This does that, or makes the best attempt to do so, or at least appears to make the best attempt to do so.

    If you try to force the shot, you trample rights.

    If you let the unvaccinated run free alongside the vaccinated, you jeopardize the health & wellbeing of all.

  21. These vaccines have only been approved by the FDA for emergency use only. So for my mother who is 85 years old and in the most vulnerable age group (survival rate around 90-95%), the vaccine is the absolute right choice. Long term negative side effects are not as much of an issue. But for extremely healthy 22-30 year olds for whom Covid is similar to the seasonal flu, getting a vaccine that is not fully approved by the FDA and we don’t know the long term side effects, may not be the prudent thing.

  22. Can I suggest an alternative?
    The whole point of vaccination is to develop antibodies. People who have not been vaccinated may well have developed antibodies by having the virus or exposure. A simple blood test can check for the antibody. Antibodies should be the way forward instead of vaccinations.

  23. A player with a deadly disease that spreads to other people easily needs to isolate himself to protect others. If players won’t get vaccinated that’s the way it should stay.

  24. On vaccines [affects everyone]: it’s up to the individual and their rights. The NFL cannot make players decide.
    On protesting [affects no one]: the owners need to step in and control these players.

  25. NFLPA gets it wrong again by opposing the league mandate that all players get vaccinated. Just as they oppose team off-season training programs- in part because they were worried about players getting Covid- or so they said. Now they had the opportunity to greatly reduce the chance any player gets Covid, and they oppose that too. But, yeah, they’re for player safety. What a joke.

  26. riverhorsey says:
    June 17, 2021 at 8:25 am
    A player with a deadly disease that spreads to other people easily needs to isolate himself to protect others. If players won’t get vaccinated that’s the way it should stay.
    Most communicable diseases are deadly. The question is how deadly are they? For NFL players, it is as deadly as the seasonal flu.

  27. The inability of players to understand that the public’s health is more important than their own selfish personal opinions is foolish and dangerous.

    If a player is holding out and won’t get vaccinated by the start of training camp they should be put on indefinite suspension until they get vaccinated.

  28. The rules are good. Getting vaccinated provides the attendant privileges. Not getting vaccinated means you must abide by some pretty basic health precautions.

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