David DeCastro has a very pragmatic viewpoint of why he was released

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The Steelers released veteran guard David DeCastro this week, due to a chronic ankle problem. The team surprisingly described the situation as a non-football injury.

Jim Colony of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh asked DeCastro about the NFI designation. Said DeCastro: “The owners are billionaires for a reason.”

The decision to describe DeCastro’s condition as a non-football injury insulates the Steelers from any further financial responsibility to DeCastro. It also covers the tracks that could lead to a finding that the Steelers violated the injury-reporting rules, given DeCastro’s explanation that he dealt with the ankle injury all season long.

Given DeCastro’s candor, it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here. Will there be a grievance? Will DeCastro say enough about his ankle injury in 2020 to get the NFL to investigate the situation and fine the team?

Stay tuned. DeCastro doesn’t seem particularly thrilled about what happened, and he has rights. If he chooses to exercise them, things could get delicate for the Steelers.

22 responses to “David DeCastro has a very pragmatic viewpoint of why he was released

  1. Yeah, what do the Steelers owe Castro ?

    All he did was miss only seven games in eight seasons, making six Pro Bowls in that time.

    What a bad look for the Steelers.

  2. Weird. If he is that smart and he sounds pretty bright, he would have told the trainers, hey I got this thing going on on my ankle, I can play but is there anything you can do for the pain? If he kept it quiet and played with it, then I guess my answer to smart is moot.

  3. The Rooney’s are a lot richer than us regular folks but compared to their peers in NFL ownership they are paupers. The team is their primary source of income, not some oil company or a tech firm like a lot of the owners. They can’t afford to take the contractual risks other owners can. Maybe if DeCastro had decided to have ankle surgery 5 months ago instead of waiting until right before training camp the Steelers wouldn’t have cut him. They don’t have the salary cap space to pay him not to play plus pay a replacement. But had they known sooner they could have planned for it. They kept Shazier around and paid him for three years not to play so stop acting like they show no allegiance to their players.

  4. Easy, easy it’s bone spurs which is a chronic condition from not having the ankle properly repaired. The bone spurs occur when a joint moves in a way it’s not meant to. Likely from unrepaired ligaments that should have been repaired in January or February not at the start of camp.

  5. You have to wonder about the credibility of fans who always blame the player.

  6. Imagine hurting your back at work but still showing up almost every single day for years. Then, right before you were going to get a raise, you’re told you’re being fired. And the reason is that “hang nail”, which you received “away from work”, has been hindering your work performance….this is what causes workplace violence.

  7. They always say the Bengals are cheap (rightfully so) but the Steelers are right behind them

  8. Imaging hurting your back at work if you were a teacher and instead of getting surgery in June so you were back for the start of the school year you waited until September so you were unavailable when they need you the most. And then acting surprised when they replace you.

  9. Or imagine being an accountant and your co-worker waits until January to have surgery he could have had in August and you have to absorb some of his clients during tax season when you’re already working 60 hours a week.

  10. Get over it Steelers fans….they do it ALL the time. If they could have waived Shazier on NFI they would have….I would bet he DID NOT receive his full salary. He only received A salary.

  11. Wrong whateverworks. Shazier was in his rookie contract and was paid in full including the option year. Then, after his rookie deal expired, they signed him to a one year veteran minimum contract even though they knew he would never play a down. The Steelers are more loyal to their players than most teams. But they are dealing with a salary cap that is $25 mill lower than they thought it would be and they have to, you know, FIELD A FREAKING TEAM!! They didn’t have enough cap space to pay him and sing a suitable replacement. It’s that simple. If the cap had been $210 mill like it was supposed to be the 100% would have kept him. They had no choice.

  12. All teams do it.

    Based on what I know of the Rooney family, they will “take care” of him.

    That, unfortunately, is also against the rules.

    As information regarding player injuries has changed over the last several decades, the rules have not modernized.
    the razor wire between competitive disadvantage on the field, versus transparency to the betting public needs to be redrawn and modernized.

    Face it, the NFL, in and profiting from the betting business still finds a way to punish teams for protecting against a competitive disadvantage.

    to me, this isn’t about the Rooney family, or any team’s working the rules, it is about the rules needing to be updated to where on field integrity and betting integrity can mesh better.

  13. If DeCastro were a smart person he would have shown up to the voluntary mini camps and then complained about his ankle hurting it would have gotten better or he would have been placed on IR.

  14. Very bad look for the NFL and Steelers. This is an example of a player viewed as chattel and nothing more by the team. The injury rate in the NFL is 100%. Teams should be held to a higher standard then the BS NFI when it clearly does not apply.

  15. Actually, it is not a surprise that a team would hide an injury or label his cut as something other than injury related. Maybe decastro has some responsibility here. After all, he knew that he was injured and that the team did not list him as injured.

  16. DeCastro went to Stanford, so he’s no dummy. He probably has lots of good investments. He’s going to be savvy in the way he approaches this, and I believe, in the end, he’ll get a settlement.

  17. dogsrule says:
    June 26, 2021 at 1:21 pm

    Yeah, what do the Steelers owe Castro ?

    All he did was miss only seven games in eight seasons, making six Pro Bowls in that time.
    I am pretty sure he signed contracts, and as part of the contract he agreed to play in 16 games per year barring an injury that kept him out. The Steelers agreed to pay him for 16 games a year, even if he did not play in all 16 games. I don’t see where the Steelers owe him anything, nor does DeCastro owe the Steelers anything.

  18. I wonder if DeCastro’s negative comments towards Tomlin had anything to do with the way this was handled. It seems Tomlin is untouchable ((regardless of his lack of production)) and anyone who expresses an opinion otherwise is dealt with.

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