For many teams, it may be too late to take advantage of helmet rule change for 2022


So much for the slow time in the NFL.

As teams begin to enjoy the only period of reduced activity in the ever-growing NFL schedule, they need to reconvene for the purposes of deciding in fairly short order an important piece of business for 2022.

According to the memo disseminated on Thursday by the NFL, all teams must decide and declare by July 31 whether they’ll be using a second helmet in 2022. Complicating matters for the various teams is that “the notice date for 2022 uniform changes has passed and no new uniforms can be developed for the 2022 season, other than those previously approved by the League Office for the 2022 season.”

This means that, for example, the Patriots won’t be able to adopt for 2022 an alternate uniform based on their Pat Patriot throwbacks, making the return of a white helmet impractical before 2023. Ditto for the Tampa Bay creamsicle uniforms, the light blue Oilers helmet as an alternative to the Titans’ uniform, and any other alternate helmets that make no sense without an alternate set of jerseys and pants.

It will allow, however, the Bengals to adopt a white helmet with black stripes to go with their white-on-white look. It also will allow the Broncos to put their old-school snorting horse logo on a lighter blue helmet, to go with their old-school uniforms.

Moreover, it won’t limit teams from matching existing throwbacks or Color Rush uniforms with different helmets than what they had intended. The Steelers could use a yellow helmet with an alternate look, for example. The Cowboys could adopt a white helmet. The Seahawks could, if they choose to burn even more retinas, introduce a helmet with a color that matches their hideous lime green alternative uniforms.

However it plays out, any alternate helmets must be disclosed by July 31 — and any that require uniforms other than those already in place for 2022 will become impractical and most likely not applicable to 2023.

22 responses to “For many teams, it may be too late to take advantage of helmet rule change for 2022

  1. Miami has been waiting for this, they’ll be ready, it’s not much to change.

  2. Who really cares what helmets they were. We just want to see them play football.

  3. That’s lame!! I want the creamsicle jerseys now but understand it would have to wait untill 2022. But now it maybe 2023 that’s sucks.

  4. You’d think with the money goodell makes the owners would expect a quicker turn around on decisions. Maybe even some reasonable flexibility. Rule is dumb.

    “Hey we want to wear these uniforms”
    “Ok let me think about it and then you can wear them in a year and a half. Cool?”
    “I mean, what do you have to do that takes that long—“
    “Yeah we will get back to you for next year”

  5. Ultimately yes… who cares what my team looks like as long as they win. But damn you don’t want to revisit your throwbacks and history. It’s a awesome way to celebrate the past and yes I will purchase some creamsicle stuff when it’s ready. But I don’t think it’s a money grab. Glazers have been bugging Goodell to let them wear throwbacks for a few years. Fans want them I want them why not?

  6. The Browns might have a slightly different shade of orange…slightly I say…!!!

  7. These teams know about this stuff years in advance. There was an Arians-Eisen interview last offseason shortly after Brady signing where he knew exactly how long it would be until they could go to creamsicle.

  8. Are you kidding? Seattle’s lime green uniforms totally rock. I wish every team had bright uniforms. I’m no Hawks fan, but that’s one jersey color combo I would consider buying just because it’s so great!!!

  9. “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.”

  10. I’m just waiting for green-screen uniforms so the TV networks can use visual effects to make the players into Wildlings from Game of Thrones or something…

  11. This 12th man Loathes the ‘slime green’ uniforms! Thanks for the obvious Shout Out of Reality!!!

  12. Great job, NFL! An easy win for fans getting sabotaged by arbitrary bureaucratic deadlines that could be changed at any time!

  13. This is so NFL. Arbitrary deadlines to begin with, then making the rule change “for 2022” when the deadline for new uniforms for that year has already passed. Gary Bettman is eagerly watching to see how he can outdo this ineptitude.

  14. What does any of this really have to do with the quality of the product in the field?

  15. Nuclear Green is a perfect fit for the Seahawks. We have Hanford Nuclear Reactor right there in the middle of Washington state. Retinas be damned. …But, I’m hoping a green helmet never sees the light of day. Largent-era throwback uniforms with the silver helmet, please and thank you. I also love the wolf-grey look for the alternate.

  16. People buy alternate jerseys. They don’t buy alternate helmets. Changing helmets requires tons of licensing and patent rules changes, I’d guess, without the immediate offset of sales revenue. That’s a special level of greed.

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