Julian Edelman reminds Tom Brady of his humble Madden roots

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Tom Brady will appear on the cover of the Madden game fo the second time in his career. The news prompted former teammate Julian Edelman to remind TB12 of a time when he was simply QB No. 12.

Via Boston.com, Edelman tweeted an image of Brady’s initial Madden rating. Beneath Drew Bledsoe (86), John Friesz (67), and Michael Bishop (67) was an unnamed fourth-stringer. QB No. 12. With an overall rating of 57.

It’s no surprise. Brady entered the NFL as a sixth-round pick, if you haven’t heard. Pick No. 199, if you weren’t aware. It’s odd that he was nameless in that first edition of the game in which he appeared. Some players (most notably LaVar Arrington) refused to be in the game. Brady had no real reason to big-time EA Sports in 2000.

Regardless, that’s who he was in 2000 and what he was in the Madden game, initially. And Edelman had no qualms about reminding him of it.

Another number from the image stands out. Awareness: 41. While his number in that category will surely be much higher now, 41 arguably was an overstatement during a certain fourth-down play on a certain Thursday night against the Bears.

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  1. Maybe this will clue the Belichick haters that his elevation if Brady to backup, then starter was prescient. Clearly, Bill saw in Brady skills that others missed.

  2. Bledsoe was one of the best QBs of his era for most of his career. He had some epic duels in the division against Marino, Kelly, even a young Peyton manning etc. People forget all that just because he had the bad luck of having Brady replace him.

  3. Bledsoe was a great QB before TB12 took over, go watch some highlights of that kids and learn.

  4. I particularly remember Brady coming out in the game against the Steelers…and Bledsoe, recovered from his sidelining injury, comes into the game. Within a play or two, lobs a TD over the defender into the corner…just a perfectly placed toss.

    Bledsoe comes over to the bench after the play, looks at Brady and says, “See? that wasn’t so hard” ….
    very cool moment.

  5. Bledsoe won the AFCCG in the 2001 season in Pittsburgh.

    Bledsoe didn’t protect the ball as well as Brady. He also liked deeper (riskier) routes. Brady was the short pass, move the chains and control time of possession guy Belichick loved.

    Bill understood risk mitigation. Bledsoe not so much.

  6. skunkb3ar
    — I think many forget or are too young to know how stacked that division was at qb.

  7. “Bledsoe was one of the best QBs of his era for most of his career.”

    No he wasn’t. He was a bit above average but his good play was offset by the headscratching INTs he would thrown and other bad throws he would make.

    He used to make me scream in frustration just as much as he’d make me cheer

  8. Yeah I literally watched every pass of bledsoes career. He was the exact opposite of Brady for the most part in the sense of clutchness. He’d play mostly great but than throw his worst pass at the most important time near the end of the game. It was maddening to watch because he did have great talent. That being said bledso, terry Glenn and Curtis martin put the pats on the map. That’s when I became diehard pats fan

  9. There were always a bunch of rookies that were unnamed in Madden back in those days. I think it had something to do with unsigned players not yet being members of the NFLPA. The first thing I would do on Madden each year was go through and fix the names of all the nameless rookies plus LaVar Arrington.

  10. Brady owes his entire career to BB. The revisiosnist history is something to behold.

    Game manager Brady would not have been given the opportunity elsewhere. BB saw something and hit a homerun. What better person to groom a qb than the greatest defensive mind ever?

  11. More proof brady was far from a finished product when he got to foxboro. He was just a skinny humble kid who wanted to get in.

  12. We’ll find out this year whether Bellichick can win without Brady, and whether last season for Brady was a fluke. I love Cam Newton, but I don’t think the Patriots will be competitors this season. But Brady and Tampa Bay will be heading into the playoffs.

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