Will Tim Tebow make the team in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville Jaguars Mandatory Minicamp
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He has a spot on the 90-man roster. Will quarterback-turned-tight end Tim Tebow make it to the 53-man roster?

John Reid of the Florida Times-Union takes a closer look at that question.

Tebow, 33 and soon to be 34, will have a hard time winning a roster spot. However, the same man who determines the contours of the final roster is the same man who gave Tebow a job when no one else was interested.

‘We all know this is a new position for him,” Meyer said earlier this month of Tebow, via Reid. ”You wish you could see and do more. In spring football you have full pads and scrimmages, and you can really evaluate, but it’s kind of tough right now. But he’s a great teammate. He’s picked it up decently.”

Likely to make the team at the tight end position are James O'Shaughnessy, Chris Manhertz, and Luke Farrell. Tebow, as explained by Reid, will be competing with Tyler Davis and Ben Ellefson.

Training camp and the preseason will involve a degree of physicality that the offseason program didn’t entail. Tebow will have an opportunity to separate himself once it’s time to put the pads on. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell has addressed that dynamic.

“Some of the things that the tight end position is asked to do is really not going to show up in a camp like this,” Bevell said, via Reid. “It’s a physical position, it’s part offensive line and it’s part wide receiver. So some of the stuff is not going to be able to show up [in the offseason program], but it’s a much-improved room from top to bottom.”

At a minimum, Tebow seems to be destined to land on the practice squad — especially if it once again has up to 16 players per team. Then, he can be called up for a game or two, score a short-yardage touchdown or two, and maybe end up on the 53-man roster at some point.

13 responses to “Will Tim Tebow make the team in Jacksonville?

  1. I think Tebow will actually have a BETTER shot once things get more physical. The kid was always a specimen, and it’s not like he has a ton of wear and tear on him. And he works like a horse. We’ll see and yes it’s a longshot, but if ANYONE could make this work, it’s Tebow.

    I think it would be awesome if he made it, got better throughout the season and started making some clutch plays towards the end. Wouldn’t it be unbelievable for Tim Tebow to get a TE contract next season for a couple years worth maybe $5M with $2M or so guaranteed? What a STORY that would be!

  2. He is not on the team for any reason other than to help install a much needed culture change. I have never had a good thing to say about his play as he was one of the all-time worst QB’s but from all accounts people love this guy and follow him. I’ll pass judgement on his play after I see it (not expecting very much if anything) but will bet he has been a positive influence and we all know Urban and his completely corrupt ways needs that.

  3. If he does get a spot, I bet other teams will sign Tyler Davis and Ben Ellefson ASAP knowing that the only reason they didn’t make the team is Tebow.

  4. Of course he’ll make the team. The backlash that would occur if he’s cut would be overwhelming. And there is a pile of $$$ just sitting there that’s too big to ignore.

  5. He’s selling jerseys off the shelf, they are getting rid all the money he can generate.

  6. Is he vested yet in the NFL pension system? Could it possibly be about that, please say it isn’t.

  7. The operative word here is decently, Tebow is decently picking it up. If the 53 man roster is about having the best players to help the team win, Tebow gets cut no doubt about it. If it’s just a ploy to sell jerseys etc. and make money, then he will be around in some form.

  8. He’s already done his job by just being with the team so that it is talked about. Like any sport, any heat is good heat in the offseason…..

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