Tony Buzbee: “There will not be a settlement of the Deshaun Watson cases . . . anytime soon”

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After a flurry of comments and posturing from both sides in the Deshaun Watson cases, things got quiet as the possibility of settlement was privately discussed. The lawyers briefly returned to the public eye to chide each other regarding settlement talks that broke down over the question of whether any deal would be subject to confidentiality.

Then, it got quiet again, inviting speculation about the possibility of a settlement. Now, one of the lawyers is speaking again.

“In response to the many queries we’ve received about the Deshaun Watson case,” attorney Tony Buzbee said on Instagram, “I typically don’t respond to individual press calls, because it’s easier for me to make one statement here. As I’ve said: There will not be a settlement, at least anytime soon. I have my best people on the case. That should tell you a lot about our intentions. Lawsuits are all about the work in the trenches. My 17 lawyers, under my supervision, are doing the legal grunt work it takes to prepare the cases for trial and another win. I’ve been doing this for many years, and, as the Texas Bar knows, I have rarely lost. And, these are very important cases — these women matter!! — and our team is doing what it takes in discovery and prep to try these cases to a jury. The press folks say we’ve gone ‘quiet,’ but the truth is we made clear early on that we wouldn’t try these cases in the press and now are doing the important work required for our clients to try these cases to a jury. It’s a lot of work! I would also point out that on a daily basis our firm proudly handles cases for people who have lost loved ones, for people burned beyond recognition, for workers who have had their lives ruined, for people hurt, for people discriminated against, for people wronged, and for people defrauded. Our firm will keep doing that. Thanks for your interest! Stand by.”

The comment that “we made clear early on that we wouldn’t try these cases in the press” is, frankly, laughable. Buzbee’s entire plan in the early phase of the litigation was to prosecute Watson in the court of public opinion, aggressively and repeatedly. As Buzbee would argue to any jury in the land, a complete lack of credibility on that important point makes the rest of his comments suspect, too.

Here’s my guess: Buzbee was and is ready to settle, but he’s still not ready to waive confidentiality. Instead, he’s rattling the sword about his intent to see the litigation through to the end in an effort to get Watson and his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, to change his position.

As previously explained, the two sides would not have been discussing whether the settlement will be treated as confidential if a general agreement had not been reached as to the amount of the settlement. With 22 clients, Buzbee surely has gotten inquiries from one or more of them regarding when their case finally is going to be settled. For any of the 22 who don’t care about whether the settlement is confidential, the idea that the entire resolution is being delayed based on the question of confidentiality becomes a pointless impediment to their individual objectives.

If all cases aren’t settled by the time training camp opens, and if Watson also hasn’t been criminally charged, the NFL needs to inform Watson and the Texans as to whether he’ll be placed on paid leave after training camp opens. As recently explained, it’s unfair to Watson, the Texans, and any team that may want to perform a trade for Watson’s contract to refuse to make a decision on whether he’ll be placed on paid leave and to decline to make that decision known to all parties involved.

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  1. Hopefully this gets settled soon so we don’t have to hear about it for another year or 2.

  2. Mr. Buzbee hasn’t been getting the attention he so desperately craves?

  3. Hey Tony,I guess the extortion strategy isn’t working to well. You’ll need to come with another idea. How about you go to trial and take your chances with a jury?

  4. Buzbee sounds like the typical ambulance chaser.

    When lawyers have easily provable cases, they don’t do what Buzbee has been doing…….trying the cases in the court of public opinion.

  5. The legal world, as most big business, is driven by deadlines or milestones. Training camp is a small one that might create some movement. My guess is it won’t. The NFL, Team(s), Watson and plaintiffs all want the other camps to do something, first.

  6. The continued defense of DW continues. With 22 accusers and the circumstances it is clear is not the victim here. So what is fair or unfair needs to be thru that lens. He put himself in the situation. The NFL has every right to manage their process as they see fit. DW agreed to those terms as a union member.

    The right for 1 if not all of the women to stipulate confidentiality is a lot more reasonable than any expectation DW would have on the NFL’s process.

  7. This guy has no case, and he knows it. He tried to settle, but wanted everything kept secret. Watson wanted everything out in the open. He didn’t have anything to hide. The NFL had their best people who had a lot of experience with this type of case, and apparently some of the women involved didn’t make very good witnesses. Buzbee is aware of this, so he’s trying to win in the court of public opinion. Buzbee is also the neighbor of the Texan’s owner. They might fool some folks down in Texas, but I don’t think the NFL is impressed. There’s no way the NFL is going to make one move regarding Watson. I think the truth is clearly on Watson’s side.

  8. This guy just needs to go away; he’s destroyed any chances by opening his mouth and sound less intelligent by the word. Whomever gave him a law degree should be ashamed right now…

  9. Haha this guy sounds like DT – “Look at me, I’m so great, I don’t lose!” All the while he’s got nothing.

  10. The simple fact that Watson wants the settlements to be public and Buzbee wants it all to be confidential, says it all.

    Usually, when the accused is guilty, the accused wants the settlements to be confidential. But we see the opposite here.

    Buzbee appears to have no case.

  11. “We don’t try cases in the press” =“ That’s all I’ve been doing.”

  12. Every time this guy releases a press statement, it reads way more like an ad for his agency than anything case-related.

  13. Hasn’t Goodell already let several players dangle for months or longer on the “will he or won’t he put me on the exempt list” question?

    He has rarely been “fair” in the past so I wouldn’t expect him to be this time either

  14. The NFL Fair??!!! This is the same Loser Commissioner who spent over $25mil on the Scam that became the LIE Deflategate!! Don’t forget 3 of 4 of the Colts footballs were UNDER Inflated as well!! FAIR??!! Whats Fair got to do with this League??!!!

  15. I’m troubled by the fact that if this was going on as it has been depicted, and nobody said anything until an attorney went around asking every massage therapist if they had ever met him, it may be more about “how much would I get paid?” than anything else. Maybe they didn’t like him. Maybe he was a poor tipper (not uncommon, all things considered). The attorney said in the beginning there would be a lot more suits filed. What were the odds all those ladies went to the same attorney? To some degree, I feel like this is one person’s issue being multiplied by the attorney who may be agitating for more lawsuits. I admit it is strange he went to so many different people and places, but these massage places are like convenience stores. They are everywhere. He may have simply dropped in when it was convenient. Still, he could afford a regular specialist instead of patronizing these places. I just have my doubts about how it all unfolded.

  16. While I’m here I’m an ambulance chaser. How tacky was it for him to markets his other personal injury services. If I was those women I’d get a lawyer who’s looking out for me, not trying to parlay it into more business and profit for himself off of me. He’s already going to make a lot of money. Dirt bag lawyer!

  17. Well regardless of who has a case and who doesn’t, Buzbee has Watson dead to rights with this. Training camp begins in 5+ weeks. If Watson wants a chance to play he has to settle…whether Buzbee has a case or not this sleazebag attorney knows that’s the deal. Watson has to get this settled in order for the NFL to make a decision on his status, then allow for the Texans to get the best package for him. Only a small handful of teams still sniffing around this well so they need time to play those teams against each other. So the play here is for Watson to cave…but this will probably drag on for two to three more weeks to account for all of this.

  18. Buzbee starts out sounding fine then pivots to late night TV ad very revealing about the fact that he’s not being honest

  19. If Watson ever finds another team i don’t think he will be talking about wanting to leave them to find a new team after signing his contract. The Texans had all that information about Watson’s bad habits all along. When Watson said he wanted out after signing that big new fat contract it was payback time.

    Bet he don’t do that again.

  20. People that aren’t guilty of anything dont settle


    They do if the accusations have put on hold a career where potential future earnings would massively outweigh the settlement cost. If I’m Watson, I’m doing anything I can to get back on the field and put this all behind me ASAP.

  21. The best play for Deshaun Watson is to settle with a non disclosure agreement now so he can go back to playing quarterback in the NFL as soon as possible. Watson has used the massage therapist profession as his pick up bar and at the very least has shown very poor judgement. Now without the same monetary backing and long career that Roger Clemens had, Watson’s career is put on hold. He has to spend a lot of money defending himself in a trial against 22 plaintiffs. Metaphorically speaking; It’s like Watson is being chased by four defenders and he’s near the sideline. If he does not throw the ball it’s a 15 yard loss. He has to throw the ball. (settle) Please Mr. Watson throw the ball and get out of this mess as soon as possible!

  22. Sure there will be….. the NFL will open its checkbook to make this all go away….. different set of rules for the haves and have nots.

  23. The NFL usually doesn’t care, teams will always want you if you are good. This guy is great. But I in no way would want him. His fake image is now history. He’s now just a very creepy deviant. A really horrible man. I cannot imagine any team wanting him as the face of their organization.

  24. I don’t think Buzzbee had any intention to take these cases to trial at any point. He was constantly holding press conferences and releasing statements on social media to try to make this such a giant publicity nightmare for Watson that he would pay just to make it go away. I have no idea what the truth is regarding the accusations but Buzzbee is flat out lying when he says he doesn’t intend to try these cases in the press. That’s been his strategy from the beginning.

  25. It has already been asked why he had so many different therapists, but the question no one is asking is why didn’t he go back to any of them? Even if there were 40 he liked, why was it one and done at each time?

    If you have a pleasant experience with a store or a contractor you consider giving them business again. You don’t immediately look for a different business to fill that same need.

    That leads me to believe at the very least Deshaun was getting some kind of weird sexual satisfaction out of this experience, which is not their purpose. And at worst, yeah, it is much worse than that.

  26. ronniemundsmambo says:
    June 18, 2021 at 5:08 pm
    The continued defense of DW continues. With 22 accusers and the circumstances it is clear is not the victim here.
    By the same token, its not clear that the women are “victims” in the manner Buzzbee is claiming either. Its obvious what happened, and last time I checked, unwanted sexual solicitations can be turned down with a simple no. It seems that was the case too.

  27. howboutthemcowboys2020 says:
    June 18, 2021 at 7:12 pm
    People that aren’t guilty of anything don’t settle
    Said nobody who’s ever been a civil defendant.

  28. Watson and his lawyer have admitted to his conduct, either on IG or a pressers. Just because they churched it up doesn’t mean he’s being railroaded. I know for a fact if this happened to your mom, sister, daughter and so on, you’d load up the pickup with the boys and go hunting for this guy. So what if they want to be compensated for him being scummy. When you have $170 mil and suddenly it becomes $90 mil, you take notice and don’t do it again…or at least don’t post about it lol

  29. Lawyer speak translated:

    The settlement will be announced any day now…

  30. Watson’s press agent working overtime. How does he have time to talk to anonymous sources with all this extra work?

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