Byron Jones on Xavien Howard: Would love to have him, but it’s none of my business

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Cornerback Xavien Howard did not participate in Dolphins minicamp this week and wants his contract addressed after signing an extension that he believes he’s outplayed over the last two years.

Howard’s plans for training camp are not known, but extending his holdout into the summer could lead to a trade that lands Howard in another uniform. His partner in the Dolphins secondary would prefer that things not play out that way.

Byron Jones can’t do anything about Howard’s contract and he limited his comments on the situation to pointing out how well he thinks the two cornerbacks complement each other in the Miami defense.

“I would love to have him, of course; but like you said, it’s none of my business,” Jones said in a press conference. “But we had fun last year. We balled out. Obviously what he did was completely special and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and those skills are — we love those skills in our defense. So yes, we’d love to have him back, of course.”

We’re heading into a slow period on the NFL calendar, but Howard’s situation is one that could provide some news before everyone hits training camp next month.

6 responses to “Byron Jones on Xavien Howard: Would love to have him, but it’s none of my business

  1. I’m betting the hold out continues into training camp and Miami will end up trading Howard.

  2. The Dolphins don’t need to spend a fortune on cornerback. Howard’s value is the highest it will ever be right now. Even if we sign him to a long term new deal we will trade him before it is over. It’s better to pull the bandaid now and get help in return than take the risk he gets injured and loses that value. We could get a defensive end and a high pick back for him right now.

  3. It’s strange why they spent on that position when I think the consensus is that Howard is better than Jones. No way they keep both.

  4. Fitzpatrick, Rashad Jones and now Howard. Would have liked to keep Fitz but he couldn’t play unless it was were he wanted and then couldn’t make a decision on his future with the team unless he got his mother’s approval. Really? Fins survived without him. Then there is Rashad Jones. Actually took himself out of a game for does anybody even know why yet? 2 years later he’s walking the streets in the middle of the night with a loaded pistol. Now there’s a strange cat you might want to keep out of the locker room. Fins survived without him. Now here we are with Howard. Why even waste time trying to figure him out? At this point if you want to be here Howard prove it!

  5. He outplayed it one year, and underplayed it the other year. Will he be worth more than $12 million in 2021? IDK, flip a coin.

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