Kareem Hunt on Nick Chubb: “Pay that man”

NFL: DEC 15 Browns at Cardinals
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The Browns have a few players up for contract extensions. Quarterback Baker Mayfield‘s agent said this week that he thinks the 2018 No. 1 overall pick’s new deal could get done this summer.

But with his fifth-year option, Mayfield is still under contract through 2022. That’s not the case for running back Nick Chubb, whose rookie deal expires at the end of the season.

Chubb has become one of the league’s most dynamic running backs, averaging 5.6 yards per carry in 12 games last season. That figure including an eye-popping 10.0 yards per carry in the fourth quarter.

The Browns have arguably the league’s top running back tandem, and the other half wants to see Chubb get his money.

Pay that man. He’s a freak of nature,” Kareem Hunt said at his youth football camp, via Zac Jackson of TheAthletic.com. “He’s like a brother to me … hope we can play together for a long time.”

While Chubb had 1,217 yards from scrimmage and 12 total touchdowns last season, Hunt recorded 1,145 yards and 11 total touchdowns. The Browns’ ability to use both backs interchangeably is an essential part of their offense.

Chubb said recently he’s just letting his agent handle his contract and is not actively engaged in the discussions with the team. But he also said, “Cleveland is where I want to be.”

Hunt signed a two-year extension with the Browns last September, putting him under contract through 2022.

10 responses to “Kareem Hunt on Nick Chubb: “Pay that man”

  1. No debate: most effective RB tandem in the league for sure.

    Hunt is top-10 and Chubb is top 5 (I say No. 3) so together they are No. 1 tandem.

  2. I agree . Pay the humble hammer .Class act on & off the field . I have been a die hard Browns fan since 68 and Chubb has become one of my all time favorite Browns players .

  3. Great to see a teammate sticking up for a guy who plays his position. Good for Hunt!

  4. Imagine if the Browns took Allen instead of Mayfield? The air raid sirens would be non stop. Chubb would not be as vitally important, in fact, not even needed…

  5. george1859 says:
    June 24, 2021 at 3:27 pm
    Imagine if the Browns took Allen instead of Mayfield? The air raid sirens would be non stop. Chubb would not be as vitally important, in fact, not even needed…


    Stefanski system runs to set up the pass. Chubb would have important even with Josh Allen. The same way Dalvin Cook is important in the Vikings system.

  6. Chubb has 2 seasons to fulfill his contract. I would wait until that expires to see how he holds up.
    No question he is a great RB, but RB get injured and have a short shelf life. They can always franchise tag him as well.

  7. you don’t pay a one-cut downhill RB with hands of stone what can’t pass block a lick like a feature back, nor a RB with near Olympic speed yet can’t get out of his own way whose one more feature article in the news from being cut;

    you don’t win championships with either one and certainly not both;

    throw in a QB who can’t see over his own offensive line any better than a two-year-old can see over the dashboard of an eighteen-wheeler, a one-man pass rush and suspect secondary and you have a playoff team that will likely never advance beyond the first round if they qualify in their own division fast becoming the toughest in the league;

  8. Can’t pay everyone. If Mayfield doesn’t get greedy they maybe able to pay him.

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