Report: Xavien Howard remains “adamant” about getting a raise

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The Dolphins claim that they have a “unique situation” with cornerback Xavien Howard. Ultimately, there’s nothing “unique” about it.

A player wants more money than he’s due to make, and he’s using the leverage that comes from a threatened or actual denial of services to get what he wants.

Via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Howard remains “adamant” about getting a raise. The team’s decision to extend other players has resulted in Howard become “even more dug in.”

Predicts Jackson on Howard: “If he doesn’t get a new deal with more money, this could stretch well into August.”

Again, a player not operating under his rookie contract faces daily fines in the amount of $50,000 — and the fines cannot be waived once the impasse ends. So there will be a significant expense if Howard doesn’t show up.

But the Dolphins won’t have him around if they don’t blink, or at least if they don’t find a compromise. They knew or should have known, when signing him to a six-year contract in 2019, that Howard could outperform the deal. He did. Now, they’re dealing with the aftermath of that.

One easy solution would be to move future money into 2021, with an understanding that they’ll rip up the deal in a year. While the team may position itself behind the shield of “bad precedent,” a franchise’s handling of contracts given to star players rarely opens the floodgates for renegotiations. Indeed, the easiest position the Dolphins can take if someone other than Xavien Howard wants a new deal with four years left on his current contract, the Dolphins need to simply say: “You’re not Xavien Howard.”

Unless the Dolphins come up with a solution, they may have to get by with a full roster of not Xavien Howards.

17 responses to “Report: Xavien Howard remains “adamant” about getting a raise

  1. How many of these players actually keep outperforming their contracts year after year. Rarely plus throw in a year of injuries in most cases. So to assume that they will keep outperforming is not sound.

  2. Then sit him on the bench or let him no show. He doesn’t have the pocket books on the rookie salary to miss that many days. Players and teams need to just start honoring contracts for what they really are. They’re becoming out of control on both ends with teams cutting people and players demanding raises every other year.

  3. We get ticked off at these stories, but I am not mad at them. You have leverage so use it. If any of us had the leverage to demand a raise, a better office, private parking or whatever, we would use it. None of us would say “well, gee… I did sign a contract with my boss.” The problem we have is that most of us– me included– know that our boss would say “if you don’t like it, you’re welcome to leave.”

  4. I think Howard is better than Jones. So I don’t fault him for wanting to get paid at least as much as Jones.

  5. Does he want to be the highest paid DB on his team or in the league it makes a big difference on if he will play for Miami again…..

  6. A guy has a career season getting 10 INT’s, when he previously only had 12 INT’s for his entire 4 year career, and thinks he deserves top $$$ at the position? LOL!!! Glad Miami has to deal with that.

  7. They should have a rule mandating 3 years being the max length of contracts. At least that would limit the time a player might feel he’s underpaid. It’ll never happen, of course.

  8. RobfromAmarillo says:
    June 24, 2021 at 12:11 pm
    They should have a rule mandating 3 years being the max length of contracts. At least that would limit the time a player might feel he’s underpaid. It’ll never happen, of course.


    nothing would change, it’d just be 2 years before you’ll be getting this

  9. He’s done…. his agent wants to be paid as badly as he does.(Howard has a new agent as well.) Chances are based on previous history he will be injured for 40% or more of the time remaining on his contract. Flores doesn’t play with fools like this… get what you can while his value is high and send him packing. This is cancerous to the Dolphins and they can survive and thrive quite well without Xavien Howard trying to hold them hostage.

  10. He’s making around 13.5MM/year. He voluntarily signed a 5 year 75MM contract/
    Lets say he’s underpaid by 2MM/year.
    Thats not drastically underpaid.
    He played 5 games in 2019, so the team didn’t get much for what they paid him.

    What leverage does he have?
    If I was the team I’d say no.
    Let him sit out and forgo salary, incur fines, and pay back signing bonus.
    Next time don’t sign a 5 year deal.
    Take the injury risk and go year to year.

  11. Everybody talks tough while sitting at home on their computers. Not quite sure how nobody is questioning Chris Grier about signing such a bad lengthy contact. The fins HAVE to pay Howard or trade him. Byron Jones wasn’t even half of what Howard is but Jones gets paid more?! Makes no sense!! Howard is all pro meaning he is top 5 player and can start on all 32 teams. Byron Jones could miss 5 games this upcoming season and nobody would notice. PAY THE MAN or TRADE HIM!!!

    If the fins didn’t foolishly give money to Van Noy or Shaq Lawson this might be fixable but Chris Grier is notorious for doing silly things that the average fan doesn’t pick up on.

  12. He didn’t outperform the contract though. Since Howard signed the extension he has played in 16 games with 11 INTs. Which is one great season. But he needed two years to do it.

  13. ishudbgm says:

    The fins HAVE to pay Howard or trade him.
    No, they don’t. Howard is free to sit out the season and not get paid. Then his contract gets pushed out another season and it starts all over again.

  14. He signed the current deal. Now honor the deal by playing for what YOU AGREED to play for. Cut & dried. If you won’t play, there’s a good chance Flo & Co develops another DB that just may be equal or better, sending you to Arizona, for more first rounders. *(See Kenyon what’s his name) Just get used to 4-12, keep saying those numbers.

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