Travis Kelce: AFC has good teams all over the place

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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said recently that he thinks they and the Browns are “definitely neck and neck” when it comes to teams who can contend in the AFC, but that doesn’t end the list of teams that are on his radar heading into the 2021 season.

Kelce was asked about that comment during a press conference on Tuesday and he identified a number of other teams that he thinks could factor into the race for the conference title that his club has won the last two seasons.

“I mean we have three really good teams in the division,” Kelce said, via the Kansas City Star. “I’m not going to look past anybody in our division. If you look at the entire AFC, outside of the Raiders, Broncos and Chargers, obviously the Browns, the Ravens, the Titans just got another huge piece of their offense that’s very interesting. And who knows what’s going to show up, I mean there’s a lot of good young teams like a Miami. It’s just, you’ve got to be ready. You’ve got to be ready for it all. Can’t forget about the Bills. I mean there’s teams all over the place that can come out and get a win and you’ve just got to respect them all and go to work every single week.”

Two other teams Kelce didn’t mention — the Steelers and Colts — were in the playoffs last season while the Patriots harbor hopes of bouncing back after their first playoff-less season in a long time. The Jets, Bengals, Jaguars, and Texans are less likely to generate rosy predictions for the immediate future, but it does look like there should be a lot of competition in the AFC this fall.

9 responses to “Travis Kelce: AFC has good teams all over the place

  1. When will players learn not to open their mouths? What good does it do for the Chiefs for their players to be talking about how good other teams are? Kelce can be a sports analyst when he retires. Now’s not the time to be giving perceived disrespect to half the teams you’ll play this year.

  2. The Browns won their first playoff game in almost 20 years last year. They haven’t won a division title since 1989 when they were in the AFC Central. They’ve drafted at the top of first round for what seems like eons, yet somehow they are in the conversation of being Super Bowl contenders. I get it, they seem to finally look like they are on the right track. But can we please put the brakes on them until they actually WIN some form of a division/conference trophy/title?

  3. Raiders gonna Raider. If A-Aron stays in GB, then the broncos don’t have a viable starter at QB.

  4. Never trust the opinion of a man that has had his own reality show…Ever!

  5. Seems to be avoiding the Bills somewhat. Interesting. ____ Probably because they are one dimensional….they have a good passing game but have no running game and the defense isnt very good. They werent able to stop KC in either game last year, or really any good offense at all last year. An aging Star isnt going to fix that. Neither are the rookies.

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