Kareem Hunt thinks he and Nick Chubb can both reach 1,000 yards in 2021

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There was a point last season where it seemed a near certainty that Cleveland running backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt would both reach 1,000 yards rushing. In early December, even Browns RBs coach Stump Mitchell said it was “going to happen.”

Chubb and Hunt each had over 1,000 yards from scrimmage. But only Chubb went over 1k on the ground with 1,067. Hunt finished the year with 841.

Talking to the media at his local youth football camp, Hunt said Thursday he thinks it’s very possible for he and Chubb to both reach that mark in 2021 — especially since there’s an additional game.

I believed it was possible last year, too, but some things happened,” Hunt said, via Dan Labbe of Cleveland.com. “We’ll learn from it and get better and hopefully continue to put in good work this year.”

There are multiple ways the Browns could get Hunt and Chubb to 1,000. But Hunt seems more concerned with just executing the offense as it’s called during games.

“Whatever [head coach Kevin] Stefanski calls, either Nick or I are going to make it work,” Hunt said. “So if that’s both of us on the field at the same time, that’s both of us on the field at the same time. We’re going to find a way to make it work and get the job done. That’s just how we’ve got to look at it. it doesn’t matter if we’re on the field or not together, we’re going to find a way to get the job done.”

Hunt finished 2020 with 1,145 yards from scrimmage and 11 total touchdowns. Chubb had 1,217 yards from scrimmage and 12 total TDs — illustrating the importance of both players in the scheme.

11 responses to “Kareem Hunt thinks he and Nick Chubb can both reach 1,000 yards in 2021

  1. I’d take another year like last year, just fine. I don’t need milestones. At this point, the main goals are team goals. But a winning team will be running the ball late, so they could accomplish both goals.

  2. That 17th game is going to make a lot of those single-season milestones less special.

  3. The Giants need to be mimicking Cleveland in how their running backs are used. They’re not so slowly killing Saquon Barkleys career having him be their every down back and check down tight end. Meanwhile Nick Chubb who fell in the draft because of perceived injury risk is having a Hall of Fame career because he’s always kept fresh.

  4. 50 yds a game? yeah, big whoop, that milestone has not meant the same thing since they went to 14 games let alone 17

  5. for those considering the past for relevancy of records and accomplishments, you have to look at the whole spectrum. Back in the day, it was a running league. Now it is a passing league. Despite the extra game, it would be a great accomplishment due to the percentage of run plays called.

  6. Best tandem in the league but for how long? If they pay chubb, hunt will be as good as gone. Hunt is also going to want to get paid eventually. I think the future of the league is a potent 1-2 punch that will ease the load and extend careers instead of relying on one back and pay them the big bucks.

  7. Only need to average 58.8 yards per game ….. Makes Jimmy Brown’s 104.3 career yards per game even more impressive ….

  8. Agree 1,000 is not as special as it once was but to have 2 RBs achieve it is a feat because there is only 1 ball and a finite number of plays that can be run. I grew up with Kevin Mack and Ernest Byner making it look easy but if I’m not mistaken, they are the last duo to achieve this and that was 30 + years ago.

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