Vikings defensive tackle Jaylen Twyman is shot four times

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Vikings rookie defensive tackle Jaylen Twyman escaped serious injury on Monday after being shot four times.

His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told that Twyman was shot while visiting his aunt in Washington, D.C.

Wrong place, wrong time,” Rosenhaus said. “In talking to him today, he’s going to be OK — that’s all that matters. We’re thankful he’s OK. He will make a full recovery.”

Twyman, a sixth-round pick in the April draft, played college football at Pittsburgh.

The best news is that all injuries were superficial, with no need for surgery. We wish Jaylen a speedy recovery.

33 responses to “Vikings defensive tackle Jaylen Twyman is shot four times

  1. thetooloftools says:
    June 21, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    Wow. He is a blessed man.


    I think the four bullet holes in his body would suggest otherwise. If being an innocent bystander and getting shot four times makes a person blessed, I’ll gladly take a pass on that.

  2. I hope he can be everything the Vikings are looking for and if not he is still alive and I hope he has a good future in the NFL or life…

  3. Extremely lucky to walk away from that. What are the odds? Shot 4 different times and not one was life/career threatening. Dudes a lucky man indeed. If I were I’d get a Shamrock ☘️ tattooed on my but tmrw lol.

  4. Glad he’s okay, but shot 4 times without needing surgery? Was the assailant caught with a BB gun?

  5. Glad he’s ok. I’m sure there’s much more to this story.

    Drew Rosenhaus reps 6th rounders?!

  6. Damn, I hope he recovers and never goes back to where he was shot at, I assume it was people knowing he has money and they are hating.

  7. Glad he’s going to be fine, but how in the heck do you get shot four times and not need surgery?!

  8. “Wow He is a blessed man.”

    What is the blessing of getting shot four times. Seems more lucky the shooter had bad aim.

  9. Wow talk about your rotten luck being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just goes to show how unpredictable life is. Glad it wasn’t too serious and he’ll be able to fully recover.

  10. Naybe he’s made of liquid metal. Perhaps, a football player sent here from the future.

  11. thetooloftools says:
    June 21, 2021 at 8:42 pm
    Wow. He is a blessed man.

    Only someone living in a fairytale would consider being shot four times to be a blessing….

  12. Shootings with fewer than at least five dead barely cause a ripple these days.
    Our whole population seems to be in the “wrong place, wrong time.”

  13. Holy cow! Shot four times and all four were superficial? Is he just that lucky/blessed or was it a single shotgun blast and he got nicked by four pellets?

  14. As of this date in Chicago in 2021, 1790 people have been in the “wrong place, wrong time.”

  15. … “ Wrong place meaning being in DC “ …


    Wrong place meaning anywhere in America.

  16. bengals4life says:
    June 21, 2021 at 9:49 pm
    Doesn’t sound like “Defund the Police” is working too well.

    Except no place has defunded the police, and police budgets have actually increased in a lot of places.

  17. It was one of those air soft kids guns. There was a super soaker too.

  18. Supporters of defunding police departments argue that investing in community programs could provide a better crime deterrent for communities; funds would go toward addressing social issues, like poverty, homelessness, and mental disorders.

    When I read ignorant low-hanging-fruit takes on what this actually means, I shake my head at how stupid this country has become. Stupid used to be silent, but ever since the Orange King led his insurrection of democracy, stupid is louder than ever.

  19. Visiting? If this is home, you grew up and played HS football there, it’s home and evidently someone had/,has an old beef they wanted to settle. He’s no stranger to the people or neighborhood…

  20. How do you get shot 4 times and the injuries are superficial not needing surgery? was he shot by a BB gun?

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