Aaron Rodgers does indeed have an opt-out silver bullet for 2021

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers
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It seemed too easy, too good to be true. After further review, it isn’t.

The letter agreement between the NFL and NFL Players Association from Tuesday of this week does indeed grant broad powers to all players to opt out of the 2021 season, regardless of whether they opted out in 2020 or whether they have been diagnosed with a higher-risk condition since October 1, 2020. Although such players would be entitled to no stipend for 2021, any player who executed his most recent contract before October 1, 2020 can indeed opt out voluntarily, no questions asked as to motivation or qualification or possible ulterior motive.

This includes, most notably, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. By next Friday, July 2, he can pull the plug on the 2021 season. It would be a permanent and irrevocable decision, but he can do it.

The benefit to doing so comes from the fact that he would not forfeit $11.5 million in unearned signing bonus money for 2021 if he opts out. Also, he presumably would still receive the payments on the $6.8 million roster bonus that he earned in March, and that is due to be paid out in weekly installments during the season.

That’s $18.3 million that he’ll keep by opting out. If he doesn’t opt out but holds out, he loses that $18.3 million — and would be fined roughly $2 million on top of it for skipping training camp.

The problem with opting out is that it requires a fairly quick decision, and the decision cannot be changed. But if Rodgers truly is thinking about staying away for all of 2021, there are 20.3 million reasons for making a final and binding decision in the next seven days.

94 responses to “Aaron Rodgers does indeed have an opt-out silver bullet for 2021

  1. That’s taking a lot of money while doing nothing to earn it — seems pretty unlike Aaron.

  2. Would not earn him a year of service on his contract so I would advise him to show up and get some type of strain and after nine games refuse to play so he can earn the year of service and be free to sign wherever he wants in 2022… if he truly doesn’t want to remain in Green Bay. I love the Packers but I hate the FO. Tampa sold the lot the family farm but ended up with a Super Bowl. Green Bay may never be willing to mortgage any part of the future to succeed today.

  3. If he sits out (which I highly doubt,) he would never return and sustain his skill sets, especially on a new team with new faces, new schemes, new city, new everything. He’s going to have a new wife too. If he opts out, he’s moving on to other things altogether different from football. That’s OK! I just don’t understand the mystery. Stay or go, play or not, I’ll be cheering for the Packers. It only makes a difference to him, not me. It’s just a game.

  4. Opt-out for 2021, come back in 2022 and force the Packer’s hand. This will be interesting to watch what he does.

  5. Good. So now we’ll know much sooner as to what he will be doing, because if he doesn’t opt out, he will be playing for the Packers this season and this will have all been an exercise in over-played, excess drama, from all sides.

  6. ” the hardest part about playing chicken is knowing when to flinch”

  7. Why would you not? His legacy is established. Get paid $18 million to NOT work!?!? There hasn’t been a better deal since Sam Bradford was drafted.

    What’s the effect on his contract? Does the opt-out option qualify as a year of service under his contractual agreement?

  8. That is definitely the nuclear option. But is Rogers really ready to sacrifice one of his last few NFL yards?

  9. The guy has decided to not talk to his family since 2014. If he can feud with his family then he can feud with the Packers. He is a different breed and his holdout should be taken seriously.

  10. Wow…. This is going to get interesting. If he really wants out, we will know soon.

  11. Pay him what he’s worth or trade him Green Bay, you’re about to really mess this up…

  12. tick tock, tick tock

    how he hasn’t been dealt to Denver already is bizarre

  13. AR is not going to opt out. He is not going to skip training camp.

    AR is going to play for the Packers as he has for the past 16 seasons. And he is going to continue thoroughly enjoy trolling people into thinking that he will not.

  14. The good news for all of us and the packer org and fans, he can now stop with the ‘beautiful mystery’ bs and if he really wants out, this is his golden opportuntiy. One thing the ariticle did not have to mention is, if he was to be traded or whatever, he still cant play. No one will go after a 37 year old who will sit out the season, be of no value to them to next year so in a way he paints himself in a big corner.

    If love has a decent year, his value to the team goes down and value overall goes down. Whats weird is the team would be smart to trade him this week if they could but he can still opt out so no one will take him. What a beautiful mystery.

  15. For $20 mil, I’d sit my butt at the house with my new lady and light cigars with Benjamin’s.

  16. He’s not opting out. He’ll end up being there just like Favre did. Then next year he’s gone.

  17. If his thinking is what it is reported to be, he should do so. Protects him financially, sends an unmistakable message to the Packers/gives them clarity, let’s him protect his body from football injury for a year instead of putting in a half-hearted effort in GB. Do it and end this saga, please.

  18. The plot thickens.

    But not really. I’d be floored if he actually opts out.

  19. This is a put up or shut up moment for ol’ A A Ron. Let’s see just how serious he really is.

  20. Extrapolate that a little further…Rodgers is being traded in the next week! You heard it here first, folks.

  21. Suddenly, shockingly, Rodgers is holding all the aces. Trade winds blowin’.

  22. I hope he gets traded to a team that wants him and is willing to pay him what he’s worth. My next hope is that he meets Brady in the Super Bowl.

  23. The NFL allowed for players to opt out in 2021 due to a world wide pandemic and included 2021 as the pandemic had no end in sight. The pandemic hysteria is over so using that clause as an excuse now to opt out of 2021 would be a PR nightmare.

  24. Sounds like DeShaun Watson could do the same. We may have two interesting decisions coming up.

  25. Why not trade him to Denver? We’re supposed to believe Rodgers doesn’t like Jeudy and Sutton and proximity to LA on a private jet and Denver thinks Lock or Bridgewater are SB contending qbs in that division?

    No sale.

    The trade to Denver is imminent. GB is just showing the fans they did all they could.

  26. If he was a few years younger, I would be concerned. I don’t see him, with only a few years remaining in his career, giving up a whole year. That is a year he cannot get back and father time is undefeated.

  27. I have to believe this guy cares about his legacy enough to not take years off at the tail end of his prime. He’ll show up eventually, he’ll be passive-aggressive as hell, and he’ll play well.

  28. If Rodgers is willing to permanently stop playing in the NFL, then this is the choice. It would be like retiring and getting paid $18m to do it.

  29. I hope he does do it then Jordan Love comes in & lights it up…..
    Then the Packers can take Mr. ME, MYSELF, & I shopping around the league next year for MAJOR DRAFT CAPITAL!!!!

  30. I don’t even know what he really wants. More guaranteed years? An extension? A trade? Fire the GM? Trade Jordan Love for a receiver?

  31. As much as I love watching the guy play, I would love it if he did it.

    He won’t though, or maybe he will… Maybe he is a complicated fella like Murphy said.

  32. Look at it this way…..if he doesn’t opt out by July 2, the leverage shifts back to the Packers. ‘Cuz now Aaron loses his money if he doesn’t report and play.

    Big date indeed!

  33. That would work out great for the Packers since he still has 3 years left on his contract. Then they get a year to see Love play and make a more educated decision on their future. Rodgers has no leverage here whatsoever.

  34. He’s not going to opt out and the Packers aren’t going to trade him. He’ll show up and play for the Packers this year, but the dysfunction will be so thick the whole season will be a disaster for both sides.

  35. There isn’t a more deserving organization in all of sports that deserves to get screwed over by Rodgers then the Green Bay Packers for allowing Gute’s ego create this soap opera . As hard as it may have been they should have realized after multiple attempts to change his mind failed that the best thing for the future of the team was to trade Rodgers . Instead Gute’s ego reared it’s ugly head and now the Packers are facing a self inflicted lose – lose situation . The fact they didn’t move on from Rodgers made it clear they don’t think Love is ready to start proving that it was a mistake to draft him . So because of Gute’s boneheaded decisions the Packers have a disgruntled Rodgers refusing to play for them and his replacement Love knowing management doesn’t believe he’s good enough to become their starting QB . Like I said lose – lose .

  36. That would be a shrewd move on Aaron’s part. He would force them to see life with Jordan Love, get paid not to work for a year (that’s a huge irritation), and because he’s been out a year his trade value will go down. Not to mention that Rodgers will (barring a new contract) be playing for a new team at $14, and $25 million the next three years. For a good to great QB that’s a massive discount (doublecheck).

  37. Poor man want to be rich, rich man want to be king, and a king ain’t satisfied ’til he rules everything.
    He won’t give up a dollar.

  38. “ My next hope is that he meets Brady in the Super Bowl”.

    We just saw that last year in the NFC Championship game. He got smacked down by Brady and the Bucs. Why would you want to see that AGAIN? Dude is a perpetual loser who can’t win an NFC Championship game. He’s lucky he gets to play The Bears, Lions and Vikings for six of his games every year. People talk about Brady getting to play the soft AFC East for his whole career (until last year) but never mention Rodgers and the soft NFC North. At least Brady went on and won SuperbowlS (plural). He even came to the NFC and, in one year, won as many Suoerbowls as Rodgers and Brees.

    Not only did he get punked in the NFC Championship game last year, look at the regular season matchup against Brady last year. Trust me, Rodgers isn’t hoping for the same thing YOU are.

  39. It is incomprehensible that all this drama is the result of GB picking a QB without his knowledge or approval. And if, as it appears, that this is about “respect”, how much respect does he think he will be left with from the players and fans of GB if he opts out? He’d be a pariah with GB fans holding Rodgers jersey burning BBQs. Plus, would you want a guy who turns his back on his team in this way QB’g your team? What if somebody parked in his spot; he might go AWOL.

  40. The absolute best case scenario right now in Green Bay is that Rodgers comes back to play in one more lame duck season…

    That’s not a good thing.

  41. ya we will probably here some bull “I can opt out I had my shots and it would be like lying to everyone”. Like others I beleive he shows up for camp and you can bet he is planning on playing.

  42. (Not So) Bold Prediction:

    Bortles will start more games than Love. Packers will be taking another QB in the 2022 draft.

  43. Come on, this isn’t getting old at all. This here is glorious first class off-season entertainment.

  44. RobfromAmarillo says:
    June 25, 2021 at 10:53 am
    It is incomprehensible that all this drama is the result of GB picking a QB without his knowledge or approval. And if, as it appears, that this is about “respect”, how much respect does he think he will be left with from the players and fans of GB if he opts out? He’d be a pariah with GB fans holding Rodgers jersey burning BBQs. Plus, would you want a guy who turns his back on his team in this way QB’g your team? What if somebody parked in his spot; he might go AWOL.
    Rodgers is not doing this because of the Packers drafting Love although they handled that poorly he’s doing it because he wanted the Packers to give him the security of committing to him as their QB beyond this year by reworking his contract and they refused .

  45. If Rodgers wants to force the Packers hand, opting out is the key. The Packers would be forced to play with Love and it is highly likely that they will finish near the bottom of their division.

  46. Aaron Rodgers new nickname should be ‘The Sun’ because he seems to think the world revolves around him. I am counting down the days when he is no longer in the league and we no longer have to hear about him and his non-stop “me, me, me…look at me” drama.

  47. Rodgers , like most players, want nothing to do with playing in green bay. Let him be already.

  48. Finally, there is an end in sight. Sitting out the season without retiring & losing signing bonus gives Rodgers the edge. Packers can lose Rodgers & get nothing or they can trade him for players & 1st rounders.

    Rodgers will be worth less after the season. Love could play great & teams will know Packers want to unload him driving down the price. Rodgers could get hurt during the year. Regardless, Rodgers will be a year older and the team will be under more pressure after failing to win the first battle. Trade him now, get the value, and move on.

  49. My wife a die hard packer fan even says good riddance, who needs him. I agree. He is just some diva who thinks everything revolves around him. To me he has an adult cry baby syndrome.

  50. The thing is none of the cards were ever in his hands. His agent who is drooling for a new big contract and mo money for him, should have told him, hey pal, you may have a chip on your shoulder but you got no bargaining one.

  51. To those that are attacking Rodgers, I’d like to point out that Rodgers hasn’t said anything publicly. The only thing we know, for a fact, is that he missed mandatory mini camp…period.

  52. I guess we’ll see how stubborn he really is. If he wants to commit career suicide just to “get what he wants”.

  53. How about something novel. Mr Rodger honors his contract and shows up to work like every other worker instead of trying to finagle some kind of compensation fraud with a phony nonexistent medical condition. Being an essential worker and having a work group who risked their necks everyday in a factory seeing someone opt out for playing a game where 100X more precautions are used than for ordinary workers seems a little hard to take.

  54. My understanding is that he would get $0 in 2021. He would simply have his contract pushed back a year. So while he would not forfeit the money, he also would not get paid the money. If he were to opt-out, it could actually shift the power to the Packers. With him opted out then can either A) go with Love for the season and see how he does. If he does well, that puts Rodgers in position to be traded for the 2022 season, however, GB would be able to control the destination (like they did with Favre) and then send him to an opponent they won’t have to face often in exchange for whatever haul of picks they can get. B) They go with one of the other QBs they signed, get whatever results they get and use the picks to improve the team and keep Rodgers around for 2022, when he will have to play or demand to be traded, potentially forfeiting money for a second year.

  55. To all the people thinking if he opts out he will still get paid – players opting out do not receive any money. This season would not count against their contracts. It just pushs everything back a year. Aaron would not be fined for skipping practices but he wouldn’t earn any of his game checks.

    If this is about money for him, he will show up. If it’s about his dislike of the front office, there is a strong chance he opts out to force the team to play with Love to try and prove that they screwed up.

  56. Go away rodgers. you have made my packers the biggest joke in the NFL. I didn’t wait, I tossed my 12 jersey

  57. Well this eventuality seemed to be known by someone a few months back. That someone is Rogers. Well played, Rogers,well played.

    He’s done. He opts out. And then hangs it up. And of course gets to blame everyone else in the process. Amazing how his life continually plays out like this.

  58. “ radar8 says:
    June 25, 2021 at 1:34 pm
    To those that are attacking Rodgers, I’d like to point out that Rodgers hasn’t said anything publicly. The only thing we know, for a fact, is that he missed mandatory mini camp…period.”
    Posting pictures of himself in Hawaii when he is expected in Green Bay says quite a bit.

  59. I swear the article said he will be paid his 6.8 mil bonus money that is not cosidered salary. He will not be paid a salary but he should be able to survive on 6.8 mil for a year.

  60. He also reiterated that he’s keeping an eye on the Aaron Rodgers situation as he plots his own football future
    Basically no young man wants to live in green bay given other choices

  61. He wouldn’t just chunk away an entire season with so few now left in his career.

  62. Rodgers opts out and gets paid. Love makes all pro. GB trades Aaron in 22 to TB to backup tb12’s last season.

  63. He doesn’t deserve a dime. He has three concerns in life and they all start with the phrase “me,myself and I.”

  64. cheeseisfattening says:
    June 25, 2021 at 5:22
    Basically no young man wants to live in green bay given other choices
    -signed, Immature Antagonist

  65. He knows he’ll never have a chance to get to the SB, now that TB12 is in command of the NFC. DB saw the writing on the wall and he hit the door.

  66. If he truly wants to play somewhere other than Green Bay, that is not the solution, he could not play this year for anyone and his situation would remain unchanged next year, it basically just keeps some money in his pocket but accomplishes nothing else

  67. I really hope he does it just so that I can see the morons in the GB front office have to play out their bluff. Mark Murphy is a no talent hack who deserves to watch Love stink it up so he can fully appreciate what an idiot he truly is.

  68. “I feel like the fans would turn on him (more) if he did this.”

    Of course they would. I’m not sure he’s the type of guy that would care though.

  69. All I can do now as a Lions fan is shake my head at the circus in a dumpster on fire that GB has become. It’s like watching the best house in the neighborhood get painted green polka dot and tear up the lawn to make a putt putt course. I honestly don’t think the front office knows what it’s doing, is in a situation now they don’t REALLY have an out on,and are just hoping he chooses to show for one more year to stick it to them. This was the class of the NFC North, with the best player at the most important position for over 10 years and looking back, I’m of the opinion that’s it’s amazing they found a way to only win 1. What a bleepshow..

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