Aaron Rodgers renews his membership at the Green Bay Country Club

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It may mean something. It may mean nothing.

Regardless, at a time when the clues are few and far between regarding whether Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will show up fo training camp, a bread crumb has fallen into the trail.

Via TheBigLead.com, Rodgers has renewed his membership at the Green Bay Country Club for the rest of the year.

The optimistic view is that it means Rodgers will be back in Green Bay this year, and not simply to golf. The pessimistic view is that Rodgers is just trolling the front office. The practical view could be that he’s just covering his bases in the event he shows up.

Really, how much can it cost to renew a membership for the balance of the year at the Green Bay Country Club? Whatever the price, it’s sofa coins at best for Rodgers.

Whatever it means, it’s a puzzle piece at a time when there simply aren’t many of them.

36 responses to “Aaron Rodgers renews his membership at the Green Bay Country Club

  1. If he doesn’t honor his contract he has to have something to do when he’s in the area….

  2. A simple internet search reveals the costs (year unknown) for the GBCC are initiation fee – $4,500 for Full Golf and annual dues – $6,972 for Full Golf. So it cost him about $7000. Or for Aaron Rodgers, pocket change.

  3. It’s hardly a significant financial commitment to someone with the wealth of Aaron Rodgers and is pretty meaningless. He probably paid his membership renewal with the money he found under his couch cushions.

  4. If he wanted to belong to the BEST golf club in GB, he should belong to Oneida Golf and Riding Club.

  5. YeeHaw!! #12 is coming back! It’s the best of both worlds … Rodgers gets some great time off, and Love was able to gain valuable reps that a totally green #2 backup QB desperately needed. It would have been a bloody awful season for the Green Bay Packers if #12 didn’t play in 2021.

  6. Great news! Maybe we will be able to pull off a trade after all 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻

  7. If he’s still drinking Grape Crush, it’s pretty much a done deal.

  8. It means Rodgers likes golf and wants a club to play at IF he goes back to Green Bay. It’s probably a good course also.

  9. The 3rd option is he renews it to not reveal his hand yet. Can’t be that much $$ to keep people wondering.

  10. The thought of Aaron Rodgers in his morning sweats and reading glasses, a cup of coffee, laptop in front of him while logging into his GBCC account to renew is the mental image I needed to get through my day.

  11. It means Rodgers likes golf and wants a club to play at IF he goes back to Green Bay. It’s probably a good course also


    The windmill hole is under repair at this time.

  12. Vikings QB Brett Favre set the course record there in 2009. 18 holes in one.

  13. I was wondering at what point would we stop caring about what Rogers is doing. Apparently never, if this little nugget is any indication.

  14. I’m offended.


    By Aaron’s dancing in that video.

  15. There are more Viking fans trolling this storyline than Packer fans and I know exactly why. It’s because, once again, the biggest difference among the NFCN teams and their expectations for success is Aaron Rodgers. Nothing has changed.

  16. God he missed a great opportunity to troll the stinky Limburger fans by not renewing. This is starting to be like those hillbillys in Mississippi watching the airports in Hattesburg.

  17. Rodgers might be thing skinned but he’s not dumb. He’ll push the Packer’s FO as far as he possibly can but at the end of the day if they don’t trade him, he’ll come back.

  18. I heard that Rodgers asked the GBCC management for more input into where the pin placements are.

  19. You know he is going to stay now. I mean who in their right mind would travel to GB just to play golf?

  20. The one media guy i thought could really see why Rodgers is doing this ( Doug Gottlieb )
    got it all wrong like all the other clueless sports talking heads have.

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