Sheldon Rankins: Robert Saleh is trying to breed something special


As a member of the Saints for his first five seasons, Sheldon Rankins knows what a winning culture looks like. New Orleans has four consecutive NFC South titles, netting double-digit victories in each of those years.

But now Rankins is with the Jets, a team trying to turn around its fortunes with new head coach Robert Saleh. Rankins said in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio that he’s been encouraged by how his new teammates have taken what Saleh’s preached to heart.

“I’ve watched it grow. I’ve watched guys get more comfortable — offensively, defensively, special teams,” Rankins said. “I’ve watched competition. And I’ve watched what he’s really trying to breed, and it’s something special. Everyone’s buying in. Everyone’s coming in every day with the mindset of, we’re not just here to [say], ‘Maybe we’ll do alright this year.’ No, guys are coming in ready to compete and really take this league by storm. And we’re hoping we can do so.”

Rankins feels like the foundation the team is laying now will be a key factor once the regular season begins.

“One thing about us, I know we’re going to compete,” he said. “There’s never going to be a game we go into where people are going to cut that game on and be like, ‘Oh they’re just there. They’re just out there. They’re just out there for a check.’ That’s never going to be a thing with us.”

The Jets have a long way to go when it comes to being successful in the AFC East. But if nothing else, they can be a tough out for teams every week in 2021.

6 responses to “Sheldon Rankins: Robert Saleh is trying to breed something special

  1. I am sure Shelly thinks that after the Jets overpaid him. Sounds about right this time of year.

    The Jets did a great job of signing 3rd tier, one dimensional FAs no one really wanted as per usual, while overpaying them.

    There’s a reason why teams walk from overrated players and guys who had 4 or 5 years to justify their high draft status.

    It’s one thing if you get a 1 year prove it deal to get something out of them, but the Jets don’t have that kind of cache and never will.

  2. Sheldon is a bright, media-friendly and savvy guy. He will say the right things and be a professional. Shame about his injury luck, he was on his way to being a really good player.

  3. Wait till the media darling Saleh looses more than 10 games this year and then he will really be creating something special in NY.

  4. It’s gotta be great for those guys just to be around someone else other than the s*** show that was Adam Gase. Of course they’re buying in to what Saleh is selling.

  5. Anyone singing the “Same old Jets” song are going to be sorely disappointed this season. The Jets are going to surprise a lot of people this year.

  6. It’s truly amazing how scared the Jet haters are. They devoting more time to hating on the Jets than they are to supporting the teams they claim are superior.

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