Woody Johnson wants Jets fans have to have faith

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Woody Johnson spoke to the media as the owner of the Jets on Wednesday for the first time since May 2017 and there were some familiar themes to his return engagement.

At that 2017 session, he talked about having patience with the team as they worked to build a winning roster under General Manager Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles. Johnson would leave the team a few months later to become the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom and patience with that regime didn’t lead anywhere good.

Bowles was fired after the 2018 season, Adam Gase was hired to replace him before Maccagnan was dispatched after the 2018 draft and Gase himself got axed earlier this year.

Now it is head coach Robert Saleh and General Manager Joe Douglas running the show with Johnson back after the end of his time overseas. The message for those who had patience in 2017 is to now show faith that the team is moving in the right direction.

“You’ve got to have faith,” Johnson said, via Darryl Slater of NJ.com. “This is your team. You’ve probably had this team since you were 10, 11, 12. So you’ve had the faith. Do you see hope? And do you see leadership?”

Saleh has not coached an NFL game yet and Douglas oversaw last year’s 2-14 team, so there’s little evidence that Jets fans could use to argue better days are ahead. That would make faith the only real option and, as Johnson noted, it’s a familiar feeling for those who have rooted for the AFC East club throughout his stewardship.

26 responses to “Woody Johnson wants Jets fans have to have faith

  1. This is a press conference he may have been better off not having. You can’t have a losing record in 9 of your last 11 years and ask your fans to have faith… as if there is something wrong with them for being frustrated.

  2. as a fan of another AFC East team, I hope Woddy Johnson keeps the Jets in his family forever. Then i will have faith. The faith that the Jets will always be bad

  3. This guy and the Texans owner are competing for the #1 pick. Everyone else is competing for the Lombardi Trophy.

  4. I’d love to be able to have faith, but rooting for this team has taught me that I cannot.

  5. Having faith in the Jets, that the election was rigged, and that the vaccine isn’t worth it are foolish things to have faith in

  6. You can be a fan of your team even if you have no realistic reason they’ll be any good.

  7. It has been 11 years since the Jets have made the playoffs, this year will mark #12. Have faith in this Jets fans.

  8. Their history consists of one moment and most football fans don’t remember it. Faith is all Woody can ask for because there is nothing objective for him to point to for support.

  9. Hard to have faith when your team has lost for a decade. Hired retread coaches. Bad drat picks. Bad GM’s. Hard to have faith.

  10. Look at some of Woody’s decisions: Hire John Idzik as GM, pursue Tim Tebow, hire Mike MacCagnan as GM, hire Adam Gase as HC, work for Donald Trump. Thanks Woody, we already know about your judgment.

  11. Most Jets fans I’ve talked to feel pretty good about the direction of the team after the mess they’ve been through the last several years.

  12. How could any Jets fan have faith? Revolving door of coaches and QB’s is never a good thing.

  13. I wake up everyday and, while looking in the mirror, thank god I’m not a Jets fan.

  14. Dear Woody, I am happy you were born into money.You are an incompetent owner ,a lousy ambassador and have accomplished nothing in your life ..please be silent and write checks because that is what you are good at

  15. Yet their fans will come on here and routinely declare “Joe D is the best in the biz!” There are zero standards here.

  16. The same standards that declared Jarrett Stidham the starting quarterback on the way to the HOF. As a diehard Jets fan though, I will quickly add that I am fed up to here with you, Woody Johnson. You’ve got a lot of nerve preaching anything to Jets fans after some of the monumentally stupid hires and decisions you’ve made over the last dozen or so years. Please sell!!

  17. This guy is a joke. There is nothing to have faith in while he runs the team deeper into the ground every year. The only thing I have faith in is that he has no clue what he is doing.

  18. He hired Adam Gase based on the fact that Gase’s struggling Dolphins were always beating Woody’s terrible Jets because apparently there was just something special about losing to Gase as opposed to losing to every other coach in the league. He then told that precise story in explaining the hire as if he really believed people would nod appreciatively and say “sound thinking”. Now he wonders why nobody has faith in his decisions?

  19. I have faith in Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh, not you Woody. If you and your brother Chris stay away from any and all football decisions then we’re good and I’ll have faith.

  20. Have faith in this Jets fans.
    2021 NFL Schedule: Win/Loss Predictions for all 32 Teams
    New York Jets (4-13)

    Week 1- @ Carolina Panthers — LOSS
    Week 2- vs. New England Patriots — WIN
    Week 3- @ Denver Broncos — LOSS
    Week 4- vs. Tennessee Titans — LOSS
    Week 5- vs. Atlanta Falcons* — LOSS
    Week 6- BYE WEEK
    Week 7- @ New England Patriots — LOSS
    Week 8- vs. Cincinnati Bengals — WIN
    Week 9- @ Indianapolis Colts — LOSS
    Week 10- vs. Buffalo Bills — LOSS
    Week 11- vs. Miami Dolphins — LOSS
    Week 12- @ Houston Texans — LOSS
    Week 13- vs. Philadelphia Eagles — WIN
    Week 14- @ New Orleans Saints — LOSS
    Week 15- @ Miami Dolphins — LOSS
    Week 16- vs. Jacksonville Jaguars — LOSS
    Week 17- vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — LOSS
    Week 18- @ Buffalo Bills — WIN

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