Report: More than 85 percent of Steelers players are fully vaccinated

Pittsburgh Steelers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Players on the Steelers are leading the way in doing what everyone should do, and getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

More than 85 percent of players on the Steelers are fully vaccinated, according to Ed Bouchette of

That would mean the Steelers join the Dolphins and Saints as teams that have reached the 85 percent vaccination threshold. Although the NFL has not detailed precisely what its COVID-19 policies will be this season, the league is considering relaxing certain restrictions on teams that have reached an 85 percent vaccination rate.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said last week that he did not know the precise numbers but believed the Steelers were at the top of the league in terms of their number of vaccinated players.

11 responses to “Report: More than 85 percent of Steelers players are fully vaccinated

  1. The most vaccinated players in the league and the NFL still won’t let the Steelers hold training camp at Latrobe. The Chiefs are going to Missouri Western for theirs so……

  2. Then they should be able to go to Latrobe and the non vaxxed guys can do camp remote (sure that will win them roster spots)

  3. Hopefully, players on other teams below 85% vaccinated will take notice and get vaccinated. We need to get the NFL Covid free.

  4. Anything that gets in the way of preparation and winning will hinder you getting a job.
    Hard enough to make a roster already, if you come with baggage you better be a superior talent or you’re going to the back of the line.

    At this point getting vaccinated is a competitive edge. Some org’s, like the Steelers, are stating that message a little louder than others.

  5. Teams reaching the highest % vaccinations should get the equivalent of a gold star to give incentive to the buttheads who cling to that “my body-my choice” crap.

  6. minime says:
    Won’t get them to the super bowl.
    Like 29 other teams

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