Source: Bears weren’t the team Tom Brady was referring to

NFL: OCT 08 Buccaneers at Bears
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Colin Cowherd insists that Tom Brady was talking about the Bears when explaining that a team was interested in him late in the 2020 free-agency process before deciding against signing him and (as Brady put it) “sticking with that motherf–ker.” Per multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation, it wasn’t the Bears.

That doesn’t answer who it was. The Colts and Chargers don’t fit, because they weren’t “sticking with” anyone in 2020. Both teams signed new quarterbacks in free agency, and the Chargers later drafted rookie of the year Justin Herbert. The Titans make no sense; quarterback Ryan Tannehill had just won the NFL’s comeback player of the year award, and he’d beaten Brady in his final game as a Patriot.

Besides, the Titans hardly settled for Tannehill. The four-year contract he signed before free agency even began ultimately had a better four-year cash flow and guarantee than the deals later signed by Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. Put simply, if the Titans were thinking about upgrading to a 43-year-old Tom Brady, they wouldn’t then pivot to Tannehill with such a major financial commitment.

The trail of breadcrumbs keeps leading back to the 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo. So what if both players are represented by the same agent? Brady basically represents himself, negotiating the number and telling Don Yee to draw up the paperwork. Brady’s not going to alter his opinions about other Yee clients.

Here’s hoping that Brady gets asked the question at some point in training camp, and that he answers it. And that the answer falls within the 10-percent window when he actually tells the truth.

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  1. It amazes me that something that is so trivial and meaningless can get this much talk.
    Shows just how hard up the collective we are for football info.
    I think we all need a little help, maybe a meeting or two….

  2. Weren’t the Browns rumored to have interest in Tom Brady and OBJ back then? I hope he wasn’t talking about Baker

  3. Makes sense, I read Bears were always interested but Brady rejected them, not the other way around

  4. I thought it was the Raiders and Carr. They were the team that emerged early in the process and then that went away. It also would fit being a team that he wouldn’t have actually gone to because their defense has been atrocious for nearly 20 years now.

  5. I’m not convinced that he wasn’t talking about Tannehill, who, let’s face it, is never going to win a super bowl. I’m not saying that he was talking about Tannehill, I’m just saying that that argument left me feeling more convinced that he was.

  6. He was talking about the 9ERS!! He’s from the bay. He grew up a 9ER fan and was pissed.

    Just like myself and Aaron Rodgers was pissed off when he was passed on.

    Just get one thing straight. The 9ERS had so many injuries last season nobody could have won a SB with the injuries they had. I’m not mad at Brady or the front office for passing on Brady.

    Is what it is!!! Haters can hate and say what they want but, idgaf. We run the state of CA and the west coast. We’ve chased one team out the bay and slap the chargers and lambs in head to head matchups,HOFs, and fanbase in the state and globally. We run the NFC west and west coast regardless of who suits up on game day.

    You can’t write the history of the NFL without the 9ERS!!!!

    BANG BANG!!!

  7. TB12 wanted to go somewhere with at least a 65% chance of winning, that wasn’t the Bears. Nagy’s offense comes directly from KC and requires a mobile QB, not Tom’s style at all – and in a division (at the time) with the Pack/AR owning the Bears? uh no.

    49ers/JimmyG, no mystery at all!

  8. San Fran makes no sense. Brady and Jimmy G get along very well from all accounts and the 49ers were coming off a Super Bowl so sticking with their QB isn’t a shock. It was probably a team no one was aware of.

  9. Tom Brady doesn’t care enough about Mitch Trubisky to call him “that m effer”, Trubisky probably doesn’t exist to him.

  10. You’re wrong as you are 80% of the time. It was either Raiders, Titans or 49ers. All are possibilities. He would never go to bears.

  11. He didn’t name a team nor a player so what’s the big deal. Aren’t all players want revenge if they feel slighted or disrespected?

  12. realfootballfan says:
    June 26, 2021 at 12:15 pm
    I thought it was the Raiders and Carr. They were the team that emerged early in the process and then that went away. It also would fit being a team that he wouldn’t have actually gone to because their defense has been atrocious for nearly 20 years now.
    Carr is coming off a season where he passed for over 4,100 yards, 27 TDs vs 9 INTs and had a higher completion percentage then Brady. Do you really think Brady would be upset/surprised the Raiders are sticking with Carr? Now look at the teams with oft injured and mediocre at best QBs (49ers/Broncos). #martymcfly

  13. A team he didn’t want to play for rules out the 49ers. The obvious answer is the Steelers, with the MFer being BigBen. Think about it.

  14. Has anyone considered Colin Cowherd doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

  15. That Santa Clara brain trust really nailed this one. Go with the backup over the GOAT? Good call. Now they’ve got 2 career backups and a snowball’s chance of not finishing in the cellar… again.

  16. Even the Bears aren’t that stupid. If it had been a year or two earlier, maybe, but everybody knew Trubisky wasn’t the answer last year. They wouldn’t have passed up Brady. They got Foles because they knew Trubisky wasn’t going to work out, though Foles turned out to be a big mistake.

  17. I think without question it was Jimmy G as the MF. Obviously. If it was anyone else he would have never used MF. Jimmy G was trying to take his job. His reps. Tommy wouldn’t refer to Carr or Tru or Tannehill as a MF without some animosity. And omg the Niners traded way you and multiple firsts, for Lance? Lol just because he slightly looks like Mahomes,…well you know the rest.

  18. pandaman says: “that wasn’t the Bears. Nagy’s offense comes directly from KC and requires a mobile QB, not Tom’s style at all”

    You do know that Nagy’s offense won with Peyton Manning, right? Not exactly a model for “mobile QB” either…

  19. I’ve said it before ; The team was the NY Giants. His wife is a Supermodel with aspirations and NYC is the fashion capital of the universe.In addition, Joe Judge coached in New England just before taking the job with the Giants. Familiarity between he and Tom.

  20. It was the Vikings. At the time they had the receivers in Diggs and Thielen, the defense, Cook.. Cousins was up for a contract extensions. Cousins is a M’fer to a lot of people. He inquired maybe not all the seriously because the word was always that he wanted to go somewhere warm.

  21. He’s likely to never admit which team, and it’s possible he did purely to generate interest and increase conversations about him. Just for marketing reasons etc.

    If we’re spitballing though, could it have been the saints and Drew Brees? Just because both appear to us and others as ‘good dudes’ doesn’t mean they like each other.

  22. Let’s be honest Brady is a smart man, he knows better than to clown around in Chicago.

  23. “You do know that Nagy’s offense won with Peyton Manning, right? Not exactly a model for “mobile QB” either…”

    Uh… Nagy was Eagles, KC, Bears… | Peyton was Colts, Denver

    Peyton retired in 2015 – Nagy didn’t become an OC until 2016 – so uh, where did Nagy calls plays for Manning?

    Yeah, Peyton went on record that he liked Nagy and his play calling in interviews, oh yeah and Manning was his own play caller 80% of the time anyway – a field general… so, you have me very confused… by all means, educate me!

  24. What kind of stupid logic is this? “It couldn’t be the Titans, Ryan Tannehill was comeback player of the year!” Yet Garoppolo was just coming off going 13-3 and taking his team to the SB. He is friends with Jimmy, and Jimmy was at the peak of his career success at the time, while Brady was crap in 2019. He wasn’t talking about SF.

  25. It’s just Brady being Brady. There is no use guessing. Brady says these things to fire himself up, the same way he used his late draft position as fuel for revenge.

  26. This really isn’t complicated. Tom Brady grew up idolizing Joe Montana. He clearly wanted to go to San Francisco to cement his legacy as the greatest of all time… and do it in the same uniform his idol wore. Additionally, he likes quarterback competition about as much as Johnny Carson liked talk show host competition. He nearly had another opportunity to stick it to Jimmy and was probably going to take it

  27. So you are – he is saying that he wouldn’t have [played for the 49ers? Highly doubtful

  28. Personally I don’t think there is any team. This seems to me to be Brady simply messing with the media and sitting back watching them chase their tails. And so far it looks to be working perfectly.

  29. It was clearly Baker Mayfield and the Browns. I am in Cleveland and can’t stand the punk. And they also rejected Bruce Arians for an Ivy League guy that doesn’t know how to call plays.

  30. The Browns comment made me laugh. Tom and super model pining to hang around Cleveland HA! He wouldn’t have gone to TN either. It’s Raider or Niner….either way worked out pretty well in hind sight.

  31. I thought I made this clear last week. No one would describe the other QBs in question as MFs. On the other hand, we’ve heard that descriptor used a few times in reference to the guy in Santa Clara.

  32. someone told me that he was thinking about going into broadcasting and NBC told him they were sticking with Florio

  33. He admits almost everything he says is untrue. I think he just makes this stuff up to watch the media and fans lose their minds

  34. A) Jimmy G and Brady are on good terms and share the same agent. Not 49ers.
    B) Brady wants to remain in the eastcoast so he declined Chargers. Not Chargers.
    C) Tannehill just beat him in the playoff. Not Titans.
    D) “Source” says it’s not the Bears. Not Bears.
    E) Raiders are in the west. Not Raiders.
    F) Michael Lombardi guessed it’s Miami. Possibly Miami.

  35. This to me is just a reminder of how far Major League Baseball has dropped off the map. Even the most meaningless trivial football story gets more coverage than anything going on in baseball.

  36. Brady talked to the Raiders, 49ers, Bucs, and Titans that offseason so it’s one of them. My opinion is that it’s the 49ers since it’s Tom’s childhood team and he wanted to be a 49er so badly. The only other option would be the Raiders because he thinks Derek Carr isn’t a good quarterback.

  37. It’s the Packers or the Raiders.
    Brady is from the Bay Area and went to HS in San Mateo.
    It’s not SF for the last time.

  38. Folks here presume that it ain’t JimmyG/9rs coz they be friends and have the same agent. I think that’s coz everyone here think he m-f**ker in a “bad” way, wht if he said in a friendly way? Happens all the time with curse words… check George Carlin, it depends on HOW you say it!

  39. patsrule
    Jun 26, 2021, 1:58 PM PDT
    Disappointed in Brady. He should be above this nonsense.


    Why do you say that? He was above it, or seemed to be, then he left Belichick. This is the real Brady. Yes, he should be. As a 44 or 45 year old man he should be above this nonsense, but he isn’t. Approach 50 without ever having a real job and you’re bound to struggle with immaturity.

  40. Jimmy G could have won the SB if his defense didn’t collapse in the 4th quarter. Why all the hate?

  41. I agree with the above poster. It’s almost obvious to me now, it’s the Vikings. Brady would have played for the 9’ers. No way Minnesota.

  42. Your other reports state Brady wouldn’t have played for for the team in question anyway…… It was very widely known Brady WANTED the 49ers so the 2 completely contradict this theory.

  43. patsrule says:
    June 26, 2021 at 4:58 pm
    Disappointed in Brady. He should be above this nonsense.

    21 6 Rate This

    Yeah, it’s insane to think he’s closer to the end of his career and doing things like this.

    He’s just in another world than the rest of society.

  44. When he says no way he was going to play there, that sounds like Washington – everyone says that about them.

  45. If Tom Brady said this about the Bears organization, he wouldn’t have been the only one.

  46. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    June 26, 2021 at 9:37 pm
    Jimmy G could have won the SB if his defense didn’t collapse in the 4th quarter. Why all the hate?


    Go look at Jimmy’s 4th quarter stats in that game…. He collapsed

  47. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    June 26, 2021 at 9:37 pm
    Jimmy G could have won the SB if his defense didn’t collapse in the 4th quarter. Why all the hate?
    Yeah, it had nothing to do with Jimmy’s 3 incomplete passes then on 4th down he takes a sack and the 49ers turn the ball over on the 38 yard line. Not far for the Chiefs to go and of course, they score a TD. What does Jimmy do next with less then 2 minutes to play? Interception! Tell me again how he could’ve won if the defense hadn’t collapsed.

  48. faithful49er707. Are you on something? DA BEARS are the Charter franchise we started this league. This league starts with Chicago and ends with DA BEARS. (BEAR DOWN)

  49. While I could easily see the Bears I am more on the side of did this conversation actually happen at all. Awful lot of air being expended on it you know.

  50. Well whichever team it was they ended up being very very wrong…..Bucs made out due to that teams inability to want to wins championships. Some people never learn about the GOAT!

  51. It was documented last season that Brady “considered the Bears but preferred to finish his career in warmer weather.” I’m sure more than just the weather was involved in that decision but that was reported on three different “nfl insiders” blogs and before the Bears v Bucs game last year. They say it has to be the Raiders.

  52. Who gives a crap who Brady was referring to, He a complete D-bag, enough with this already

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