Deshaun Watson also can opt out, but he has no reason to do so

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Yes, Aaron Rodgers can opt out of the 2021 season and save more than $20 million — if he’s willing to make the irrevocable decision to not play football by next Friday. Another franchise quarterback who wants to be traded likely isn’t thinking about the same approach.

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson could indeed opt out for the 2021 season, since his latest contract was signed before October 1, 2020. However, he has no reason to do so.

Watson wants to play in 2021, and the Texans seem to be willing to trade him. The impediment relates to the 22 pending lawsuits and the uncertainty over whether the NFL will place Watson on paid leave if the cases aren’t settled before the start of training camp.

There’s no reason for Watson to decide by Friday, July 2 to take off the entire year, giving up $10 million in 2021 salary and bumping his entire contract back by a full year. If he doesn’t opt out, he either gets his $10 million salary while on paid leave or he gets the trade he wants.

So it would be very different for Watson to opt out than it would be for Rodgers to opt out. Rodgers would opt out to avoid playing for the Packers and to save more than $20 million. Watson wants to play and he wants to be paid to play. He doesn’t want to sit out the season. He wants a trade.

Watson could, in theory, threaten to opt out to leverage a trade. If, however, Watson would opt out, the Texans would probably like it. They’d avoid paying him $10 million while on paid leave, and they’d preserve the ability to trade him after the 2021 season.

So, yes, Watson can opt out. And, no, he shouldn’t and most likely won’t even consider it.

5 responses to “Deshaun Watson also can opt out, but he has no reason to do so

  1. If Rodgers actually had the Fortune 500-level personnel, and conflict-resolution skill-sets he feels disrespected for, this thing would be long over by now. That’s a very specific business management acumen and he doesn’t have it. He’d was hired and paid well to play quarterback. That’s where my expectations of his contributions end. The Packers have built a 13-3 team around him that made it to the NFCCG two years in a row. They’ve improved during this off-season. If that’s a problem….. buh bye!

    I’d like to see him return to play for the Packers but equally unconcerned if he doesn’t. I don’t care if they “get something for him,” either. Play or don’t. I’m ready for Love.

  2. Only 6-7 months ago this guy was looking at Mahomes money.
    If he’s guilty , man what a tragedy. If he’s innocent, man what a tragedy.

  3. He will be back with the Texans after the preseason is over, you can write it down now.

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