Jimmy Smith “absolutely will not play” for anyone but Ravens

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Cornerback Jimmy Smith could have hit free agency this offseason, but he never made it to the open market because he signed a one-year extension with the Ravens just before the calendar flipped to 2021.

Smith was a first-round pick in 2011 and has spent his entire 10-year NFL career in Baltimore, which made it an easy choice for him to re-sign without hearing from other clubs. Had the Ravens not shared his interest in continuing the relationship for an 11th season, Smith says it’s a good bet he would have retired and vowed that he won’t be moving on in 2022 either.

“I absolutely will not play for another team,” Smith said, via Jeff Zrebiec of TheAthletic.com. “If the Ravens didn’t re-sign me last year and I felt like I could still play, I probably would have still retired.”

Smith turns 33 next month and said “I don’t see myself” pushing to play at 35 or 36, so there’s a pretty good chance that this could be his final year as an active player. If so, he’ll go out of the NFL in the same uniform he wore when he broke in.

8 responses to “Jimmy Smith “absolutely will not play” for anyone but Ravens

  1. Love Smith as a Raven and he’s been great for the team, overcoming a lot of injuries in the course of his career. Surprisingly, I actually do believe him when he says he wouldn’t play anywhere else, however I believe him based on the deals he has signed the past two years more than the sentiment he’s expressing.

  2. Jimmy is a mixed bag. When he was drafted, he had the potential to be an elite corner in the league. He had the size, speed and overall skillset to match up against anyone. His bad luck with injuries has hampered his development to be one of the Best. He was a very good press corner though, but does not have the elite speed anymore to keep up with fast receivers anymore. He is more suited to be a safety now than a cover corner. His experience is definitely invaluable as long as he is available to play and that is a big “IF”.
    There were all kinds of character rumors floating around during the draft before the Ravens selected him in the 1st round. However, the Ravens scouts did a great job digging deeper and after talking to everyone that had come in contact with Jimmy, coaches, teammates, neighbors…etc. The Ravens scouts agreed that Jimmy was a stand-up guy and the character rumors were just that. Ozzie trusted the process and drafted Jimmy. Now, we know that he did the right thing. Without Jimmy, the Ravens don’t win the Superbowl against San Fran.
    As Ravens fans, we appreciate Jimmy and wish him good luck. He is a Raven for life!

  3. Thats OK Jimmy not many teams are interested in 33yo slow injury prone corners.

  4. He could easily play Nickel for a couple more years to stretch out his career.

  5. “I would totally ignore hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of dollars and just retire” …Sure, guy. Sure.

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