Brad Holmes: I never viewed Jared Goff as a bridge option

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When the Lions traded Matthew Stafford, one of the aspects that made the Rams a solid trade partner was the ability to acquire Jared Goff in the deal.

General Manager Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell have praised Goff all offseason, with Holmes recently saying that he’s sure Goff has a chip on his shoulder after the way the quarterbacks’ tenure with Los Angeles ended.

Though the Lions were open to the possibility of drafting a quarterback in the spring, they elected to select offensive tackle Penei Sewell with the seventh overall pick. Goff is only 26, and the organization’s stance is that he can be a viable long-term option as QB1.

“I never viewed him as a bridge option,” Holmes said in an interview with the Lions’ website. “He’s been a winning quarterback. I think his resume speaks for itself.”

Most of the time, praise of Goff stems from his strong record as a starting QB — as the Rams went 42-20 with him a starter over the last four years. But Goff has been turnover-prone, particularly in the last two years. He’s committed 38 giveaways — 29 interceptions and nine lost fumbles, with eight more fumbles that were recovered.

Those giveaway issues are a significant part of the reason the Rams elected to trade for Stafford. If Goff cannot clean them up, then it’s unlikely he’ll end up as the Lions’ next franchise quarterback.

9 responses to “Brad Holmes: I never viewed Jared Goff as a bridge option

  1. I believe that he does feel that way. I also believe it’s mostly wishful thinking, because Goff succeeding speeds up the rebuild tremendously. I have faith in Holmes that he will make a move from Goff if necessary.

  2. heck of alot better than stafford record and he had the best recieving trio in football.

  3. The media has had this story wrong from the second the trade was announced. This is their QB. Holmes will rebuild the Rams in Detroit using all those picks he got to build a defense. There’s a reason nobody else got the “Stafford deal”. No new bar was set with it. An emotionally charged McVay made a knee jerk decision throwing Goff under the bus one week after they won a road playoff game in Seattle. The Rams O is old news. It has been old news since Gurley got hurt. McVay simply refuses to accept any of the responsibility. The idea that Stafford is the missing ingredient to a Super Bowl trophy is the scam of the year and for some reason the media is falling for it hook, line and sinker. 8-67 versus winning teams playing w Suh in his prime and Calvin in his prime. They had the no 2 defense for Pete’s sake. 8-67. Good luck. Lions got the way better QB in that deal.

  4. I have no idea what kind of team Detroit will put around him. I hope he is successful. The fact that it did not end well in LA should not surprise anyone as that appears to be the M O when dealing with Stanley. I suspect those working for him are no different. I know Demhoff is the same way.

  5. I am a Detroiter, born bred and still here.

    Even if Stafford had said he wanted to finish his career in Detroit, if the Rams had called and offered two 1’s, a 3 and Jared Goff I would have taken that deal in a heartbeat.

    Belichick showed the NFL how to stop McVay’s offense. MacVey has never figured out how to put it back on track.

  6. Goff was a legit #1 overall pick, and he’s lived up to it. There might be one or two NFL QB’s that have won more games since Goff became the Rams’ starter, and he led his team to a super bowl birth. It seems like the Rams’ coach and Goff got to a point in their relationship where they didn’t feel they could move forward. The same thing seems to have happened with Belichick and Brady. There doesn’t have to be a good guy and a bad guy to have a separation. Maybe the Lions needed to part ways with their QB for different reasons. Or maybe their QB and his wife just wanted to get out of the State of Michigan for political reasons. Whatever, change isn’t always a bad thing. There’s certainly no reason not to view Jared Goff as an elite franchise QB. And a young one, too. I’d love to see Goff speed up his delivery a little. That’s the one glaring weakness I see, but I see a lot of strengths.

  7. Podein Cork says:
    Belichick showed the NFL how to stop McVay’s offense. MacVey has never figured out how to put it back on track.
    By the Super Bowl, Gurley had burned out. That’s one of the big reasons why the Ram’s lost. Earlier that year Malcolm Brown got injured, which forced Gurley to become an every down back. His legs couldn’t handle that.

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