Could the Dolphins be the Tom Brady “motherf–ker” mystery team? (I doubt it)

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Before Tom Brady made his first foray into free agency, the Patriots feared one potential destination about all others.

The Dolphins.

Imagine Brady, staying in the division, reuniting with former New England assistant Brian Flores, and tormenting the Pats for the next two or three years, or longer. Yes, the Patriots had very real concerns that would happen — especially in light of Brady’s relationship with Dolphins minority owner Bruce Beal.

By early February, prevailing reports from Miami maintained that Brady was more likely to become a minority owner of the Dolphins in the somewhat distant future than to become the team’s quarterback of the immediate future. Just a few days before hosting Super Bowl LIV, team owner Stephen Ross wondered aloud why Brady would have any interest in the Dolphins, given that the team was rebuilding.

Thereafter, there was never any real sense that the Dolphins would be a Brady destination, or that the Dolphins were pursuing him. Ross wanted a long-term franchise quarterback, and Ross was focused on getting one in the draft. (At the time, he coveted Joe Burrow, and Ross eventually would try to trade up to get Burrow.)

The background is important for assessing speculation from Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that the Dolphins are the team to which Brady was referring when crafting a not-so-beautiful mystery regarding a team that dropped out of the picture late because, per Brady, it was “sticking with that motherf–ker” at quarterback.

The Dolphins simply don’t fit. Although, in that scenario, the team had a veteran quarterback with whom it was “sticking,” the marching orders were to get a rookie with the fifth overall pick, or higher. The Dolphins, put simply, wanted a quarterback roughly half Brady’s age. There was never any reporting or any sense that Miami was a feasible destination for Brady.

But the situation invites speculation, because of what Brady said. And reasonable minds differ on which team it was. Based on what we’ve heard from people inside the league, the Raiders would be the betting favorite.

And we’d know the answer, if Brady would ever tell the truth about it. As we now know, he rarely does.

39 responses to “Could the Dolphins be the Tom Brady “motherf–ker” mystery team? (I doubt it)

  1. Not sure why Brady chose to go down this road; but as far as the Brady/Belichick feud is concerned, Belichick is the one who is looking like the good guy. The more Brady talks, the more insufferable he reveals himself to be.

  2. A few things to consider. Tom Brady was NEVER going to change his jersey #12. Legendary Dolphins QB Bob Griese made it clear he wasn’t unretiring his #12 jersey for ANY QB. Lastly, the Raiders roster PURPOSELY has #12 open. I believe the mystery team is definitely the Raiders, because they keep that number slot open for Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers, thinking they will land one in the future. That’s my assessment folks!

  3. Not one commentator seems to focus on how narcissistic and classless his statement was!

  4. He probably was saying it about multiple teams. His agent probably called 31 teams and maybe 10 said they were interested in Brady. He did the math and thought, wait, Chicago, Denver, NY, Arizona, (and so on) aren’t interested??

    Don’t get me wrong, Brady is the best, but he can only be viewed as a one year rental at his age. It makes sense that he wouldn’t want to go to every team and not every team would want him.

  5. It is 100% the Raiders. I don’t know why this keeps being talked about. The fact he said in hindsight he wouldn’t have gone there and then saying he was going to torch them. They’re the only one that fits the bill. The Bears at least made the playoffs.

  6. it was the titans, the timeline fits and tom would be salty since they knocked them out of the playoffs

  7. It wasn’t the Raiders. All signs point to the 70,000 pound Elephant in the room called the Houstin Texans, and Brady thinking it was a given O’Brien would jump to get him.

    But hey, let’s throw more speculation on the fire. He could mean The Patruots, and that could have been his thoughts when Kraft chose Belichek over him.

    It also could have been the Browns, and he wasn’t talking about Mayfield. People easily forget that McDaniels spent 7 hours in Cleveland trying to work out a deal that rumor had it included bringing Brady with him. McDaniels declined because he wanted Moneyball DePodesta out of the picture and the Browns ownership picked DePodesta over McDaniels. It is possible the mfer Brady is referring to was Paul Depodesta.

  8. BB didn’t walk. Brady gave the team one last team friendly deal with the no tag clause in it. Brady grew tired of carrying BB and Josh and the Patroit Way. As the results showed, Brady was clearly carrying the team.

  9. As a long time Patriots fan, and former season ticket holder, I say this objectively. I liked Patriots Tom better than Tampa tom.

  10. ghjjf says:
    June 28, 2021 at 9:13 am
    Brady is correct about the Dolphins QB.


    Ummm, at the time when he said this Fitz was the QB, the draft hadn’t even happened yet.

  11. I find this whole was it “this team” or “that team” speculation hysterical!!!

  12. All of us shareholders knows it was the Packers. Why else could Aaron be so mad right now?

  13. Dolphins don’t make any sense since he knew they drafted Tua. I am still very convince it was the Browns and Baker Mayfield. He is the only DB out of any of the teams that hasnt been mentioned, or any of the teams that have been mentioned

  14. patsrule says:
    June 28, 2021 at 7:06 am
    Not sure why Brady chose to go down this road; but as far as the Brady/Belichick feud is concerned, Belichick is the one who is looking like the good guy. The more Brady talks, the more insufferable he reveals himself to be.

    Maybe to Pats fans, but to the rest of us it’s the complete opposite.

    I enjoyed watching Brady prove that he was the key to the success in NE. Motivating players in a completely different way than any other QB was impressive.

    He doesn’t come close to matching the skills of an NFL great, but he has a unique way of holding teammates accountable.

  15. No way would Brady go to the Raiders. He would be in direct competition with Mahomes, but with an inferior team. At the time there was much speculation that Brady didn’t want to remain in the AFC – likely because of having to get through KC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, NE, an up and coming Cleveland, Buffalo, Indy, etc., in order to get through to the Super Bowl. There were only two NFC teams with enough talent to win it all IF they had a good QB – Tampa Bay and SF. I have no doubt it was SF.

  16. I can’t get past how awful these comments made Brady look. Whoever this mystery team is, Brady threw them under the bus and publicly called someone a m-fer for no good reason. All of this for what? To bring attention to him and his nutrition company?

  17. There were only two NFC teams with enough talent to win it all IF they had a good QB – Tampa Bay and SF


    Exactly. Tampa had the talent Brady was looking for when he made his selection. It was really only between them and the Niners.

  18. Is it possible that this is all made up by Brady. A motivational ploy? I wouldn’t put it past him.

  19. Remember the mystery around the song “You’re so vain” song, and who was it really written about….

    Talk about the NFL version with this…. especially the vanity involved

  20. Brady made it all up to feed his galactic sized ego. Who can actually stand this guy? Biggest narcissist egomaniac on the planet. He is a compulsive liar and cheater to begin with so why is anyone believing this story?

  21. If any of you listened to the audio, it’s actually all lighthearted banter—but that doesn’t satisfy your agenda, so, take your shots. The rings, records, and trophies won’t mind.

  22. Who cares?? I swear if Brady farted the media would spend two weeks trying to work out what he ate for dinner.

  23. It wasn’t SF because he said he wouldn’t play there anyway. So it might’ve been Raiders, Titans, Dolphins, Bears, one of these teams.

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