Baker Mayfield’s agent thinks contract will get done this summer

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said earlier this month that he isn’t in a rush to sign a contract extension, but one of his agents does not think he’s going to have to wait too long.

Jack Mills told Tony Grossi of WKNR that he doesn’t feel the need to wait for Bills quarterback Josh Allen or Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson to sign new deals “there’s been enough contracts done for quarterbacks lately that give us a pretty good idea of what the market is” for Mayfield.

While Mills said talks with the Browns and his son Tom, who also reps Mayfield, have not moved to specifics about when it will be done, he has a feeling that it will be sooner rather than later.

“But I think something will be done this summer,” Mills said. “As far as trying to get a deal done, I don’t know if it’ll get done. It’s something that would be pretty much in the team’s control.”

The Browns picked up Mayfield’s fifth-year option this offseason, so he’s signed to a guaranteed contract through the 2022 season. That makes an extension less urgent this summer, but it seems there’s still a feeling that things are going to move forward in the coming weeks.

22 responses to “Baker Mayfield’s agent thinks contract will get done this summer

  1. Glorious! Another one bites the dust.

    With Mac Jones on a rookie deal for 4-5 more seasons, advantage Patriots in the AFC.

  2. If I were Mayfield , I would want to be first…before the potential poor play when compared to the others..

  3. With any good young QB, time is on their side. The Browns are building something special, and Mayfield is right at the heart of it.

  4. I would wait to ensure that he doesn’t regress. See how he plays this year and next then give him his contract or franchise tag him. He is not worth Mahomes $.

  5. If I were Mayfield or Allen I’d let Jackson get his deal done first then demand about double whatever he gets

  6. If you want to get knocked out of the Playoffs best case, not make the Playoffs every year, by all means sign him. Like I said, Baker Mayfield was the Mother F’er Tom Brady was referring to

  7. Allen, Jackson, Mayfield. Someone needs to be the first shoe to drop and that person will make less then the next two. Based on performance so far, that stinker of a season (#2) makes Mayfield the short-stick candidate. Everybody knows it. I’d say any influence he had on the decision to hire his “QB-Coach-turned-OC-turned-HC” has come back to bite him.

  8. So far he is about at Cousins level (maybe just average) so he would be worth somewhere in the mid 20 million range. Anything more his pay will strip away the talent on the team and so for Baker is no where near good enough to carry a team without top talent. So unless he improves a lot this year Cleveland would be smart to give him a take it or leave contract around $25 million then trade him if he doesn’t take the deal for whatever they can get. Some idiot coach will think he can personally improve his play and give up many draft picks.

  9. What a complete turnaround under GM Andrew Berry. Browns have gone from laughingstock to contender since 2019. Great situation for Mayfield in that he only had to be good, not great, due to the lineup around him. On the other side of the ball, Browns defense could be exponentially better with the upgrade in talent they’ve brought in at all 3 levels.

  10. Mayfield will be even better with a REAL offseason another season in Stefanski’s system. If the new D is just a little better, watch out.

  11. I would wait to decide on signing Mayfield until after the 2021 season. The team is pretty much done building up around him now, so one more season for the true “prove it” year.

  12. I would let him ride the upcoming season and then go from there I still think he needs to establish himself as a top tier quarterback

  13. I would sign Josh Allen in a heartbeat. I would wait and see on Mayfield this coming year. I would be very leery about signing the kid in Baltimore, he’s too one-dimensional.

  14. I hope he’s finally the QB to get a percentage of the cap. That would keep his deal from being outdated down the road – or at least minimize that possibility.

  15. He’s the 18th best (best case) 20th best QB realistically, pay him as such. He will still be way overpaid whatever the 20th best QB makes. This guy has talent galore around him, and puts up below average results

  16. He’ll make whatever the Browns decide to pay him based on what his leverage is and what he’s worth. Why fret over somebody else’s money? If he can make 50M/yr more power to his agent and the Browns to afford him.

  17. IF the Browns are convinced he is the guy for the next 10 years, then sign him first and save money over the life of the contract. If they’re still not sure; then wait of course. Berry obviously is weighing the risk of extending Mayfield now and then finding out the 2nd half of 2020 was a mirage, vs. waiting a year and findng out the 2nd half was for real. Annual price of the QB would go up at least $5M per year if those last 10 games or so are the “real” Mayfield. That $5M difference could be the difference in extending and keeping Chubb, for instance.
    I’ve come full circle on this: I think I’d pay him now and save the money down the road.

  18. If the Browns are smart they would pay Baker now knowing Lamar Jackson in the same division will demand more money rightfully so given Lamar has been a better QB. I don’t see Lamar willing to take a hometown discount given his style of play tend to lead to shorter career. That creates cap hell for the Ravens.

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