A.J. Green: Pairing with DeAndre Hopkins is going to be unbelievable

Arizona Cardinals Off-Season Workout
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A.J. Green played with a number of different wide receivers over the last decade with the Bengals, but there’s something different about who he’s sharing the field with as a member of the Cardinals.

Green said he has “never played with a guy like” DeAndre Hopkins during a recent appearance on On the Fly and he’s spent the last few months getting used to someone else being the top player on the depth chart. It doesn’t sound like the change in status has rubbed Green the wrong way and he’s expecting things to go very well for the offense this fall.

“We don’t have no egos,” Green said, via Jess Root of USAToday.com. “You have two guys like that in a room, it’s going to be unbelievable. We feed off each other.”

Green missed 23 games over 2018 and 2019, but returned to play every game last season. His numbers were way down from his previous highs, but the Cardinals are betting that Green’s right about what teaming with Hopkins will bring to his game.

15 responses to “A.J. Green: Pairing with DeAndre Hopkins is going to be unbelievable

  1. Receiving Tandems:
    1) Arizona
    2) Tennessee
    3) Minnesota
    4) Cleveland

    ALL of them are fantastic, but I vote for AZ.

  2. Love AJ but it has been YEARS since he was a good player let alone an elite one. Hope he bounces in AZ.

  3. Ya, it will be great for the half dozen plays they are on the field together this season.

  4. You need an elite quarterback if you want to have elite wide receivers. I’m not saying Kyler Murray isn’t good, because he is. But there’s a reason you don’t hear his name mixed in with the elite QBs.

  5. This guy hasn’t been himself in 3 seasons. lmao

    The level of delusion and it’s on top of Kylie Murray’s attitude problem.

  6. Green hasn’t produced much these last three years, but is still young enough to be a force. Those three years include one a half injured, and then a healthy season last year but without Dalton for the first time, taking passes from three different QBs, the best of which was a rookie with a PFF rating in the 50’s. Coming off injury and no QB won’t give you big numbers. And the data shows he had one of the highest percentage of uncatchable balls for any WR.

    Now he has Murray, a high passing and much higher rated offense, and DHop taking the CB1 and the double teams. Don’t be surprised if he sees a resurgence. Some great weapons other than DHop on that team as well. One of the most exciting will be their second round WR/RB Swiss Army knife.

  7. lol i had no idea he played every game last year that’s how bad he fell off

  8. Love AJ as a person, but he had over 100 targets last year, and less than 50 catches – worst in the league. Maybe a supplemental role will suit him better – if he makes it through camp without a soft tissue injury.

  9. I think he’s finished personally but if he has a chance at a revival, what better position to play second fiddle to the leagues beat receiver?

  10. Love AJ and wish him the best but he’s done. He might have a good game here and there but that’s it.

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