Justin Fields believes in the Bears’ plan at quarterback

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Justin Fields has been told that he is not competing to be the Bears’ Week One starting quarterback, and he’s OK with that.

The Bears’ plan is to have Fields as the backup to Andy Dalton when the season begins, and Fields says he believes in that plan.

If I don’t believe in it then it’s not going to work out. So my job is strictly to get better, to be the best quarterback I can be, and help my team win,” Fields said, via Larry Hawley of WGN.

Fields said he’ll stay busy during the next month as he remains in regular contact with coach Matt Nagy and prepares himself for training camp.

“Just work out, study film, meet with coach Nagy individually on Zoom. Most likely just talk about the playbook,” said Fields. “Right now I have a base idea of what plays we have right now so just diving into that more and just focusing on the smaller details because when you have a big base of it, you can really start detailing each and every specific thing in a play and really get to know it like the back of your hand.”

Obviously, the Bears wouldn’t have traded up in the first round to draft Fields if they didn’t see him as the franchise quarterback of the future. But Fields is promising to be patient and respect Nagy’s plan for him, a plan that will start with him on the sideline.

19 responses to “Justin Fields believes in the Bears’ plan at quarterback

  1. Keep saying all the right things, Justin. You’ll be starting by the Bye week. I’m a Browns fan, but I’m pulling for you to succeed in Chicago.

  2. The Bears have historically had a great “plan” for developing QB’s. Good luck Justin!

  3. He will be starting once he can start getting the play calls right in the huddle and once he can learn how to read an nfl defense that is in disguise. Those are the things he is struggling with in camp so far. Until he can do both at a high level he doesn’t need to be on the field.

  4. This constant need for rookies (especially QBs) to start immediately is getting ridiculous. Let them learn. Think of how many careers have been ruined from being put in poor positions too early.

  5. There plan to develop a great QB hasn’t worked in 100 years of Bears football but maybe it will work this time.

  6. Guess someone has to believe so why not you? Shhhh….nobody else in world believes Nagy can develop you!

  7. Can He say anything different? I feel for him. The Bears is where QB’s go to die…

  8. He believes the bears plan. Well I guess he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

  9. There are a lot of good young QB’s that have come of age in the last 3 to 4 years, and they’ve taken several paths to get there. Mahomes, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Daniel Jones. Some of it was planned, and some wasn’t. They’re all still growing. QB’s can play 15-20 years nowadays. There’s another group of guys coming into the league this year. Lots of promise, but no guarantees. There’s no need to rush a young QB before he’s ready.

  10. As a Bears fan, I need this kid to be a hit. If he’s not, I’ll have looked back at 7-8 years of Pace and Nagy failure.

  11. I’m okay with him not starting his NFL career against Aaron Donald on a nationally televised Sunday night game with two new starting tackles.

    Week 2? Let’s go!

  12. The real plan: Let Dalton get destroyed by Aaron Donald in Week 1…

    Week 2 – Fields starts.

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