Former NFL QB Jake Plummer to star in movie featuring CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer is going to put on pads and a helmet once again to play the role of a Canadian Football League quarterback in an upcoming Canadian film.

According to John Hodge of, Plummer has signed on to play the part of a signal-caller for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the film Kick.

It’s a cool script,” Plummer said. “It’s really neat to be showcasing a league that doesn’t get a lot of respect for the amount of football that’s gone into it and the history behind the CFL, which is a really rich history up there in Canada.”

Plummer, 46, played 10 full seasons in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos. He last played football with the Broncos in 2006.

Plummer recently served as an extra in a movie featuring one of his former college teammates at Arizona State, Isaiah Mustafa, which was his first acting gig.

“He’s been trying to pull me into a few things for a while now and I finally opened up to it,” said Plummer. “I went through that one door and look what happened — the opportunity to do something that could be a lot of fun that I can add my energy and passion to.”

7 responses to “Former NFL QB Jake Plummer to star in movie featuring CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats

  1. as good of a QB as Jeff Garcia was, I always felt the Bucs would have been so much better and their history would have been so different if Jake Plummer wouldn’t have retired when the Bucs acquired his contract… It’s possible it would have kept the Bucs out of the lost decade…
    that said, Good luck Plummer!

  2. Good luck, Jake. By all accounts he seems like a humble and likable guy.

  3. I hope the headline is exaggerating by saying Plummer is going to “star” in the movie. You don’t usually go from “extra” directly to “star.”

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