Giants’ Xavier McKinney angry with the Eagles for giving up in last game of season

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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Giants safety Xavier McKinney had the first interception of his NFL career in the final moments of the last game of the 2020 season, sealing a win over the Cowboys and putting the Giants in a position where if Philadelphia beat Washington that night, the Giants would go to the playoffs.

Instead, the Eagles didn’t even try that night, benching quarterback Jalen Hurts for backup Nate Sudfeld on the field and all but handing the game to Washington. McKinney still isn’t happy about that.

On the All Things Covered podcast, McKinney was asked if he still feels anger with the Eagles for that.

“I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t, man. I’m not gonna lie,” McKinney said. “It was tough. That was my first pick. . . . It was a winnable game for them.”

McKinney said it was difficult to see the Eagles not even try.

“I turn on the game and I start watching, and I’m like, ‘Damn, they just about to give it up.’ They gave it up, man. It was rough, it was rough to see it happen like that,” McKinney said.

McKinney said he’s confident that this is the year the Giants will make the playoffs.

6 responses to “Giants’ Xavier McKinney angry with the Eagles for giving up in last game of season

  1. Yes it stinks, but win one more game and it’s not an issue what Philly did that night. And as a Giant fan, let me say it has stunk over the last 10 years watching this team make the same roster building mistakes over and over and over, which translates to almost unwatchable football on the field.

  2. 6-10 and complaining? lol
    Regardless of what you think about the 4th quarter QB change, the Eagles were trying to win that game. They just weren’t good enough to do it. Hurts was doing nothing in the 2d half, and Sudfeld might have given the team a spark. He didn’t. That’s the game.

  3. picking 6 allowed them to trade back to 12, then go back up to 10 to get smith in front of the g-men ; and at the same time getting a first round pick in 2022 and a fourth round pick in 2021, while losing one of their two third round in the second trade. they now most likely will have 3 first round picks next year.

    the giants were improving last year, but no more deserved the playoffs than the eagles.

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