Lions hire a mental skills specialist, announce other changes in personnel, with staff

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The Lions made official changes to their personnel department Tuesday.

Mike Martin will carry the title of director of scouting advancement. He arrives from the Panthers’ scouting department.

Don Corzine will serve as a senior advisor and Jordan Martin was promoted to area scout.

The Lions created a new position, hiring Dr. Michelle Garvin, formerly of Maryland, as mental skills specialist/clinician.

Here are the updates to the team’s personnel staff:

Brad Holmes – Executive Vice President and General Manager

Ray Agnew – Assistant General Manager

Lance Newmark – Director of Player Personnel

John Dorsey – Senior Personnel Executive

Dave Sears – Director of College Scouting

Rob Lohman – Director of Pro Scouting

Mike Martin – Director of Scouting Advancement

Don Corzine – Senior Advisor, Player Personnel Operations/Strategic Initiatives

Brian Hudspeth – National Scout

Mark Olson – National Scout

Dave Uyrus – Regional Scout

Cary Conklin – Area Scout

Patrick Mularkey – Area Scout

Steve Neal – Area Scout

Scott Sika – Area Scout

Eloy Ledesma – Area Scout

Jordan Martin – Area Scout

Joe Kelleher – Pro Scout

Justin Licker – Pro Scout

Dakota Duncan – BLESTO Scout

Bird Sherrill – Scout

Elizabeth Laux – Assistant, Player Personnel and Football Administration

Ademi Smith – Personnel Assistant

Alexis Duhaney – Scouting Assistant

Joe Harvey – Scouting Assistant

Blake Ask – Scouting Assistant


Jon Dykema ­– Director of Football Compliance/Lead Football Counsel

Jesse Giambra – Coordinator of Team Operations


Jessica Gray – Co-Director of Player Engagement

Sean Pugh – Co-Director of Player Engagement

Dr. Michelle Garvin – Mental Skills Specialist/Clinician

12 responses to “Lions hire a mental skills specialist, announce other changes in personnel, with staff

  1. They certainly could have used one of those when Patricia was still there because he seemed as dumb as a post.

  2. Lol “mental skills specialist” makes me think of the baseball movie The Natural with Robert Redford.

    The scenes where they have a guy preaching to the team “Losing is a disease” seem like a perfect match for the Lions

  3. He needs to turn those perennial losers into knee cap biting son of guns… he’s going to use hypnotherapy and psychosis to do it.

  4. Maybe new ownership and winning more then a few games a year for decades will help with the mental skills instead of a hiring a doctor to talk to players when they lose a lot of games and convince them that it is not about winning, blah blah blah.

  5. No longer amazed at the number of commenters who don’t know when to use then/than, but are comfortable sharing their (not there or they’re) opinions publicly.

  6. Mental Skills Specialist sounds like an old pop-psyche thing, but helping athletes visualize their own success actually works.

  7. Amazing how many people it takes to replace Matt Patricia. Lion’s will rue getting rid of him.

  8. Not sure how much of an effect this actually could have. But still as Lions fan we seem to be becoming dangerously professional in our overall view of how we can help our players and staff as an organization. We are in danger of ruining a proud tradition of incompetence if we keep looking for ways to improve, even if very small things such as this.

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