Vaccinated players who miss games with COVID-19 will still receive per-game roster bonuses

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The NFL and the NFL Players Association have given players another good reason to get vaccinated.

The league and the players’ union have agreed that if a fully vaccinated player gets COVID-19 anyway, that player will still receive any per-game roster bonuses called for in his contract in games he misses. Unvaccinated players who miss games with COVID-19 will not receive per-game roster bonuses.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports that the newly agreed upon rule reads as follows: “If a fully vaccinated player whose NFL Player Contract includes a per game roster bonus (e.g., Active List roster bonus, Active/Inactive List roster bonus) subsequently contracts COVID-19 (i.e., a breakthrough case) and misses one or more 2021 regular season games as a result of such COVID-19 diagnosis, such player will be eligible to earn his per game roster bonus for any such regular season game(s).”

Fully vaccinated people rarely get COVID-19, and when they do their symptoms are usually mild. But “breakthrough” cases can happen, and now players who have breakthrough cases won’t have to worry about it hitting them in the paycheck.

9 responses to “Vaccinated players who miss games with COVID-19 will still receive per-game roster bonuses

  1. There is practically a zero possibility of a vaccinated person contracting covid19. Unfortunately, recognizing that extremely rare breakthrough cases exist gives fuel to the wacko anti-vaxxers to support their specious claims that the vaccines are useless.

  2. Any player on the team vaccinated or not should get that bonus if in his contract.

  3. I like how they’ll put any substance legal or not in their body as long as its below the testing realm in order to improve their 40 time by half a second despite any and all ramifications later in life but refuse to take a vaccine that’s proven to work and saves lives.

  4. minime says:
    June 24, 2021 at 7:01 am
    Any player on the team vaccinated or not should get that bonus if in his contract.

    Players who refuse to get vaccinated should not be entitled to anything. There is absolutely no valid to refuse the vaccine, other than sheer ignorance. Players who selfishly refuse to be vaccinated are hurting the entire team by unreasonably risking missing games.

  5. “Eligible” to earn roster bonus – what’s the purpose of the “eligible”; makes it sound like team can decide to give bonus or not.

  6. Just like seatbelts, we have a choice if we wear them. But if you don’t, and get into a terrible vehicle accident, be mindful that the consequences could be grave.

    For those who have trepidation because you don’t know what’s in the vaccine, hear this: We don’t know what’s in Novocain, but when we have a debilitating toothache, we take it because the pain is too great!

    Sadly, it was politicized by a bunch of losers, who themselves cut the lines to get the vaccine! As someone wrote earlier in this post, there are over 600,000 reasons to get it. I have lost a half dozen family and friends to COVID19, and know at least a couple more dozen who had it, one losing his lung! Too bad the deceased didn’t have the choice to take the vaccine. Meanwhile, others do, and are still willing to take their chances with the ventilator over vaccine.

    RIP in advance.

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