Tom Brady says you should rarely listen to anything Tom Brady says

Tom Brady Says He Didn't Alter Footballs In Colts Game
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Tom Brady‘s appearance on HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted showcases a candid and blunt side of Tom Brady. Unless, of course, he wasn’t being candid and blunt.

During the program, Brady admitted that he rarely speaks his mind, rarely says what he’s thinking.

“What I say versus what I think are two totally different things,” Brady said. “I would say 90 percent of what I say is probably not what I’m thinking. Which is challenging, you know? And I really admire people that actually can do that and say what they think, because they invite a lot of things into their life. And I think part of me that doesn’t like conflict, so in the end I always try to play it super flat.”

Obviously, one reason for being that way flows from the realities of a competitive sport like football.

“From a strategic standpoint, I never want to give away, like, what we’re doing,” Brady said. “Like, I usually say the opposite. You know, they got a shitty corner [and] I’ll be like, ‘That guy’s unbelievable. I don’t even know how they complete balls over there.’ In my mind I’m like, ‘I’m going at that motherf–ker all day.'”

Brady also explained that candor and honesty in reaction to things that others say gives them “power” over him. And he got very close to sleeping-on-the-couch-for-a-few-nights territory when being a little too candid about his spouse’s propensity for candor.

“I try to think a lot before I speak,” Brady said. “Some people, like my wife for example, she just lets it come out. It’s like fooom and it’s out. I’m like, ‘Holy shit.’ And you know what? She’s right. You know, her instinct and her nature is usually right with a lot of things that she says and think[s]. And I’m always like, ‘How does she do that?’ ‘Cause I gotta think about it for five and 10 minutes, you know, and think, ‘How do I really deal with this, you know, particular situation or answer?’ ‘Cause I don’t wanna say something that in the end I’ll be like, “[I] wish I would’ve said something different.'”

Two things come to mind in response to that last part. First, it’s impossible not to think of his wife’s very candid “my husband cannot f–king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time” remarks from the aftermath of Super Bowl XLVI. Second, it’s also difficult not to think of Brady’s clunky and clumsy and awkward press conference in the days after #Deflategate first emerged.

23 responses to “Tom Brady says you should rarely listen to anything Tom Brady says

  1. “What I say versus what I think are two totally different things,” Brady said. “I would say 90 percent of what I say is probably not what I’m thinking.


  2. We’ve all seen how often what players and coaches say is blown out of proportion and even mischaracterized. It’s no surprise that Brady would decide it’s better to just say the most bland and unrevealing things he can think of. Now that he’s coming toward the end of his career he’s loosening up some, but he’ll probably never be fully open and I sure can’t blame him for that.

  3. Why BB walked. I can only imagine how bad this was for the Pats, where it just overloaded.

    We literally get daily Brady interviews and updates.

    This is everything wrong with our society. No real Boston fan cares about this LA/NY look at me garbage. Blech.

  4. That’s no problem for me. I never listen to anything he says. But, he’s still the GOAT in football.

  5. asixthlombardiforthehaters says:
    June 26, 2021 at 9:56 am
    I like Brady more when he doesn’t talk.
    That statement pretty much works for everyone.

  6. Years ago I worked in a position where I had to take deals to an investment committee. As soon as I had the vote wrapped up I stopped talking.

    I can’t tell you how many times other guys had an approval in hand and couldn’t shut up, only to talk themselves out of the approval.

    Brady has won. He’s the GOAT with the beautiful wife and family. He’s admired on so many levels but it seems like he wants to talk himself out of it.

    Tom, stop talking, just use that smile.

  7. For years people complained Brady never said anything interesting or controversial so now the media has something to bite on to and people are still complaining?

  8. He’s the greatest QB to ever play. Also, I’m really tired of hearing him talk.

  9. Athletes are always in a no win situation. They don’t talk enough or give bland interviews fans want more. They give interviews and go into detail and the fans label them as ‘me me me’ and with too much of an ego.

    In the end it just comes down to if you’re a fan of the player or not. Brady fans love this while Brady haters still find excuses not to like him.

    The guy is one of the greatest winners in all of sports and still winning in the most popular sport in America during the height of social media……what do you guys think is gonna happen. Guy does one interview in a week and it’s talked about 24/7 on all media outlets. That’s not Brady’s fault, that’s what the media outlets thinks what the people want.

  10. I’m a Brady fan. Have been since his rookie camp. Trusted Belichick when he talked him up and ignored Ron Borges talking him down.

    Sorry, Tom’s ubiquitous presence is not a good look but he doesn’t need my advice.

  11. All these people sick of Brady talking come here to express their opinions so they can get a sliver of attention… I find it funny bc I do the same thing too but damn at least be self-aware

  12. If 90% of what he says is a lie how do we know hes not lying about lying? Hmmmm, perhaps he always says what hes thinking but he just lied to us about it! Is he lying or is he lying about lying AAAGGGHHHH

  13. Well he’s ready for politics then and I dont care which party you’re a tenet of.

  14. Since TB announced he was going to Tampa, the Lightening have won the Stanley Cup, the Rays have gone to the World Series and the Bucs won the Super Bowl. The Lightening are back in this years finals, the Rays are in first in the AL East and the Bucs are favorites again.

    The guy just breeds winning.

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