Patrick Mahomes doesn’t want to play without Tyrann Mathieu as a teammate

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Patrick Mahomes is under contract to the Chiefs through the 2031 season. He’d like to see Tyrann Mathieu play for the Chiefs that long as well.

After Mathieu said this week that he never wants to play for another team, Mahomes said he wants Mathieu to be in Kansas City as long as Mahomes himself is.

“He’s such a great leader on this team and obviously a special football player,” Mahomes said, via “You want him to be here for the long run and you can tell that Chiefs Kingdom is really behind him as the leader of that defense and a leader on this team. Definitely want him to be here as long as he can and as long as I’m here.”

Realistically, it’s unlikely that the 29-year-old Mathieu will still be playing in the league at all whenever the 25-year-old Mahomes is done in Kansas City. But with players like Mahomes and Mathieu who don’t want to go anywhere, the Chiefs have built a team that should be at or near the top of the NFL for years to come.

13 responses to “Patrick Mahomes doesn’t want to play without Tyrann Mathieu as a teammate

  1. At some point, the receipts will come due. Team will be average over next decade due to those contracts.

  2. From a Broncos fan (written with respect), KC seems to have built such a great locker room based on respect and commitment to each other. Not even factoring in the immense talent.

  3. Mahomes would say the same thing about every one of his teammates. So would Russell Wilson. Their glasses aren’t half full. Their glasses are overflowing.

  4. When your safeties are pint-sized you’re going to get mauled in the run game — like KC does. I hope the little guy stays there forever too.

  5. The Chiefs won’t be at the top all that much longer and might take a step back this year. They have to replace both tackles and have one less wideout.

    Been through this twice recently as a Packer fan. You win that first title when your QB is on a cheap contract and you have young weapons in their prime around him. Once you pay the QB and you are drafting at the back of the order it is a lot harder to dominate. Chiefs already have a suspect defense that they won’t be able to afford upgrades in FA which means you have to make your improvements in the draft because you spent your money. This is why the NFL is topsy turvy and has parity.

  6. Packers and Chiefs are not a good comparison. KC has Clark, Mathieu, Hill, Kelce, Jones, Elaire. Thuney. I’ll give you Mahomes and Rodgers as a wash and maybe the WR position. But Kelce, Jones are better than anything GB’s had in the last 5 years.

  7. What do you want Mahomes to say about a teammate? Of course he’s going to say that.

  8. Maybe they could summer together on the beach, sipping wine and drinking rum coolers.

  9. As a long term Chiefs fan who suffered for decades with mediocrity, I love this. We have truly been blessed.

  10. Remember when the 49ers were handling the Chiefs until Kyle Shannahan and Richard Sherman decided to get involved? Follow that up what the utter destruction of their team by the Bucs?

  11. this is Mahomes trying to get Mathieu to come down a little on contract talks and extend a new contract so they have more cap room this year.

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